Halloween games for adults are the highlight of a Halloween party

12. October 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

10 Halloween Games for Adults That'll Rock Your Halloween Party




Halloween is not only for children a lot of fun – these 10 Halloween games for adults provide for the best hours at your Halloween party..

Halloween, the festival of ghosts, ghouls and the living dead is not yet as long celebrated here in Germany as in the U.S., but more and more people are enthusiastic about celebrating the night of terror. And rightly so!

Accordingly, on October 31, not only dressed up children move through the streets and demand Süßes oder Saures, also adults throw themselves into scary shells and celebrate what the stuff holds. All to drive away the evil spirits… or to conjure them up?

If you are planning to throw a Halloween party for friends, I can only advise you to prepare some good games as well. Halloween games for adults have several advantages: they create the right atmosphere, are fun, get the guests to interact and some of them also provide the right basic level of alcohol… 😉

10 Halloween Games for Adults

1. Which Villain Am I…?

In this cool Halloween party variation of the Horror Who Am I…? you prepare signs with names of famous movie villains, preferably from horror movies. Attach one to each guest’s back as they arrive, e.g. with a safety pin. If you want to go to the trouble, you can also print pictures of the villains on the signs. In any case, they should be familiar characters that most of your guests can identify.

Now, as in Who am I…?, each guest has the task of finding out who they are during the course of the evening. To do this, he may ask all the other guests yes/no questions about himself, e.g.: Do I have sharp canine teeth?, Do I wear a mask?, Do I only murder on certain nights? Etc.

2. Pumpkin Carving Contest

All you need are as many ornamental pumpkins as guests plus as many knives. To prevent the risk of injury, you should preferably play this game when there is still little alcohol flowing….

Variant A: Wettschnitzen on time: On a signal, all start to hollow out as quickly as possible their pumpkin and carve a face into it. Who can show first a neatly hollowed Halloween pumpkin with grimace gets a small prize.

Variant B: The most beautiful will be awarded. The duration does not matter; if all are ready, everyone presents the other guests his work of art, which they acknowledge with more or less strong applause. The winner is the one who gets the most applause.

Halloween games for adults: pumpkin carving

Pumpkin carving contest is one of the most popular Halloween games for adults

3. Apple Snatching …in Alcohol

You fill as large a bowl or small tub as possible with cider or beer and float as many apples in it as there are guests at your party. In each apple you have previously carved a number that indicates how many shots someone who fishes that apple out with their mouth has to drink. Of course, the apples should then float in the bowl so that the number is facing down and not visible.

Everyone must now fish out one of the apples with their mouths and then drink an appropriate number of shots from a ready selection of liquors. He may, of course, eat the alcohol-soaked apple as well….

Depending on how hard you want to make this drinking game, you should limit the maximum number of shots. Of course, you can also be mean and give an apple a 7 and announce this to the guests as well. But I would rather recommend numbers from 1 to 3 for the sake of your guests’ well-being 😉

4. Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt

For a good Halloween party, you should also set up and hang some decorations. Build the decorations and possibly the other equipment of your party location but simply into a game. You divide the guests into groups of 2-4 people and give each group a printed list with clues to certain objects or motifs that the group must find and photograph.

So that several groups don’t get in each other’s way, you can always keep the order on each list slightly different. The more original and witty the clues are, the more fun the players will have, so let your creativity run wild! 😉

For more tips on good hiding places and clues in a scavenger hunt, check out our 3-part article series for a Scavenger Hunt for Adults 1, here and here. Of course, these tips can be applied to all scavenger hunt-like Halloween games for adults.

5. Mummy Wrap

At any party with lots of guests, you should have enough toilet paper in the house. But this time, just buy a few more rolls! Also for this game you divide the guests into groups, ideally 2 or 3 people.

Each group gets a supply of toilet paper rolls and maybe some clear tape. Now designate one of their members to be the mummy. At a start signal, all groups begin wrapping their mummy as quickly as possible (costume may be removed first). Especially popular is the technique in which the mummy participates by spinning in a circle – but with a few drinks in it, it can be quite dizzying!

The first group to present a fully wrapped mummy whose bandages do not fall off at the slightest movement is the winner!

6. Find the Murderer

This game requires a bit more preparation: you think up as many characters as there are guests coming and prepare a character description and short script for each guest and hand them out to your guests randomly in unlabeled envelopes. Everyone should study their role in depth and memorize it as much as possible. One is always the murderer and one is the detective.

The murderer chooses a victim and whispers to him: In one minute you will be dead. The victim must then pretend to collapse dead about 1 minute later. Now the detective reveals himself and questions all the guests. Of course, the murderer also has a cover story, but it has gaps.

Those who find it too much effort to come up with such a game on their own can also resort to a purchased version. The game publishers Bluebeard, Krimi total and Culinaro Mortale, for example, have brought out a series of very good mystery dinners. These are mostly designed for only about 5 to 8 players, but are otherwise perfect as Halloween games for adults.

(By the way, by purchasing through one of the Amazon links below, you are supporting our website without it being more expensive for you).


7. Never say Halloween!

For each guest who arrives, you attach two clips or other markers to their clothing to act as talismans to protect them from evil spirits throughout the evening. You then explain that the protection loses its effect as soon as you say the word Halloween. Then you lose a clip and have to take a deep sip of the dangerous wine spirit!

The nasty ghosts who make sure that no one says Halloween by mistake are, of course, the other mischievous guests. The further the evening progresses and the more humid it gets, the faster the talismans will tumble and the ghosts will be in your midst… 😉

8. Potions

For this you need as many small vials (capacity about 4 cl) as you expect guests. You fill them with alcoholic shots and make around each one a small label that you have to fold apart to read. Each guest is handed a potion when they arrive, with instructions that they can drink it at a time of their choosing at the party. What happens then, or what she or he must do then, is written on the label, for example:

  • Tell your counterpart your most embarrassing experience ever
  • Kiss the person closest to you on the cheek.
  • Let out a bloodcurdling scream.
  • Scare a person of your choice.
  • Etc.

9. Scary Story Contest

You like to be creative and love scary stories? And the same goes for your friends? All the better, then the Halloween party is the ideal opportunity to give free rein to your gloomy imagination.

You write the beginning of a scary story and attach it to every invitation to your party. In the invitation text, you also ask everyone to think of how the story continues and ends. If you like, you can write it down and bring it to the party.

At the party, you read your beginning again and ask all guests to tell their version of the story. Of course, you can also tell it freely or improvise on the spot. At the end you choose together the best scary narrator!

10. Horror movie pantomime quiz

For this game, guests again divide into groups of about 3 to 4 people. Each group comes up with a well-known horror movie to pantomime and has 15 min to retire to a room and rehearse.

For inspiration, you can also lay out a book about horror movies or have a stack of cards ready with suggestions. You can also have some props ready.
Then the pantomime is performed and everyone else has to guess which movie is meant. (For movie characters about which there are several movies, like Dracula, the name counts).

Our movie suggestions: Dracula, Frankenstein, Psycho, The Exorcist, Jaws, Shining, Es, Scream, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Alien, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Night of the Living Dead, Dance of the Devils, The Ring

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