Halloween gifts for adults may be scary

14. October 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

11 Halloween Gifts for Adults That Will Not Only Touch Dracula’s Heart




Once again, the festival of ghosts, witches and vampires is approaching and even if it’s not a typical occasion: delightfully horror-like Halloween gifts for adults make for pointed screams (of joy)….

While some are still railing against the cultural import from the USA, others have long been celebrating and having fun: Halloween has long since arrived in Germany and is not only popular with children.

After all, the original Irish festival of the spirits of the dead offers everyone a welcome occasion for a really good party, and all those who like nothing better than wearing weird costumes don’t have to wait until carnival time.

And of course: for children, there’s still the opportunity to get their fill of sweets before St. Martin!

11 Halloween Gifts for Adults – The List of Horror

But why should only the little ones get something? It’s always nice to give each other a present, and small Halloween gifts are common in many families in America.

Whether as a guest gift at the Halloween party or simply as a funny surprise for your partner – why not give something for Halloween! Because… giving something as a gift is never wrong!

1. Homemade Pumpkin Treats

The pumpkin is the symbol of Halloween par excellence and the good thing is – it’s also damn tasty! Whether as soup, salad, pickled bites or jam: homemade delicacies always go down well as a gift.

If you are looking for some inspiration, this excellent cookbook is recommended:

2. Spooky Fairy Lights or Haunted Mirror

Even if you already have Halloween decorations – there can never be enough!

3. (T)he Human Heart

Is there anything more romantic than giving someone your heart? Hardly! And for Halloween, preferably on a silver plate floating in fresh strawberry juice!
(You might as well give up your ghost as a bonus gift…)

4. Cuddly Animals from the Graveyard of Cuddly Animals

Yes, they do exist: cuddly animals that, for all their fluffiness, still send an ice-cold shiver down your spine. Brrrrr!!!

5. A Cool Horror Mask

If you know that the person you want to give a present to likes to dress up and knows a bit about their tastes, you can give them a beautiful mask of horror…

6. T-shirt of Horror

Not a costume, but very stylish: a T-shirt in a matching horror look.

7. Chopped-off Fingers

Look pretty real and guaranteed to scare the guests at the next party when strategically placed in the fridge: the chopped-off fingers of the last person who dared to nibble on dessert too early!

8. A Vampire or Monster Bit

Classic and always good – the fashion accessory of October!

9. Monster Slippers

And fashion again: these slippers are just too eager to be worn!

10. Cinema Tickets or Cinema Voucher for a Horror Film

Halloween and the time around it is also the favourite season of horror movie lovers, which is why a number of horror movies have their theatrical release at this time.

Other horror movie releases in October and November include: Skin Creepers, Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth, Suspiria and The House That Jack Built.

11. DVD / Bluray Box Set of Favourite Horror or Scary Series

The weather in autumn literally invites you to endlessly binge-watch your much-loved favourite series. In keeping with the occasion, there is a wide selection of horror and scary series from American Horror Story to The Walking Dead and Bates Motel. And for those who like it more harmless, then Buffy or Vampire Diaries.

Have these Halloween gifts got you looking forward to the festival of ghosts? If so, we’ve got more Halloween ideas that might interest you, like costume ideas, craft tutorials and Halloween games for kids, Halloween games for teens and Halloween games for adults.

And while you’re here, take a look at our tips for activities with friends 😉

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