Best Halloween costume ideas for every taste

22. October 2017 - Anika Semmer

Best Halloween Costume Ideas – 50 Best Clothes That Make Monsters!




Dark, weird, funny and scary – with the 50 best Halloween costume ideas, you’ll be terrifyingly well equipped for every Halloween party! 😉

Do you have the devil in you? Or have you always wanted to stagger around as a zombie like in the cult series Walking Dead – or wear a really unusual eye-catching costume for Halloween instead of one of the “horror classics”.

Halloween, the most gruesome night of the year on 31 October, is no longer just celebrated enthusiastically by children and adults in America. We Germans also love horror, creepiness and terrible goose bumps and celebrate accordingly until the dead awake!

One thing is certain: the night of horror is one of the best occasions of the year to get dressed up. At Halloween parties, it’s a must to show up in an ingenious costume – and absolutely every Halloween party thrives on creative Halloween costume ideas that create atmosphere. And honestly – who wouldn’t want to slip into the skin of the most fruity monster on earth? Or a seductive vampire, an elegant undead noblewoman or the nastiest witch ever? 😀

The most important thing about a Halloween costume is that you feel comfortable in it and that it somehow suits you. It’s also very popular to show up at the party with your better half in a partner costume and spread fear and terror in a double pack. If you don’t wear a full face mask for your Halloween costume, you can add the finishing touches with make-up.

There are great complete costumes that will definitely leave a lasting impression: whether as a grinning horror clown, a pale ghost bride, a sexy skeleton in a super-tight morphsuit, Chucky the murder doll, a blood-splattered creepy butcher, a scary alien or an escaped inmate of an insane asylum.

But even for little money, with a mask, cape or accessories and make-up, you can turn a terrible normal party outfit into a gloriously horrible and original Halloween costume. For creative people with time on their hands, this can be done easily – but for everyone else, there are also inexpensive Halloween accessories and costumes to buy.

Tip: What you definitely shouldn’t skimp on is good make-up! For best results, we recommend theatre make-up and normal beauty products such as kajal, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, lipstick and mascara, e.g. from DM.

Here are our top 50 ideas for Halloween costumes! If your fingers tickle and you buy one right away via one of the amazon links, you are supporting us without the product costing you a single cent!

50 Best Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Count Dracula and Queen of the Vampires

Dracula Vampir-Kostüm für Kinder - Halloween-Kostüm - Größe L
Dracula Vampir-Kostüm für Kinder - Halloween-Kostüm - Größe L
Material: Synthetik; Passend dazu: Weiße Vampir-Schminke und Vampirzähne.; Größen: M, L
Smiffys Fledermausflugel Vampir, Schwarz, mit Kragen
Smiffys Fledermausflugel Vampir, Schwarz, mit Kragen
Schwarzer Fledermaus-Flügel Umhang, Perfekt zu Karneval, Halloween oder Themenpartys; One Size, Leichtes Material, Tragen über Kleidung möglich
14,18 EUR Amazon Prime

2. Demon and Demoness

3. Black Angel

Keine Produkte gefunden.

4. Werewolf

5. Devil and Devilesses

6. Lunatic inmates of a lunatic asylum

7. Bat and Creature of the Night

8. Horror Clown

9. Grim Reaper

10. Ghost Bride and Ghost Groom

11. Sexy skeleton

12. Horror Cheerleader and Zombi Footballstar

13. Chucky, the Killer Doll

14. Horror dentist

15. Mafia Butcher

16. Murderer and murderess

17. Medieval Executioner and Enforcer

18. Famous serial killers

19. Aliens

20. Zombies and the living dead

21. Zombie Nurse and Zombie Surgeon

22. Zombie Nun and Zombie Priest

23. Witch and sorcerer

24. Scarred and marked victim

25. Horror pumpkin

26. Scarecrow

27. Creepy jester and court jester

28. Grand Inquisitor

29. Mummy

30. Ghastly Nasty Monsters & Horrors

31. Ghost pirates like from Pirates of the Caribbean

32. Living doll

33. Evil Robot

34. Jack Skellington – Mister Halloween Himself!

35. The thing from the swamp

36. Human and animal hybrids

37. Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street

38. Dr. Frankenstein and his Monster

39. Joker and Scarecrow from Batman: The Dark Knight

40. Ghostbusters

41. Crazy monster

42. Jason Vorhees from the cult film Friday the 13th.

43. Murderer and High School Beauty Victim from Scream

44. Twisty from American Horror Story

45. Regan and the Priest from The Exorcist

46. Carrie from Stephen King

47. Beetlejuice

48. Jigsaw the Horror doll from the Saw film

49. Horror rabbit

50. Mask with bloody tears

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Image source Cover photo: clowns killers Halloween 2014 by Gaudencio Garcinuño at CC BY-SA 2.0

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