These Mother's Day coupon ideas offer inspiration for personalised gifts

14. April 2019 - Anika Semmer

101 Mother's Day Coupon Ideas for the Best Mom in the World


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“Thanks for everything mom”, how often do you say that? These 101 Mother’s Day coupon ideas should inspire you with what surprises you can make your mom happy. One tip in advance: spend the gift time together!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Every year it is the occasion to show mom how grateful we are to her for advice, love and support. Homemade coupons are wonderful for this purpose. There is love in them, after all they are chosen and designed especially for mom. In this list of 101 Mother’s Day coupon ideas you will find very different ideas, clearly divided by type of content.

Remember, your coupon is a gift, and it should look like one. A blotted Post-It as a gift certificate is a cute gift from a 7-year-old kid. For anyone over 7, it’s worth putting love and effort into the design and packaging of the gift certificate, because that also conveys the message, along with the content: you are important to me! At Abenteuer Freundschaft you can find instructions for crafting a heart envelope for gift certificates and various beautiful gift wrappings.

Do you like to craft? Then my tutorial for a DIY gift certificate as a paper rose to re-craft might be just what you’re looking for!

Tip: Craft, glue, design! Self-made coupons are the most beautiful, no matter if they look perfect. From clay cardboard, motif paper and magazines, children can craft beautiful collages that match the content. You can also craft a pop up box (for advanced), work with photos or combine several Mother’s Day coupon ideas as a coupon booklet or design it as a calendar.

Best 101 Mother’s Day Coupon Ideas

A colorful palette of Mother's Day coupon ideas with practical ideas and lots of things to do

Surprise! We’ll have a picnic in the countryside

After all, what every mother wants most is to spend time with her children. Joint ventures create memories. That’s why most of my Mother’s Day gift certificate ideas are meant to be done together. Another tip for the selection of the voucher content: the more the voucher shows that you know your mother well and it is personally tailored to her, the nicer!
Fulfill wishes, pay attention to which attentions and small surprises she dreams of or what is particularly annoying to her and you can take away! Take off practical chores is especially for children but also for older mothers a recommended intangible gift certificate idea for Mother’s Day.

Personally, I like to reminisce and like to awaken memories of my childhood with my Mother’s Day gift. These are the most creative, original and personal Mother’s Day gift certificate ideas I’ve given so far.

61 Mother’s Day  Coupon Ideas to Share

  1. I’ll surprise you with a mother and child day
  2. We watch a movie of your choice together at the theater
  3. We go on a trip to the city together
  4. We go shopping together
  5. We take a walk together through a neighborhood we don’t know yet
  6. I’ll whisk you away for a Sunday brunch
  7. We go out together in the evening fancy
  8. We’ll go on a balloon ride together
  9. We go on a boat trip together
  10. We unwind together and do a full day of wellness
  11. We enjoy coffee and cake at a special café
  12. We learn something new together, what, you decide!
  13. We watch a play together at the theater
  14. We go to the fair together and you get to choose a gift
  15. I surprise you with a homemade Bedside breakfast
  16. We play an Escape Game together at home e.g. the Deckscape Fate of London
  17. … or do puzzles and riddles, for example, at the Exit Puzzle Observatory
  18. We do a creative workshop together
  19. We go out for ice cream together
  20. Pick a cultural event and we’ll go together
  21. We do a family photo shoot (or mother and child photo shoot)
  22. We’ll do a chocolate workshop together
  23. We go to an exhibition or museum of your choice
  24. We go to an adventure dinner (e.g. comedy or crime dinner)
  25. We go on a picnic with all your loved ones
  26. We make a day trip to the zoo
  27. We do a special city tour together
  28. We take a trip to the flea market together
  29. We enjoy springtime on a trip to the botanical gardens
  30. We make a trip to a spring festival
  31. We go together to pick wild garlic in the forest and make something delicious out of it
  32. We go for a bike ride together
  33. I will cook a surprise dish for you
  34. We will go to your favorite restaurant
  35. We go on a weekend trip, the destination is up to you
  36. We go to a musical together
  37. I organize a game day with the kids
  38. We keep fit together and sign up at the gym together
  39. We stroll through the weekly market together
  40. We go on a hike to a nice restaurant together
  41. We do pedicure and manicure together with champagne
  42. We go mini golfing (in big cities you can go black light mini golfing!)
  43. We go on a wild herbs hike together
  44. We go on a wine hike together
  45. … or a wine tasting
  46. We do a Room Escape Game together
  47. We visit a fair of your choice together
  48. We go karaoke singing together
  49. We visit a poetry slam together!
  50. We cook jam together this year
  51. We’ll have a DVD night with a movie you’ve always wanted to see
  52. … or watch an episode of a family saga (e.g. Downton Abbey) or great historical series every week (tip: Charles Dickens Little Dorrit or the award-winning Netflix series Anne, based on the novel series Anne of Green Gables)
  53. You’ll get a day of pampering from me and get to do nothing but relax!
  54. We’ll walk a trim trail together
  55. We’ll take a trip to a castle and dine like queens
  56. We drive together to visit relatives
  57. A day trip on the weekend with the Beautiful Weekend Ticket to a city of your choice in our state
  58. We experience a Dinner in the Dark together
  59. We climb the highest viewpoint in our region together
  60. We go mushroom hunting (morels and the May mushroom grow already in spring)
  61. We go bowling!

20 Practical Mother’s Day Voucher Ideas (for Kids and Adults)

Practical Mother's Day coupon ideas

Removing Gardening is Fun for Kids and Older Moms and Grannies Too

  1. Help with gardening for a day
  2. I’ll change your tires (or take care of it)
  3. I’ll clean your car
  4. I’ll take over your housework for a day
  5. I’ll go shopping for you
  6. I plant your garden or balcony according to your wishes
  7. I will do the vacuuming for you 3 times
  8. I will dust your apartment for one month
  9. I’ll help you declutter the basement/attic
  10. I’ll do the window cleaning for you this year
  11. I’ll wash your curtains and drapes for you and hang them back up
  12. I’ll mow the lawn for you 3 times
  13. I’ll drive you to your ladies’ get-together and pick you up again
  14. I’ll give you a PC crash course and get your PC up to speed
  15. We’ll clean out the house and donate or sell what you no longer need
  16. I’ll fix an item for you
  17. I’ll help you clean out and sort your papers
  18. I’ll do the painting work in your apartment and bring in color
  19. I clean and maintain your bike
  20. I’ll clear your yard (or patio) of weeds and make it shine with a pressure washer

20 Nostalgic Mother’s Day Coupon Ideas

101 Different Mother's Day coupon ideas

101 Coupon Ideas for Mother’s Day

  1. We take the same walk we used to when I was little
  2. I’ll take you out to the place we used to go
  3. We take a trip to the town where you were born and you tell me what it was like growing up with your mom
  4. I fulfill you 3 heart’s desires
  5. We bake a cake together according to a recipe from my childhood
  6. We make a girls’ day together (with grandma and granddaughters)
  7. I organize a retro game night
  8. We do handicrafts together for one day
  9. We recreate pictures from the photo album from the past
  10. We look at old photos from the past
  11. We tell each other the best and worst decisions of our lives
  12. We dive into your favorite story together and listen to the audio book about it
  13. We make a family tree together
  14. You teach me to sew, knit or crochet and I make a surprise for you
  15. We sew a surprise for daughter/granddaughter together
  16. We cook grandma’s favorite recipes
  17. We do together what you loved to do when you were as old as I was
  18. We write a letter to our granddaughter together and bury it in the garden. She gets to dig it up as a surprise on her 18th birthday.
  19. We create a scrapbook together
  20. We read your favorite childhood book to each other

Looking for more Mother’s Day coupon ideas? Check out these creative Mother’s Day ideas! Check out the Recreation Ideas Finder on our website for many more tips for activities with kids.

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