This is how a witch party for kids becomes a success.

22. April 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

Witch Party for Kids – This is How Little Witches will have Great Fun




The most important tips and ideas for a successful witch party for kids: for Walpurgis Night, Halloween or as a theme for the children’s birthday .

On April 30, it’s that time again: all the witches of Germany gather in the Harz Mountains on the Brocken, also called Blocksberg and celebrate the annual big witches’ Sabbath, Walpurgis Night! At least that’s how the legend and Goethe’s Faust have it.

Children love sagas and legends, they love the fantastic and they also love to dress up. Walpurgis Night is therefore a perfect opportunity for the little ones to throw a witch party, while teenagers and young adults have fun dancing into May.

But of course, it doesn’t have to be on Walpurgis Night – you can throw a witch party for kids on any occasion. All children who are fans of Bibi Blocksberg, Ottfried Preußler’s Little Witch or Harry Potter will love the theme of witches and sorcerers at their children’s birthday party. And then there’s Halloween, the spooky holiday, for which the theme fits like a witch on a broom.

What Do I Need for a Witch Party for Kids?

  • Witchy decoration
  • Witch disguise for the own children (+ possibly also spare witch disguise in case one of the little guests has forgotten his)
  • Witch food and drinks
  • Witch music
  • Witch party games

Decoration for the Witch Party

Anything with motifs commonly associated with witches and witchcraft is suitable for decoration:

  • Witch brooms (conventional brooms e.g. hang on strings from the ceiling, or simply put in the corner)
  • witch’s cauldron (cover a glass bowl or a large cooking pot with black foil)
  • Spell books (e.g. old, used books from the flea market)
  • Witch recipes on parchment (parchment paper is available in most craft stores)
  • Bunches of herbs hung on twine
  • Black cats
  • Black ravens
  • Bats
  • Frogs and toads
  • Spiders and cobwebs
  • Pumpkins
  • Skulls, skeletons and bones
  • Candles and candlesticks
  • Moon and stars

In general, many Halloween decor items are also great for a witch party. Here are a few more specific suggestions:


Witch disguise

Witches or sorcerers can look very different: there is the wizened old witch of the Grimm fairy tales, the beautiful young witch, the cheeky little witch, the herbalist nature witch or the modern cyber witch and many more…

Accordingly, when it comes to dressing up as a witch, the sky is the limit. It’s best to let the kids help decide how they want to look at the witch party. Usually children have an idea of it anyway and not infrequently concrete role models from books, movies or comics.

Possible Components of a Witch Disguise:

  • Witch hat (black, pointed and wide-brimmed)
  • Headscarf
  • Black robe with long sleeves (other popular witch colors are purple, red and green)
  • Witch’s broom
  • Wizard’s wand
  • Long crooked witch nose (mask)
  • Pasted-on warts
  • Green face makeup

Parents who are creative, know how to sew and most importantly have the necessary time, can make or assemble their very own costume especially for their child. Otherwise, there are also beautiful, inexpensive witch costume items for children, such as:

Amscan 999684 - Kinderkostüm Hexe
Amscan 999684 - Kinderkostüm Hexe
Kinderkostüm; Motiv: Hexe; Inhalt: Kleid und Hut; Alter: ca. 4 - 6 Jährige; perfektes Kostüm für Halloween oder Karneval
27,55 EUR
Tante Tina Hexenkostüm für Kinder - Schwarz, Lila - L - Gr. 140 - 7-10 Jahre
Tante Tina Hexenkostüm für Kinder - Schwarz, Lila - L - Gr. 140 - 7-10 Jahre
Hexenkostüm für Kinder; Großer schwarzer Hut; Lieferumfang: Kleid, Gürtel und Hut; 100% Polyester
Boland 00157 - Hexen-Hut Kendra, für Kinder, Schwarz, silberne Schnalle, Kostüm, Accessoire, Karneval, Themenparty, Mottoparty
Boland 00157 - Hexen-Hut Kendra, für Kinder, Schwarz, silberne Schnalle, Kostüm, Accessoire, Karneval, Themenparty, Mottoparty
Ihr Kind ist als Hexe verkleidet und es fehlt noch das passende Accessoire?; Dann ist dieser schwarze Hexenhut von Boland genau das Richtige
9,83 EUR

Snacks and Drinks at the Witch Party

What to eat and drink at a witch party for kids should fit the theme. This is not so difficult, because many spooky or witchy dishes can be prepared quickly and easily. Also, there are many classic party snacks that can be made into a witch’s meal with just a few changes and the appropriate name. Below are a few suggestions:

Dragon’s Blood Punch

Red fruit punch, e.g., with dark grape juice, strawberry juice, grenadine and various fruits

Toadle Juice

Green herbal lemonade or a healthy green smoothie

Witch’s Grits

Jello decorated with frogs and worms made of wine gum and bats and spiders made of licorice (e.g. from Haribo).

Fly Mushrooms

From hard-boiled eggs, halved mini tomatoes and mayonnaise you can very easily build small toadstools. Cut the egg horizontally at the bottom so that it can stand vertically. Hollow out the tomato half a bit and put it on the egg with some mayo as glue. Lastly, dot the white dots on the mushroom with mayo and you’re done!

Witch’s Heads

A large ice cream scoop is the head of the witch, the eyes Smarties and the nose a small stick of chocolate or licorice. As witch hair is best to take wine gum strings and shorten them to the right length. Finally, the witch hat comes in the form of a small ice cream cone on top.

Cobweb Muffins

On fMuffins simply paint on fine spider webs with icing, chocolate icing or food coloring.

Many more great ideas can be found in cookbooks on the subject of scary and Halloween:


The right music for a witch party for children.

Depending on the age of the children come into question, for example:

  • I am the little witch
  • Bibi Blocksberg soundtrack
  • Volker Rosin: Witches Dance
  • Harry Potter soundtrack
  • Michael Jackson: Thriller

3 Games for a Real Witch Party

The Witch Hat Goes Around

All witches are standing on a free dance floor, one of them has the witch hat on. At a birthday witch party, of course, the birthday girl gets to start. The other witches do not wear headgear. Now music is played and while it is playing, all the witches have to dance, passing the hat from head to head. Each time the music stops, the witch who is currently wearing the witch’s hat is eliminated and sits on the edge. She places the witch’s hat on any other child who is still in the game. The game ends when only one child remains.

Witch Race

Each witch is given a broom. The witches either all line up next to each other or each line up in pairs on a betting line. Then it’s called: On the brooms… ready… GO! The children / witches ride their brooms to the finish line or back to the starting line after going around a set obstacle. When the witches compete in pairs, the winning witches of each pair can compete against each other in the next round. Thus, there is a small tournament with finals and at the end the winning witch is determined.

Transformation Spell

The host witch or birthday witch (birthday girl) starts and receives a magic wand. She now enchants all the other witches (guests) in turn into different animals. To do this, she touches them with the wand while reciting the following spell:

Hocus, pocus, toad slime, you shall now be an ESEL.

After the transformation, the enchanted child mimics the animal and makes the appropriate animal sound. After that, the next guest is transformed.

With these tips, nothing stands in the way of a really magical witch party for children, so: Hocus pocus inkwell, three times black cat – Magical witch fun for mom and dad too!

If you want even more tips on witch party for kids, we recommend this book:


On our leisure ideas portal you can find many more family games. Plus, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for gifts and activities with friends, partner and family!

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Image source Cover photo: Sessão “Luísa Bruxinha” by Igor Menezes Fotógrafo at CC BY 2.0

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