Some of these best ideas for Mother's Day are often the best gifts for mommy

6. May 2018 - Anika Semmer

Best Mother’s Day Ideas – Unique Gifts to Make Your Mum Happy


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These best Mother’s Day ideas are all about making this day wonderful and special for mum. With small attentions and wonderful times together.

For my little niece, her mum is the greatest thing. Dad is great, but when it hurts or when something doesn’t work out and mum isn’t there, her little world is out of joint.

There is a tangible love between mother and daughter that will accompany both of them throughout their lives, through ups and downs. And every year, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show mum and tell her how much you love her.

These best Mother’s Day ideas are not over-the-top grand gestures or expensive gifts but are simply my best of with intangible gifts for mum – inspired by my friends’ great gift ideas for their mums for Mother’s Day.

Great Father’s Day getaway ideas can be found here, by the way.

5 Special Best Ideas for Mother’s Day – Intangible Gifts for Mom

Homemade and home-baked treats are some of the best ideas for Mother's Day

Make your own macarons – ideas for Mother’s Day

1. Homemade Treats That Come From the Heart

Self-baked, self-designed or self-picked: homemade means I sat down, thought about it and conjured up a personal gift all for you with time and leisure. Everything homemade takes time, thought and love and that’s why homemade gifts for mum, no matter how small or big, are always my first choice!

“Handmade” Ideas for Mother’s Day

  • Homemade macarons and cookies
  • Homemade treats with self-designed labels (e.g. Mother’s Day punch)
  • Self-picked bouquet with meadow flowers

2. Nostalgia and a Shared Ritual

This Mother’s Day, do something together that you will do every year from now on on Mother’s Day (or alternatively on another alternative day in May). And you should definitely do something that you both incredibly enjoy doing together, that is special and where you spend a wonderful time together.

It can be a total classic or old-fashioned – the main thing is that it’s just right for you. For example, I used to go with my grandmother and mother to the same typical granny café every year as a ritual, to feast and talk with exquisite expensive cakes, lace doilies and nostalgia everywhere. The first time I went I was 6 years old and just enraptured by the café and then about 10 years later it became our ritual, our café, our special thing.

Ideas for rituals

  • Baking a childhood recipe together
  • Taking a trip to a special place
  • Go picking flowers together and make beautiful bouquets
  • Attend a festival
  • A nice picnic
  • A champagne breakfast at a posh hotel such as the Hotel Adlon in Berlin
  • A girls’ day out with all the female members of the family and possibly friends of the family: with granddaughters, daughters, mothers, grannies and great-grannies…

3. Do a Workshop Together

One of the most beautiful ideas for Mother's Day is to do a workshop together

Mother and daughter at a photo shoot

One of the most beautiful yet time-consuming ideas for Mother’s Day is to surprise your mum by doing something together to learn. Instead of giving chocolates, surprise her with a chocolate workshop and create your own chocolates together. Instead of taking her to an expensive restaurant for dinner, surprise her with a special cooking class with a celebrity chef.

Or do another creative workshop together on a topic your mother has always been interested in: Ceramics, oil painting, sculpture, etc….

4. Give Your Mother the Whole Day and Pamper Her All Around

The day starts with a surprise breakfast in bed with fresh croissants from the bakery, orange juice, a bouquet of flowers and she gets to really sleep in. Then you can spend the whole day together with a wellness programme including a massage and/or extensive shopping, a nice visit to a restaurant or a trip to the countryside.

5. Tell Her With Big Words

One of the most beautiful and best ideas for Mother's Day - write a personal letter for your mum

One of the most beautiful ideas for Mother’s Day – write a letter

When was the last time you wrote a letter? Have you ever written a letter to your mother that wasn’t just a birthday wish? Handwritten letters may be a bit old school, but that’s why they’re so special – they’re anything but commonplace today. How seldom does a letter land in your letterbox that is not business mail?

The idea is simple: handwrite what you always wanted to say to your mother. As a poem, short or long text, just as you like and as your creativity bubbles up 😉

Bring your favourite memories back to life with words and send her the letter as a surprise!

Ideas of what to include in the letter

  • Memories
  • Anecdotes
  • Poem
  • Why Mum is the greatest
  • What you want to say thank you for
  • What connects you forever

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