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7. October 2023 - Alexander Schmidt

Halloween Riddles for Adults – 25 Funny and Eerily Tricky Puzzles as Printables




These Halloween riddles for adults have original wit and offer puzzle fun with witches, ghosts and vampires. They are great for Halloween as a little entertainment, but you can also include them into other Halloween games.

Imagine it’s Halloween, you have guests and you’re celebrating in a boisterous mood. Everyone is imaginatively costumed and in a good mood. Suddenly the clock strikes midnight, all the lights go out and someone bangs on the door with tremendous force. Tentatively you go to the door and open…

That’s when you almost faint: in front of you stands a headless horseman, in one hand a fearsome sharp-looking axe, in the other his severed head. This he raises with an almost casual gesture and the hideous head, dripping with blood, begins to speak: “I bring you trick or treat! Depending on whether you can answer the following 3 riddles correctly or not…

Yikes! Thinking hard at this late hour? Scary idea! On the other hand though… this could actually be a lot of fun! After all, you and your guests are crafty puzzle professionals! The headless horseman will be utterly surprised and instead of swinging his axe, will have to unload lots of sweets at you!

Although you might be spared this absolutely not unlikely scenario, there are plenty of good reasons to puzzle over the following Halloween riddles for adults, put each other to the test with them, or turn them into Halloween Games (for children, teenager or adults) such as incorporating them into a Halloween scavenger hunt. Because puzzles are simply fun, entertaining in between and in this case also thematically contribute to the mood at a Halloween party.

25 Halloween Riddles for Adults

The following Halloween riddles are aimed at adults and teenagers. Partly they are riddles invented by myself, partly I found them in the vastness of the Internet and partly friends have already given me such riddles. You can download the questions and answers as PDF here! These Halloween puzzles for adults are therefore a colorful mixture of joke questions, logic puzzles and puzzles where you have to think out of the box.

And these are the puzzles:

  1. Where do zombies go for swimming?
  2. A well-dressed man wakes up with a great thirst, looks at the clock and steps outside the door in a good mood to go drinking. But as soon as he is outside, he suddenly dies. The reason: his watch had stopped. Who was the man?
  3. We have no flesh, nor feathers, nor scales, nor bones. However we do have fingers and thumbs of our own. What are we?
  4. My job is to spread fear and terror. To do this, I stand upright day and night. Who am I?
  5. A man got into a car accident and both he and his son, who was sitting in the backseat got hurt. Two ambulances arrived at the scene and the man and his son were taken to two different hospitals. The surgeon walked into the operating room, looked at the little boy and said : “Sorry, but I can’t operate on this boy. He’s my son.” How is that possible?
  6. I am present, I am past. I am wrapped, so I last, but I’m long gone. I sound like a parent, but children I have none. Who am I?
  7. What do vegan vampires actually live on?
  8. What is the name of Count Dracula’s second residence in New York?
  9. I bear a name, but it is not mine. Many people cry when they see me. Others lie with me day and night. What am I?
  10. The more you take, the more of me there are. What am I?
  11. What does a skeleton order at the bar with every drink?
  12. Although he was not bitten by any vampire, one day a Scotsman starts drinking blood. Why?
  13. What is the problem with twin witches?
  14. What do you get, when you through a piano down a mine shaft?
  15. I have no lungs, but I need air. The more I eat, the bigger I become. Thirst I never have, and if I drink too much, I am gone. What am I?
  16. Which monster never dies and never ceases, consumes everyone and everything and is always on the watch?
  17. Who built me, sold me. Who has bought me, has not used me. Who uses me, has never seen me. What am I?
  18. You can clearly see my veins. I live mostly in forests. When I touch the ground, I am already dead. What am I?
  19. A man was shot in the heart. No one came to his aid, yet the shot did not kill him. How can this be?
  20. Halloween evening: Mrs. Gruber has only less than 20 sweets left in her bowl, when two costumed children ring the bell again. She now wants to get rid of the last sweets all, but share fairly. Unfortunately, one piece of candy is left over. Another child comes by and she tries again to divide the candy fairly, but again exactly one remains. Finally, a fourth child joins in and the game starts all over again. But it’s the same again: after the distribution, there is still one piece of candy left. How many sweets were in the bowl?
  21. Two girls order Coke with ice in a restaurant. One is very thirsty and drinks a whole 5 glasses while the other drinks only one glass. Unfortunately, the host is a serial killer and has poisoned all the drinks. But the girl who drank 5 glasses survives, the other dies. How is this possible?
  22. A large mirror with silver frame was stolen from a haunted house. The suspects are a vampire, a werewolf and a witch. Who stole the mirror?
  23. Two men are walking in the cemetery. At a grave, one of them stops. The other asks, “Who lies buried there?” To this the first answers with a riddle: “Brothers and sisters I have none, but here lie the bones of a man who can only be my father’s son.” Who lies buried there?
  24. On Halloween you get lost in the forest at night. Suddenly you see a sign that says: “At the following crossroads, one path leads to ruin, one leads you safely out of the forest. The crossing is guarded by two ghosts, one of which always lies, one of which always tells the truth. You can ask only one ghost a single question.” With which question you find the right way?
  25. Dr. Van Helsing is traveling in Transylvania and is called to a family with two daughters, one of whom is a vampire. Vampires can be recognized by the fact that they always lie, whereas humans always tell the truth. At the same time, in the country, there is an opposite plague that causes people to always say the opposite of what they would actually say. Carmilla, the older daughter says to Van Helsing: “Dr., we both have the opposite plague!”, then Justine, the younger daughter interrupts her: “No, not true at all.” Van Helsing thinks for a moment and then knows which of the two is the vampiress. You too?

Well? How many of these Halloween puzzles for adults could you solve yourself without looking up the solution?

Halloween Riddles as Part of Halloween Games

There are a variety of ways to incorporate the above puzzles into the program of a Halloween party. Here are a few suggestions for inspiration:

  1. You read the riddles to your guests. The first person to shout in the correct answer gets one point. Whoever has the most points gets a bag of candy. To make sure everyone gets something out of it, you can also hand out one piece of candy per question to everyone who plays along. Which, so whether chocolate bar, licorice snail, wine gum or marshmallow, etc., that may determine the person who (first) knew the answer.
  2. For a Halloween party with many guests, they can also form small teams. You hand out our PDF template to each team and let them fill it out and write their team name on it. After about 15 minutes you collect everyone again and evaluate which team has won. Since this variant has something of a pub quiz, you can also combine the Halloween puzzles well with our Halloween quiz: eg, a round of knowledge questions about Halloween, a round of puzzles.
  3. You incorporate some of the riddles as clues into a Halloween scavenger hunt. For scavenger hunts, riddles are very good clues to the next station. Since the solutions to some of the top riddles are partly objects or even figures, you can proceed like this: The first clue is a riddle whose correct solution is, for example, “pumpkin”. Hidden in a Halloween pumpkin (Jack O’Lantern) waits the next clue. Again a riddle, this time the solution is “Frankenstein”. Of course, since you’ve previously decorated the location to match Halloween or prepared the scavenger hunt, somewhere in the party room hangs a poster of the ancient first Frankenstein film adaptation. And attached to it you find a little folded up piece of paper with the next Halloween riddle…. (Of course, the mentioned sample solution words don’t fit to any of the above riddles. After all, we do not want to spoil your fun. 😉

Halloween Riddles for Adults – The Questions and Answers to Print Out

We wish you a hell of fun cracking these Halloween puzzles for adults!

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