Beautiful and simple ideas for Easter decorations DIY

24. March 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

Easter Decorations DIY – 5 Awesome Ideas to Recreate




Looking for good Easter decorations DIY ideas? All you need for these 5 ideas are a few everyday materials, craft materials and fun crafting!.

As before every big celebration, offer before Easter many stores Easter decorations. These decorations can be wonderfully combined with lovingly self-made decorations and tinker together with the children or with friends.

We want to make this year our Easter decoration DIY and have various fluffy, sweet and decorative ideas tinkered to put up at home and give away.  For this we have tried some new ideas and internet finds, which we want to present to you here. For each of the 5 ideas you can also find detailed DIY instructions on Abenteuer Freundschaft, which we have linked.

5 Awesome Easter Decorations DIY Ideas

1. Decorated Easter Eggs With Masking Tape and Gaffer Tape

Easter eggs with tape method are a great Easter decorations DIY

Easter eggs decorated with the tape method

The most important decorative object at Easter are the Easter eggs. There are basically two types: eggs that you hard boil and then dye and eggs that you blow out and hang on the Easter bouquet.

Since the former will be eaten at some point anyway, but the latter will be hung anew each year, it’s especially worthwhile to make the blown-out eggs look elaborate.

A simple method to decoupage Easter eggs, with which you can achieve very nice results, is to tape off the eggs with masking tape or gaffer tape before you put them in the color broth.

We’ve also tried even simpler methods for dyeing Easter eggs with patterns that also work well for Easter eggs to eat.

2. Pompom Easter Animals

Pompom Easter bunnies as Easter decorations DIY

Easter bunnies made of wool and felt

In addition to eggs, the typical Easter animals belong to every Easter decoration, first and foremost the Easter bunny. But also lamb and chick are extremely popular motifs, if only because of the cuteness factor. And this is all the more given when the animals are also fluffy and cuddly.

A really easy way to make small decorative animals yourself is to assemble them from several pompoms and then glue on the faces with felt and other craft materials.

Pompoms are called the balls of wool with lots of fringes, such as those that hang as pom-poms on hats. You can easily make them yourself from wool. Either you have to cut rings out of cardboard for this or you buy a ready-made plastic pompom maker set.

We bought a set of pompom maker and it made our job easier. Since you have to make several pompoms for the decoration anyway, it’s a real time saver.

Want to make a pompom Easter bunny or a pompom Easter lamb? We recommend both! 😉

3. Easter Animals Made From Toilet Rolls

Easter chicks from cardboard

Easter chicks from toilet roll

Easter decorations DIY ideas that are suitable for children ought to be less time-consuming than those for adults. One such idea ist to craft cute cardboard animals from toilet paper rolls.

From toilet paper rolls you can make pretty toilet roll Easter bunnies and toilet roll chicks with some paint, colorful cardboard and a few other craft materials.

This Easter decoration is practical at the same time: you can use it as an egg cup or cute Easter nest for chocolate eggs!

4. Easter Baskets and Easter Eggs From Wool and Sugar Solution

Easter basket from sugar wool as Easter decorations DIY

Easter basket made with sugar wool is another Easter decorations DIY

Did you know that you can make Easter baskets out of wool? And no, they are neither knitted nor crocheted.

For this method, you wrap wool of the desired color around an inflated balloon. For the Easter baskets one in normal size, for decorative balls you take very small balloons, preferably water balloons.

Then soak the balloons wrapped in this way several times in a sugar solution and let them dry out well. Then you can pop the balloons inside and further process the solidified shell of sugar cured wool.

Fancy making an Easter basket? We also tried a 2. variation of this.

5. Easter Bunny Bags Made From Paper Plates

Easter bunny bag from paper plates

Easter bunny bag for kids

You can easily make bags with an Easter bunny face from party paper plates. Kids can use them to go on an egg hunt or you can hang them on the wall as pretty Easter decorations.

The Easter bunny bags are especially good if you want to give someone a little treat with sweets for Easter. They also look great in a child’s room.

You can also just browse our overview pages for Easter ideas, general crafting ideas or tips for activities with kids. And if you like our ideas, you might want to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram! This also keeps you up to date on what’s new. 🙂

Do you also have tips for Easter decorations DIY? Or other ideas for recreation that you want to share with others? Become a guest author at Abenteuer Freundschaft!


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