With creativity and the right Valentine's Day tips this day becomes a special day for couples.

13. February 2021 - Alexander Schmidt

Valentine’s Day Tips – Romantic Love Greetings and More




The 14th of February is approaching, known to lovers all over the world as the day of butterflies in the stomach and above all as a day on which couples do something really great: a romantic dinner, a shopping trip, a wellness day at the spa. Love is the strongest force in the world, as the saying goes, and if you are creative enough, you will find ways and means to make the best of the situation, whether you can spend Valentine’s Day together or not. With these 10 tips, this Valentine’s Day will be a romantic highlight!

All couples can consider themselves lucky who live together or near each other and have the opportunity to see each other. For them, some possibilities still fall flat for Valentine’s Day, but you can also experience romance within your own four walls or outside in the great outdoors and make the day a special one. The first part of our Valentine’s Day Tips is dedicated to romantic activities for couples who can see each other and be together physically.

But we also don’t want to forget or leave out couples who are in a long-distance relationship. Especially for newlyweds who don’t live together yet and can’t see each other for a while, it is even more important to create special moments that make them forget the distance for a moment.

In the second part, we give you 5 more tips on how to let your flame feel what you feel for him or her, even when you are far away.

Valentine’s Day Tips for Lovers – 5 Activities for Couples Who Can Be Physically Near Each Other

1. Romantic Movie Night

A movie night for two is one of the nice leisure activities. But to make it extra special, design the movie night to match Valentine’s Day!

For example, think about decorations that match the film and the occasion, provide exquisite snacks such as fine chocolates or gourmet chips and of course (sparkling…?) drinks. You know what your sweetheart likes best. 🙂

And if you’re still looking for inspiration for the programme, we also have 10 tips for romantic films.

(Love stories and romcoms not your thing? Then how about exciting adventure films instead?)

2. Candlelight Dinner at Home

Who says a romantic candlelight dinner has to take place in a restaurant? At home it can be at least as nice, if not even better, because you are undisturbed and can also arrange everything according to your own ideas.

The candlelight dinner goes down best when you surprise your sweetheart with it. If you live together and are both at home all day, this is of course a little more difficult, but not impossible. The joy on her or his part will be all the greater and Valentine’s Day will be a wonderful exceptional event in the best sense!

A few tips:

  • Redecorate the dining room!
  • Put on a white tablecloth
  • Make sure the candles match
  • Order flowers well in advance, roses are of course the classic
  • Set out the finest tableware in your possession
  • Cook his/her favourite meal (if you know how to cook)
  • Alternatively, order from the restaurant and delivery service you trust (but preferably something out of the ordinary to suit the occasion)
  • Don’t forget to chill (sparkling) drinks…. 😉

3. Bringing Breakfast to Bed

Probably everyone knows “bringing breakfast to bed” from hearsay, but how many times have you had breakfast brought to bed? And how often have you brought someone breakfast in bed? Probably both rarely or even never. And the same is probably true for the person of your heart – which is great! Why, you ask. Well, because it’s an easy to organise, yet really extraordinary activity, giving you the chance to celebrate this Valentine’s Day in style.

Maybe you’d like to serve up something special too? You can find 3 quick and delicious recipes here!

4. Pampering and Wellness Day at Home

Create your own wellness oasis for yourselves!
For example, buy a fragrant bath additive beforehand for a joint bubble bath if you have a bathtub. Provide massage oil, scented candles, a facial scrub, relaxing music… and just everything that means wellness, rest and relaxation for you and surprise her/him with it!

(Or if you have a knack for it, maybe even create a homemade avocado or cucumber mask…. ;-))

5. Walk With Surprises

There’s nothing wrong with a walk for two, even in times of lockdown, and when the sun is shining (and in some places, if you’re lucky, the snow is still glistening?) it’s best to get out of the house anyway.

Tip: To make it a really special day, plan a nice walking route beforehand and wait for your loved one with little surprises at certain points: e.g. when you pass a patisserie or the like, whip out a box of fine chocolates, a pendant near a jewellery shop, etc.

Or if you are walking through nature and you pass a stream, you can bring out a voucher for a sailing trip or a river cruise. It doesn’t have to be a marriage proposal, like the one that took place with close friends during a walk by a particularly beautiful old oak tree… But it can be. 😉

7 Valentine’s Day Tips for Couples Who Are in Different Places

1. The Classic Valentine’s Day Gift: Flower Show

Why always reinvent the wheel? Flowers have always been the language of love and were a popular greeting to your loved one for Valentine’s Day decades ago. Even a pandemic can’t change that, because ordering flowers online is possible despite lockdowns and at least in some federal states flower shops are even allowed to be open on 14 February 2021.

Ideally combined with a personal greeting card (see also point 2), a beautiful bouquet of flowers is definitely something you can’t go wrong with, especially if you haven’t known each other that long.

2. Personalised Valentine’s Day Card

Express how important your relationship is to you with a personalised, handwritten card. Even if you can’t geographically spend this Valentine’s Day in the same place, your significant other will surely be thrilled.

Although the technical media of our time are super practical and no one would do without them, especially in times like these, it is often the old-fashioned means of communication such as handwritten letters that we find particularly personal and convey tenderness best.

3. Romantic Dinner via Video Call

But sure, if you can’t go in person this Valentine’s Day, you’ll almost certainly at least make a video call with your partner. You might as well take the opportunity to enjoy a romantic dinner together to celebrate.

Agree on a time beforehand, as well as what you want to cook (or order) and thus eat and drink. Of course, you’ll both set the table at which you’ll eat as finely as possible and dress yourselves up as you normally would for a dinner. I bet this will be by far the most beautiful video conference of the last months 😉

4. Serenade via Video Call

You can sing or play a musical instrument? Well what are you waiting for, find the love song of your choice, “your song” or even just a song or piece that you know your sweetheart loves and surprise her or him with a spontaneous serenade during your Video Call on Valentine’s Day!

5. Personalised Read Aloud via Video Call

Read your sweetheart a romantic story, a poem you’ve written yourself, or a mischievous, tongue-in-cheek love letter you’ve written beforehand….
Anyway, they say that some people fall in love with someone based on a voice. A private romantic reading session is certainly not an everyday occurrence and will probably make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

Whatever you do this year – we wish all couples among you a happy Valentine’s Day!

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