Romantic Valentine's Day ideas that are creative and personal.

26. January 2018 - Anika Semmer

5 Valentine’s Day Ideas That Will Cost You (Almost) Only Love




Love has no price! With these 5 unique Valentine’s Day ideas, you can spend a wonderful and unforgettable day together without spending a lot of money!

Who is thinking now: What, love has no price? But for that, the 10 first dates (or specially bought Manolo Blahniks) cost me quite a fortune… I bet: hardly any. If I’m really deeply in love or burning with love, the cost is irrelevant if my sweetheart is happy from the bottom of his heart. And yet sometimes money is tight – or I want to surprise my sweetheart immaterially, with a lot of romance and personally. Valentine’s Day may be a commercial invention, but I think every love deserves to be fully celebrated, enjoyed and savoured at least once a year – so why not on Valentine’s Day?

These 5 Valentine’s Day ideas are not only tips for new lovers but also catapult long-time couples out of everyday life and into romantic togetherness. Here are the first 5 tips, and on Abenteuer Freundschaft you can find here more great ideas.

In any case, these are all Valentine’s Day ideas that you can set up yourself – from elaborate to fixed – and that don’t cost a lot of money! Logically, a luxurious candlelight dinner on a specially rented houseboat with a waterbed and a privately hired violinist has no place in this article 😉

5 Valentine’s Day Ideas That Will Make You Fully Enjoy This Day

Valentine's Day ideas that are creative and personal

The best Valentine’s Day ideas are creative and personal

1. An Unusual (!) Candlelight Dinner

Admittedly: A candlelight dinner is the absolute classic. Sinking into each other’s eyes together by candlelight and feeding each other the most delicious bites – it’s not a perennial romantic favourite for nothing.

But romance also works far away from expensive restaurants and booked romantic candlelight dinners of the (financial) top class. Maybe even better, because your candlelight dinner is creative and homemade!

So score some points with an unusual and slightly crazy Valentine’s Day idea:

  • Spread out the picnic blanket on the floor, scatter cushions and candles and surprise her/him with an unusual picnic in the living room!
  • Or wrap up warm (and your sweetheart too) and surprise her/him in the middle of a walk in the park or a trip to the castle ruins by conjuring up a surprise candlelight dinner in a romantic spot. Of course, it’s best to time it perfectly for sunset!
  • Split out countless candles in the bedroom, get a bedside table and champagne cooler and feast decadently and comfortably in bed with each other…. Bet it won’t take too long for things to heat up while you’re eating? What, but you don’t? Well – that’s exactly why it’s so forbidden good… 😉

Above all, there are the questions: what does your sweetheart love to eat? What is perfect to feed each other? What culinary delicacies will make your eyes light up?

You get all the ingredients beforehand, chill sparkling drinks and an ice-cold surprise such as ice confectionery and prepare everything in advance.

2. Pampering Yourself Like a Royal Couple

Who doesn’t dream of being carried around by their sweetheart for a whole day, pampered and served as if they were a prince / princess? Inventive couples who are open to role-playing can definitely go all out here and fill the whole day with games from this Valentine’s Day idea with enough preparation.

But you can also score points by simply resolving to treat your sweetheart like a prince / princess all day and planning little delights in return.

  • With an extensive massage
  • Bring breakfast to bed
  • Lake a relaxing bath
  • Do all the chores for your sweetheart
  • Making his/her wishes come true
  • Listen to favourite music
  • Doing everything she/he loves

3. Valentine’s Day Menu with Love Messages

My mother always said that food is not to be played with – and yet it is just perfect for surprises and tingling love games!

Cook a romantic menu of several courses together and hide a surprising love message or task in each dish. It’s best to write your messages, vouchers and tasks on a piece of paper beforehand and think about exactly what and how you would like to present your surprises. To ensure that your message remains an eye-catcher in the soup, for example, you can hide it in such a waterproof little pillbox.

It’s best to choose dishes that you can fill or bake something into.

Dishes that are perfect for this:

Hors d’oeuvre

  • Mini puff pastry rolls (with spinach, salmon, Asian vegetables)
  • Noodle soup or wedding soup with special chowder (add a love message in a capsule)
  • Letter soup – with the dry letters you put around the bowl your love message

Main course

  • Stuffed pate (vegetarian or with ragout)
  • Vietnamese summer rolls or homemade spring rolls
  • Stuffed pancakes


  • Muffins
  • Mini ring cake or mini cake
  • Homemade chocolates (also ideal for sinking a 1/3 ring into as a sweet surprise)
  • You can also write the last message directly on the dessert with food colouring – but you should prepare it beforehand!

4. The Second First Date – One of the Most Romantic Valentine’s day Ideas

Now it’s getting really romantic. Where did you meet? Where was your first date? And what is your love story? How did you end up as a couple?

Surprise your partner with a second first date – a replica of your first date, only a little better. Because by now you know your sweetheart much better and know exactly what he / she loves and how you can make it even more perfect than you already remembered. The more normal and unspectacular it actually was, the better!

Do everything exactly as you did then – only bring a delicious surprise (homemade snacks, favourite nibbles, chocolates) a self-made photo book of your time together so far (or even just a nicely framed picture of the two of you), if the other person is into it maybe even an inflatable heart balloon (for a romantic photo session). Something to drink (doesn’t have to be alcohol, a hot drink in a thermos is perfect for cold weather).

Now get as creative as you can! See if there’s an old photo booth in your town for a romantic photo session or bring a camera yourself. Or write down the story of how you met as a love story or even a poem and recite it to your sweetheart.

If you’ve seen a film together at the cinema, go to exactly the same cinema, but discuss with the cinema staff beforehand to bring a champagne cooler and a surprise from you after 20 minutes – cinema staff also like to play Cupid sometimes, I’m sure 😉

Your love is just the right theme for Valentine’s Day ideas with lots of romance and nostalgia.

Tip: You’ve never actually had a first date in that sense? Then you can have a brilliant make-up first date! And you can make it just the way you want it to blow your sweetheart’s mind.

5. Like a Love Story – Valentine’s Day Ideas From Romance Movies

Does your sweetheart love love stories? And one special love movie in particular? Then you already know exactly what Valentine’s Day ideas you can use to top this film. You pick the breakthrough scene(s) and think about how you can incorporate that scene into your couples’ day on Valentine’s Day. Preferably with distinctive accessories that go with those poignant movie scenes. With My Blueberry Nights, you should definitely have plenty of blueberry pie on hand!

Valentine’s Day ideas from romance movies

  • For example, record a specially-written song lyric on you 2 to the tune of the cult love movie 10 Things I Hate About You – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You. Then play it at the appropriate moment…
  • Twilight – Bite at Dawn. There, the title says it all and you’ll definitely need vampire fangs and a fervent vow of love (hopefully without a werewolf jumping into your romantic moment as a rival).
  • The Fabulous World of Amelie – Jackpot! The more of the wonderful ideas from this film you prepare for her and surprise her with, the better. And all to the grandiose soundtrack of this beautiful love story.
  • Titanic – Paint your sweetheart as a nude much like Jack does his rose. And if you can kick it up a notch (and perhaps live by the sea or river) then there may be an opportunity for the poignant bow scene where you both hold out your arms.

For all 5 Valentine’s Day ideas, the more creative and personal the better. Because the effort you put into creating something special says more than a thousand words about how important your sweetheart is to you.

Fancy more romantic ideas? Take a look at our overview pages for romantic experiences and the best activities for two. If you like our ideas and don’t want to miss any more, just follow us on Facebook and Instagram! 🙂

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