Best either-or questions to get to know each other

22. February 2019 - Alexander Schmidt

Either Or Questions: Fun & Exciting Game for Dates And Partys


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Question games are perfect for quickly getting a first impression of others. The either or questions are all you need for this simple and fun game. Here there are 100 entertaining either or questions for friends, couples and quite interesting dates!

And what do you do professionally? … Oh and how do you know XY? … Nice weather today, should remain so for the time being, I’ve heard. … Does your cocktail taste good? …….

Small talk is pretty boring, isn’t it?

Whether at a party, a family gathering, or even on a date: the usual standard questions and topics of conversation can quickly become boring. And yet they get asked over and over again, even I plead guilty!

It’s just something you do. After all, it would be pretty rude to just shut up and ask right away, “Hey, we don’t know each other, but tell me, what’s the meaning of life for you?” You can’t. Can’t it?

It can, if it’s done in the context of a fun get-to-know-you game or question-and-answer game! You can learn a lot not only about strangers to whom you have just been introduced. With so some question game one becomes acquainted with also friends of many years only correctly.

Anyone who has ever played Truth or Dare or Never have I ever in a buzzed round knows what I’m talking about… ?

Fun and Exciting Either-Or Questions

Question games, however, can also quickly become embarrassing to one or the other. Especially if you’re in a round of people you don’t know that well and where you don’t want to embarrass anyone. In this case, a question game is better, where no one has to reveal their most intimate secrets, but which still provides for laughs and good conversation.

The either or questions game is ideal for this, especially since it is very simple and can be easily varied.

A questioner asks someone in the round an either-or question, such as “Black or white?” and the person must answer without hesitation. Then she/he gets to ask someone else a question.

Different Ways to Play the Question Game

  • You always ask the question first to the player to the left of you, then in the second round to the player to the left of you, and so on, until every player has asked every other player a question
  • All players in the round must answer the question in order
  • All players must write the answer on a slip of paper and place it in the center. Then everyone has to guess how many times which answer was given. Who is right gets a small reward (candy, liquor, etc.)
  • Before asking the question, the questioner writes on a piece of paper the answer he thinks the answerer will give. If he was right, both get a point credited. But you have to be honest.
  • You should clarify beforehand whether the answers “both” or “neither” are allowed. Hint: it’s funnier if you don’t ?
  • In principle, it is allowed to ask why someone gave that answer. But no one is forced to justify it.

100 either or Questions for the Entertaining Game

  1. Cereal or cornflakes?
  2. Classical music or pop?
  3. Mountains or beach?
  4. Sushi or hamburger?
  5. Carpet or laminate?
  6. Old building or new construction?
  7. Reading or watching television?
  8. Kissing Trump or Merkel?
  9. LP or MP3?
  10. Apples or pears?
  11. Rock or hip hop?
  12. High heels or Birkenstock sandals?
  13. Spaghetti or pizza?
  14. Star Wars or Star Trek?
  15. James Bond or Superman?
  16. Simpsons or South Park?
  17. Cinema or theater?
  18. Who do you listen to more often – angel or devil on your shoulder?
  19. Drama or comedy?
  20. Horror movie or porn?
  21. Sleeping in or getting up early?
  22. Going out dancing or cozying up at home?
  23. Cooking or baking?
  24. Coffee or tea?
  25. Chocolate or gummy bears?
  26. Disney or anime?
  27. Mediterranean or Atlantic?
  28. Sausage or cheese?
  29. Chess or Mau Mau?
  30. Money or love?
  31. Dragons or unicorns?
  32. Dogs or cats?
  33. Soccer or tennis?
  34. Beer or wine?
  35. Heart or head?
  36. Logic or gut feeling?
  37. Lion or tiger?
  38. Ice cream or cake?
  39. Math or languages?
  40. English or French?
  41. Bicycle or car?
  42. Deodorant or perfume?
  43. Backpack or suitcase?
  44. Vampires or werewolves?
  45. Birthday or Christmas?
  46. Summer or winter?
  47. Checks or stripes
  48. Popcorn sweet or salty?
  49. Ketchup or mayo?
  50. Chaos or order?
  51. Rampant or gray mouse?
  52. Traveling or being at home?
  53. Day or night?
  54. Optimist or pessimist?
  55. Realism or fantasy?
  56. Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones?
  57. Sweating or freezing?
  58. Pirates or cowboys?
  59. Rice or potatoes?
  60. Showers or baths?
  61. Pen or fountain pen?
  62. Stadium or museum?
  63. Park or café?
  64. Train or plane?
  65. Wood or metal?
  66. Glass or plastic?
  67. Curtain or blind?
  68. Monopoly or Settlers of Catan?
  69. Career or family?
  70. Living in ancient Rome or in the future?
  71. Travel through time or be able to take on any shape?
  72. Do a lot of good but get no recognition or get a lot of recognition but do nothing good?
  73. Would you rather be completely hairless or hairy all over your body?
  74. Walk around only naked or only in embarrassing costumes?
  75. Be active in politics or religion?
  76. Only lie or only tell the truth?
  77. Reading minds or X-ray vision?
  78. What could you handle better: being blind or deaf?
  79. Two weeks without a cell phone or rather without a computer?
  80. Spend a month in a submarine or in a space station?
  81. Better to kill someone you don’t know and get caught or kill someone you do know and never get caught?
  82. Who would you rather interview – God or the devil?
  83. Revenge or forgiveness?
  84. Anger or sadness?
  85. Winning the lottery or finding the love of your life?
  86. Be able to fly or breathe underwater?
  87. Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee?
  88. Meet aliens or fairies?
  89. Saving the world but no one knows it or becoming famous for something trivial?
  90. Jesus or Buddha?
  91. Old building or new building?
  92. Plaster or wallpaper?
  93. Children or pets?
  94. Break an arm or a leg?
  95. Cleaning the kitchen or the bathroom?
  96. Doing the dishes or vacuuming?
  97. Jungle or desert?
  98. Only 4 hours of sleep every night or enough sleep every night but nightmares?
  99. Windows or Apple?
  100. Superhero or super villain?

What other either or questions come to mind? Every month, Abenteuer Freundschaft features new game tips and inspiration for finding gifts and for activities with friends, your partner, and kids. Stay up to date and follow us on Facebook and Instagram! See you soon ?


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