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14. October 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

10 Halloween Games for Teens – Ultimate Screams Guaranteed!




These 10 Halloween games for teens will make the night of horror terrifying and unforgettable!

What time in life is the scariest? Clearly: the time as a teenager! Growing up is like watching a horror movie for years in more ways than one: your own body mutates, both parents and peers can seem like monsters often enough (are the body snatchers among us??) and you often feel like you’re at the mercy of the forces of madness….

So it’s no wonder that horror films enjoy great popularity among teenagers in particular and are often tailored to them as a target audience. And Halloween, the festival of horror, could in a way be called the festival of teenagers! Although for them it’s over with moving around the houses and collecting sweets, but for them may be waiting quite other terrible beautiful surprises at the Halloween party…

In any case, teenagers love games. Preferably ones where they can test or overcome the limits of their shame or fear, such as Truth or Dare or Never have I ever….

A teen Halloween party needs some really good Halloween games for teens. We’ve picked out 10 that we would have – or have – incredibly enjoyed playing as teens 😉

The 10 Best Halloween Games for Teens

1. Dare to Scare

Each teammate gets a piece of paper and writes on it something really scary that requires courage and not everyone dares to do. Then all the slips of paper are folded and shuffled in a bowl.

In turn, each teenager must now draw a piece of paper and perform the task indicated on it. If he dares…

Suggestions for tasks:

  • Go to the basement and endure 5 minutes alone in the dark.
  • Calling the gruesome Bloody Mary in the mirror.
  • Grab an opaque bag (prepared beforehand) that supposedly has something disgusting in it (worms = spaghetti, small mozarella balls = eyeballs, etc.) and put it in your mouth with your eyes closed and eat it (see game #7)
  • Einen Vertrag aufsetzen, in dem man dem Teufel seine Seele verkauft
  • Etc.

2. Gloomy Prophecies

Also in this game, everyone first gets a piece of paper and writes on it a gloomy and ominous prophecy for the future. Everyone is then shuffled again and everyone blindly draws one of the slips of paper and reads aloud what awaits them in the future.

3. Trick or Treat With Enchanted Cocktails

You as the host prepare a table with loud different mixed drinks, as many we guests come. Depending on whether the teenagers are already old enough, with or without alcohol. The only important thing is that about half of the mixed drinks should taste good, the other half should taste awful. (Of course, use only edible ingredients!).

Whether with salt, coffee powder or vinegar – you will already think of ways to really mess up a cocktail! 😀

All guests must then choose a cocktail and take a big sip from it at the same time. Of course, whoever wants to after that may drink it up.

4. Cannibalism in the Ice

You have crashed as a group in a plane in an icy inhospitable area and the only chance to survive while waiting for rescue is cannibalism!

Discuss who you will eat first and why. But don’t be too mean about it… 😉

Theoretically you can play this until there are only 2 players left. These decide the victory by arm wrestling.

5. Candy Hunt in the Dark

Teenagers may be too old to go around the houses and score candy from the neighbors, but you’re never too old for candy!

Instead, prepare a candy hunt in the backyard or around the house. Basically, just like an Easter egg hunt, you hide the candy in all sorts of places. It’s also ideal if you have a large basement or attic and the teens can search there in the dark, using only flashlights.

Everyone splits into 2 or 3 teams and grazes the terrain for hidden candy. The team that has captured the most is the winner of the candy hunt.

6. Horror Movie Drinking Game (16+)

For older teens who are already allowed to drink alcohol (and can handle horror movies), a horror movie drinking game is a super party starter. At the beginning of the party, a really scary horror movie is watched and when certain actions on the screen or even reactions of the audience, they have to drink a sip of beer or similar.

Suggestions for rules:

  • Whoever flinches or shrieks in fright must take a big gulp.
  • Same goes for anyone who closes their eyes or looks away.
  • When the killer / monster / incarnation of evil appears, everyone must drink.
  • Whenever a character does something incredibly stupid that will probably make them the next victim right away, drinking is required.

Depending on the movie, you can make your own original rules. You can also play so that each in turn may determine another rule.

7. Grip of Horror

Prepare a row of cardboard boxes (shoe boxes, for example) so that there is a hole in them through which a hand can fit, but it is hidden by a piece of cloth hanging from above it and taped to it. You can reach in, but you can’t see what’s inside.

Now all you need is a series of objects that feel disgusting and could well be passed off as something horrifying, for example:

  • Chicken bones = skeletal bones
  • Liquorice strings = worms
  • Spaghetti balls = brains
  • Jell-O = witch’s snot
  • Banana slices = bullet out discs
  • Unpopped popcorn = knocked out teeth
  • peeled grapes = eyes
  • a piece of fur = run over rat
  • wadding = large mold
  • little carrots in ketchup = chopped off fingers in blood
  • Thick noodles = worms
  • (Raw) meat, e.g. chicken gizzards, turkey liver or a piece of aspic
  • cooked cannelloni with oil = intestines

On the boxes you now stick labels with the imaginative horror names and each teenager may then feel what it is. To do this, everyone gets a list of horror names and must write next to it what he thinks it really is. Whoever gets it right the most times wins.

8. Great Halloween Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a special highlight at any party and for any age! Host a special Halloween scavenger hunt for the teens with themed horror clues and tasks that will eventually lead them to the finish line.
For teens who aren’t too cool to get spooky and play games yet, here’s a Halloween scavenger hunt for kids with stations and lots of ideas.

For tips on how to best plan a scavenger hunt and what the best hiding places and clues are, check out our 3-part article for an adult scavenger hunt.

9. The Mystery Caller

This is a hide and seek game inspired by the movie Scream. It is best played in the dark, in a large garden or in an empty house. One person gets a creepy mask and a cell phone (if they don’t have one). This person is the killer and must hide from the others. All other players together are only allowed to have one cell phone or landline phone. All other cell phones are put on silent or collected beforehand.

Now the mysterious caller calls and gives an eerie tip in a distorted voice about where he is, e.g. “I can see your back.”, “Wrong tree”, etc. Of course, the caller/killer can move freely and change his hiding place. If he succeeds in surprising a person alone, he can “murder” him by touching him. The person is eliminated.

The task of everyone else is to find the killer. Once he is discovered, he has lost and the game can go to a new round with different killer at will. Calling the masked killer during the game is, of course, strictly forbidden. After all, in horror movies like Scream, the victims don’t know the killer’s number either…. 😀

10. Pumpkin Race

A top list of the best Halloween games for teens wouldn’t be complete without at least one pumpkin game, of course. For the pumpkin race, teens divide into teams as many as players can run side by side on the pumpkin race track. You’ll need just as many large ornamental pumpkins with carved horror faces for the game.

The task now is to get the pumpkin to the finish line as quickly as possible and then pass it to the next player on the team like a relay race. The team that finishes first is the winner. The bigger and more unwieldy the pumpkins, the funnier!

You can also spice up the pumpkin race by having certain special rules for each run beforehand, e.g. 1st player must hold the pumpkin on or above his head. 2nd player must carry it behind his back, 3rd player must balance it on one hand only, etc. If a pumpkin falls down, the player has to go back to his starting point and start again.
Or you can put a lit candle in each pumpkin. If this goes out, you also have to go back to the starting point and relight it there. The exact rules are up to your imagination.

Looking for more Halloween games for teens? Then also check out these Halloween games for adults, because most of the games there, are fun for teens too.

Fancy more Halloween ideas and tips for Fall activities? Discover special gifts and inspiration for activities with kids, friends and your partner any time of year.

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Image Source Cover Photo: Natural Born Killaz! by Joseph Vasquez at CC BY 2.0

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