Romantic breakfast in bed as a surprise

3. February 2018 - Anika Semmer

Breakfast in Bed - Essential Tips and Delicious Quick Breakfast Ideas




There’s no better morning surprise than breakfast in bed. Just follow these tips and ideas for an unbeatable breakfast brunch!

Finally sleeping in, lolling in bed and then a delicious breakfast in bed. These are the little pleasures of life that make lovers even more in love and long-term couples happy. And dear men, let me tell you: such a breakfast in bed is not only a wonderful surprise for us girls on Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or birthdays – when a man surprises his beloved just like that, he provides a lot of feelings of happiness and well-being. Of course, every man’s heart also swells when he is pampered with breakfast in bed.

How nice it would be if, in stressful times, the doctor simply gave the partners a prescription to cure each other with a breakfast in bed and a relaxing feel-good programme at home.

Whether it’s a romantic surprise or simply enjoying the weekend or Sunday from the start, with these delicious breakfast ideas you’ll make sure your breakfast in bed is perfect. And all without stress and hours of preparation in the morning. The key to success: loving preparation!

We also have recipes for a romantic breakfast in bed.

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Perfect Breakfast in Bed – Tips & Delicious Breakfast Ideas

Delicious romantic breakfast in bed ideas to remember

Sweet temptation at breakfast in bed

Essential Tips for the Perfect Breakfast in Bed

1. Planning Is Really Important…

Spontaneous is great! But so that you don’t find yourself with an empty fridge in the morning, it’s worth writing a shopping list the day before and getting everything that shouldn’t be fresh in the morning.

My tip: Even a classic breakfast in bed becomes special with a little something extra: a flower, homemade orange juice, a bowl of fruit salad.

2. … and Preparation Is Key

The more you plan your breakfast, the more you can prepare the day before to save time in the morning. Stress in the morning is an absolute no-go. You can easily mix waffle batter and crêpe batter in advance. Then you can jump back into bed yourself…

3 No Crumbs in Bed

You need either a tray that you balance well on your knees (beware: uncomfortable) or, even better, a bed tray with fold-out legs so that your breakfast doesn’t end up in bed. Of course, two trays are best, as you want to have breakfast together in comfort.

Alternatively, you can roll a trolley next to the bed or move a table next to the bed – but this is a bit more complicated to reach the delicacies.

Prepare as much as possible in the kitchen. Slice the rolls and put them on, pour the coffee, etc.

4. No Flooding Disaster

Thermal mugs or coffee mugs with lids are a real insider tip to remedy the biggest source of danger.

5. Time and Leisure to Relax

Very important: To make your breakfast in bed a perfect surprise, plan it on a day when you can sleep in and don’t have any appointments. Then you can relax and have an extended breakfast.

6. Set an Alarm Clock!

You need to be awake before your partner – preferably without him waking up to prepare breakfast in the kitchen. That’s why it’s so important to prepare more time-consuming and noisy delicacies like pastry the night before, so your sweetheart doesn’t wake up before the smell of coffee hits his nose.

7. Must Haves to Make It Perfect

As the saying goes, it’s easy on the eye! With these basics and a few odds and ends, you can make sure your breakfast in bed makes a big impression.

This Is What You Need

  • Bed tray or side trolley
  • Tea or coffee pot and thermos mug
  • Plates, cutlery, possibly egg cups
  • A lantern or candle
  • Napkins
  • A fresh flower in a vase or a bouquet (for girls)
  • Possibly favourite magazine or newspaper
  • Side table / small table for bread basket, coffee pot etc.
  • Frühstück und Getränke

8. The 4 Breakfast Types

In gastronomy, there are 4 breakfast types, because not everyone loves the same thing for breakfast. For which breakfast type do you prepare breakfast in bed?

  1. The classic one: Mix of savoury and sweet – e.g. bread roll, 1 croissant, jam, sausage and cheese, tomato, cucumber, breakfast egg, scrambled egg or fried egg with bacon, fresh fruit, orange juice
  2. The hearty: Hearty and savoury – e.g. scrambled eggs with bacon or hearty omelette, wholemeal bread au gratin, sausage sandwiches with pickles, honeydew melon wrapped in ham
  3. The sweet one: Sweet and fruity – e.g. Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit or crepes with fruit salad, croissants, jam, Nutella, hot chocolate with cream topping
  4. The non-breakfast eater: not everyone eats breakfast regularly (even if they should!) and yet for them there is a perfect breakfast in bed – e.g. coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, small bowl with fruit, newspaper or magazine and then often a croissant with jam is fine too 😉

9. The Special Extra Makes It Perfect

Freshly squeezed fruit juice, milk foam with chocolate powder on the cappucino, fried egg in the shape of a heart: with a few tweaks, you can make even a very classic breakfast in bed with fresh rolls, croissants, coffee and orange juice special.

My tip: Buy fresh fruit for a fruit salad or smoothie, oranges to squeeze fresh and your favourite cheese or a particularly beloved bread topping such as smoked salmon, Serrano ham or fine cheese – your sweetheart will notice immediately.

And for a romantic breakfast, add a glass of (possibly non-alcoholic) sparkling wine.

Ideas for that certain something

Delicious Breakfast Ideas Sweet & Savoury

A romantic breakfast in bed for Valentine's Day, anniversary or long weekend

Sweet romantic breakfast in bed with chocolate croissants

Tasty Treats for a Sweet Breakfast in Bed

  • Muffins – make your own the day before!
  • American pancakes with maple syrup and fresh blueberries or strawberries and natural yoghurt sweetened with maple syrup
  • Berries and cottage cheese layered with granola in a jar
  • Light French crêpes with honey-sweetened natural yoghurt and fresh fruit salad
  • French toast
  • English porridge with fresh raspberries, wild berries or apple and cinnamon
  • Crispy croissants, fresh rolls, jam, honey, Nutella
  • Fruit salad made from fresh fruit, Honey sweetened natural yoghurt – oatmeal or organic muesli with roasted nuts
  • Fresh baked yeast bun with nuts
  • Homemade smoothie or lassi
  • Sparkling wine with or without alcohol and freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Cappucino or latte macchiato with a heart of chocolate powder

Savoury Breakfast in Bed

  • Hearty muffins – bake the day before!
  • Pumpernickel with ham and cheese topping cut out with heart biscuit cutters
  • Bagel topped with herb cream cheese and ham or salmon
  • Smoked salmon toast with egg and chives
  • Fresh buns with butter, breakfast egg, smoked salmon and toppings
  • Scrambled eggs with spring onions and cocktail tomatoes
  • Omelette with sun-dried tomatoes and chives
  • Roasted bacon with fried egg (and sausages)
  • English Breakfast with Beans On Toast

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