The best Easter quotes and sayings for Easter greetings via WhatsApp, email or as a letter and card.

11. April 2020 - Anika Semmer

25 Best Easter Quotes for Cards, Emails and Whatsapp




Many of the most timelessly best Easter quotes and sayings come from the pens of great poets and thinkers. Especially funny and spring-like quotes fit perfectly as Easter greetings to please friends, family and acquaintances.

The sun is shining, the first spring flowers are blooming, Easter is coming! Especially in times of Corona and social distancing, friends and relatives are all the more pleased if you give them some attention, e.g. with a special Easter greeting.

In spring, Christians celebrate their most important feast, the resurrection of Christ. It is a widespread tradition to make your loved ones happy with an Easter greeting. The absolute classic via WhatsApp is a straightforward: “Happy Easter!” complemented by a bunny. That says the most important thing: I’m thinking of you and wish you a happy Easter! But not much more. Much nicer, more personal and meaningful is the personal address, just like on an Easter card, a short introductory sentence followed by one of the following best Easter quotes and sayings.

WhatsApp and email are super practical, the message is quickly typed, sent and immediately reaches the recipient. Maybe that’s why a card with a self-written Easter greeting is something special in today’s digital age. How many letters and postcards do you still receive compared to the past? How happy are you when someone makes the effort for you? It’s even nicer if you make the card yourself, but you can also buy many beautiful Easter cards on amazon*, for example.

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Tip: Short Easter sayings are also a super addition to an Easter gift and you can write them on the Easter tag!

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25 Best Easter Quotes and Sayings for Your Easter Greeting

A collection of the best Easter quotes and sayings from poets and clever minds

The best Easter quotes round off your Easter greetings

Easter, just like Christmas, is a lovely occasion to show friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues that you are thinking of them. The more important the recipient of the Easter greeting is to you, the more worthwhile it is. For colleagues and acquaintances, one of these Easter sayings is usually enough to bring joy with a nice WhatsApp message on Easter.

Short Best Easter Quotes (Great for WhatsApp)

It is the Easter feast every year
For the hare quite burdensome.

William Busch

Everyone knows that, no matter who it is,
The egg is healthy and invigorating.

Wilhelm Busch

Every day is Easter for me.
I’m always looking for something!

Foung in the Internet

Those who know Easter,
cannot despair.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Easter says,
that truth can be laid in the grave,
but that it does not remain in it.

Clarence W. Hul

To the extent that you give joy, you receive joy.

Ladisaus Boros

The flowers of spring
are the dreams of winter.

Khalil Gibran

He who searches for eggs at Easter
will have the presents at Christmas.


At Christmas danced in the snow,
at Easter frost in the toe.

Wilhelm Busch


I sincerely wish you a happy, stress-free and relaxing Easter and sunny spring days!

Sayings for Easter by Famous Poets


When the chocolate sprouts,
When, after long pressure, poets
“Bells ring” on
“Lenzes Schwingen” finally rhymes,
and the Easter bunny is already pressing in the back,
Easter will soon be here.

Joachim Ringelnatz

The scholars and the clergy
argue with much clamour,
What did God create first?
probably the hen, probably the egg!
Would that be so difficult to solve –
first an egg was conceived,
But because there was no chicken yet –
that’s why the hare brought it.

Eduard Mörike

Whoever has heard the Easter message
can no longer walk around with a tragic face
and lead the humourless existence of a man
who has no hope.

Karl Barth

In the light of the Easter sun
the mysteries of the earth
a different light.

Friedrich von Bodelschwingh

From all the mountains down
a glow has awakened –
flaming springtime fanals
through the Easter night!

From all the towers together
it rings inland –
Heart, with bells and flames
Spring is breaking in!

Lulu from Strauss and Torney

From the minster mourning bells ring,
From the valley a rejoicing sounds up.
To rest they sing there to the dead,
the larks rejoice: Wake up!
With earth they cover him quietly,
the green breaks from all the graves,
the streams stretch brightly through the land,
the forest speaks gravely as in dreams,
and with the sounds, rejoicings, mournings,
as far as the land may look,
it is a deep spring shower
like a resurrection day.

Joseph von Eichendorff

From the dust of the earth to pure blue airs
far the gaze penetrates in the first days of spring,
and higher rises the mighty chariot of the sun,
the earth longs for leaves and scents,
And sacred stories tell us then
What is foreseen in the crevices of the heart.
He is risen from the pits of death,
and how in vain was man’s trembling,
Yea, the world of heaven’s gifts…
with every year anew, the buds break,
and nothing is too sublime for our love,
It gives us everything in the streams of delight,
that burrow through hall and eye for entrance,
the most invisible wants to speak to the light.

Achim von Arnim

Spring is the most beautiful time
What can be more beautiful?
There is green and blossom far and wide
in the golden sunshine.

Annette von Droste zu Hülshoff

Every sprouting plant,
that fills with fragrance,
carries in its calyx the whole
the secret of the world.

Emanuel Geibel

Every tree, every hedge is a bouquet of blossoms
and one would like to become a ladybird
to float around in the sea of fragrances
and find all its nourishment.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The beauty of spring is that it always comes when you need it most,
when you need it most.

Jean Paul

Buttercup-yellow meadows,
tinged with soursop red, –
O abundant sprouting,
How the eye never used to thee!
Trees swollen with song,
ripe with blossom and snow…
yea, verily, ye show us dreams..,
as the breast scarcely comprehends them.

Christian Morgenstern

Spring is a true resurrection
and a piece of immortality.

Henry David Thoreau

Spring is coming far and wide
and the bunnies are ready.
They bring to the Easter celebration
many colourful Easter eggs.


Hey, yay! Come to me! Let’s look for the Easter egg!
Always, here and there and in every place!
No matter how well it’s hidden, at last it’s discovered.
Here an egg! An egg there! Soon there will be two and three.

Hoffmann von Fallersleben

We wish you and your loved ones a happy Easter and good health!

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