The best 30th birthday games for small and large groups

1. June 2024 - Anika Semmer

30th Birthday Games That Are Guarenteed To Be A Hit


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Break the Ice, Lighten the Mood, Have Fun, and Celebrate a Great 30th Birthday Party. These 30th birthday games have the potential to make the celebration legendary.

Turning 30 is a milestone! It’s just right to celebrate it appropriately and organize a party. Friends, perhaps family, and colleagues are invited, all of whom should have fun together. Depending on how well everyone knows each other, you should consider whether an icebreaker or getting-to-know-you game contributes to breaking up groups and getting all guests to mingle with each other. On our blog, for example, you can find my favorite – Getting-to-Know-You Bingo, and other Getting-to-Know-You games. Because this is not about icebreakers and getting-to-know-you games here!

In this article, you won’t find games that are embarrassing for you or your guests and involve doing things that no one really wants to do. There’s no adult version of musical chairs or “baby feeding,” but rather games for the 30th birthday that can elevate the mood and guarantee laughter and a lot of fun. They are a great way to feel young and maybe bring out some old favorite party games again.

So, let’s get started! Grab your friends, choose at least one of these games, and be ready for lots of laughter, a lively atmosphere, and a legendary 30th!11

11 Fun 30th Birthday Games

"30th Birthday party games provide atmosphere and entertainment"

Party games provide atmosphere and entertainment

Photo game with tasks, Birthday Dart, or Secret! – Here follows a colorful mix of quick party games with little preparation, special games for the 30th birthday with or without a moderator, and with varying levels of preparation.

1. Photo Game with Tasks

  • Cards with tasks
  • Smartphones
  • Lottery pot or bowl
  • If necessary, include a brief instruction on how the game works

How the game works

Before the birthday party, prepare photo tasks. There should be at least as many as there are guests invited. At the party, place a lottery pot on a table, where you’ve collected the folded task cards. Each guest who wants to participate draws a task. If there are tasks left, anyone who wants can take and fulfill additional tasks.

The organizer encourages all players to fulfill their photo task as best as possible during the party. If someone wants, they can also exchange their task. Simple tasks can include taking a selfie with the birthday person or a group photo. But it can also get creative!

Here is a list of the best 101 photo tasks for the birthday photo game!

2. Secret! – One of the Fun Games

What you need:

  • A note with instructions/task for each guest
  • Creative ideas
  • Container for the notes

How the game works

In this birthday game, mysterious tasks are performed, leading to funny and bizarre situations and lots of laughter.

Each guest receives a note with a task that must remain a secret. No one is allowed to reveal what they drew. The task cards contain instructions for tasks that lead to amusing situations. Get as creative as you can! For example: “Go to the birthday person at 9:30 PM and ask for a condom.” Or “Come out of the bathroom at 11:15 PM with a strip of toilet paper hanging from your pants.”

You can surely imagine how this 30th birthday game becomes a party hit.

3. Charades – A Party Game Classic for the 30th Birthday

What you need:

  • Terms/phrases

How the game works

Charades, is a party game classic that our parents used to play. For me, this party game classic simply belongs on my list of the best games for the 30th birthday because it is timeless and works for all ages.

The basic rule is simple: Form at least two teams. A pantomime is given a term/phrase and must represent it using only gestures and facial expressions. His team (or everyone) must try to guess the term/phrase before others do. The pantomime cannot speak, make noise that gives a hint, or use objects for representation.

The team with the most guessed terms/phrases wins.

Here is the Charades game explained in detail with 7 additional Pictionary game variants.

4. Birthday Question Game

What you need:

  • List of questions about the birthday person
  • A set of 4 cards (A, B, C, D) per guest

How the game works

Someone who knows the birthday person well creates a list of 30 questions about the birthday person. It’s best to divide them into different categories like “Love,” “Food & Drink,” “Hobbies,” etc. This helps with introducing the game.

The birthday person sits visibly while the first question is read aloud, along with 4 possible answers. All guests hold up the answer card they think is correct. Each correct answer earns a point. The winner is the one with the most points, indicating they know the birthday person the best!

Additional ideas for the 30th birthday game

  • Write down a question for each year of life and ask the parents if needed!
  • Let the guests contribute questions before the game!

5. 30 Years Song Challenge

What you need:

  • A song from each of the last 30 years since your birth year

How the game works

This game involves taking a musical journey from the birth year to the present, recognizing and correctly naming the songs as quickly as possible. Either form teams or have everyone play individually and compete against each other. Each song earns a point – for more challenging songs, 2 or 3 points can be collected. The person with the most points in this 30th birthday game is the winner.

Tip: There are many playlists with hits from the 90s on YouTube!

6. Treasure Hunt for the 30th Birthday

One of the most enjoyable games for the 30th birthday, in my opinion, is a treasure hunt. You can tailor it perfectly to large or small groups, and it can take place indoors or outdoors.

You can design tasks, puzzles, and stations related to the birthday person and turning 30, the birth year, and events in the birthday person’s life so far. Participants can get to know each other, work together, and at the stations, you can stash shots, drinks, or funny rewards to keep the mood high.

But here’s the downside: it’s quite a bit of work. If that’s too much for you – I can understand!

7. Raffle Game or Joke Lottery for the 30th Birthday

What you need:

  • A good moderator
  • Funnily named prizes
  • Labeled lottery tickets
  • Bowl or lottery pot

How the game works

Either you or another person acts as the moderator. It’s important that the person enjoys talking and has fun presenting the prizes in a humorous way.

Come up with prizes and creative descriptions to be won and write them on tickets. Put all the tickets into a lottery pot or bowl. I usually announce and auction three main prizes, along with consolation prizes to be won. While I don’t have any blanks, you can include them to have more tickets.

Main prizes could be, for example, “a yacht, a single-family house, a dream trip for two.” Of course, there’s something entirely different behind them than initially thought.

While the moderator enthusiastically promotes the main prizes and some consolation prizes, guests can purchase tickets. You can decide the cost of a ticket, maybe a voucher for the birthday person. Afterward, guests redeem their tickets, and the moderator announces what each prize is.

10 Ideas for Raffle Prizes

  1. Prize: Yacht – a folded paper ship
  2. Prize: Single-family house – snail shell
  3. Prize: Dream trip for 2 – 2 sleeping pills
  4. Consolation Prize: Musical instrument – egg slicer
  5. Consolation Prize: Accident preventer – condom
  6. Consolation Prize: Firework – sparklers
  7. Consolation Prize: A hot night – hot water bottle
  8. Consolation Prize: Silver candlesticks – tea lights
  9. Consolation Prize: Sewing machine – needle and thread
  10. Consolation Prize: Alarm system – whistle

Find more ideas for raffle prizes and tickets here for a Christmas raffle and a wedding raffle.

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8. Birthday Dart

What you need:

  • Balloons
  • Cork bulletin board
  • Pushpins
  • Darts
  • Pens and task cards

How the game works

Each party guest receives a card, a balloon, and a pen and writes a task or a voucher on it. For example, car washing or babysitting.

Each task card is rolled up and inserted into an inflated balloon and pinned to the bulletin board with a pushpin. Once all guests have attached the balloons, ask the birthday person for their favorite number and provide that many darts. At a distance of 5-6 meters, the birthday person can now throw all the darts at the bulletin board and pop balloons. The hit tasks or vouchers are fulfilled!

9. Sending Wishes to the Sky

What you need:

  • Balloons
  • A bottle of helium
  • Strings
  • Cards with the birthday person’s address
  • Pens

How the game works

This birthday game is visually spectacular and must be captured in photos!

Each guest receives a perforated balloon card and a helium-filled balloon on a string. Guests write their wishes on the cards, which are labeled with the birthday person’s address. If a finder discovers the balloon card, they can send it back to the birthday person and bring joy.

Afterward, all guests release the balloons with wishes simultaneously into the sky. What a beautiful moment and image!

Drinking Game for the 30th Birthday with Alcohol

Let’s be honest – on which legendary party was there no alcohol involved? Of course, you can have fun without alcohol. However, it’s a fact that elevated spirits and alcohol often go hand in hand.

For the 30th anniversary, drinking games that reminisce about past days are particularly suitable. Youth, the wild 20s, shared experiences and sufferings are what is brought out and provides surprises and funny and sentimental moments.

What can I say – for me, it always meant: why just drink when you can also play. Anyway, the host should provide enough alcohol if such a game is planned.

10. Never Have I Ever…

What you need:

  • Alcohol

How the game works

I’ve never cheated! At least hopefully, that’s true for this party game. It thrives on funny and good questions that bring surprising and exciting answers. Probably everyone has played the game in their 20s. By the time you’re 30, you’ve experienced even more, leaving endless room for provocative questions.

All players sit in a circle with a drink in front of them. The first player starts and says, “I’ve never… e.g., kissed the birthday person.” All players who have indeed done that must take a sip.

Find a list of the best 100 Never Have I Ever questions here.

11. Pokerface

What you need:

  • Alcohol

How the game works

The goal of the game is to convince the other players of a lie. Each person says three things about themselves. Two are true, but one is a lie. Either you’re allowed to ask 3 questions to find out the lie or guess what’s true and decide together what the lie is. If you’re correct, the storyteller has to drink and work on their poker face. If they manage to sell their lie as true, everyone else has to drink.

At Abenteuer Freundschaft, you can find many more party games, ideas for celebrating together, and generally great activities with friends, with a partner, or with children. Ready, set, browse away! 😉

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