Great cowboy party ideas for children, which are not difficult to organise.

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Cowboy Party Ideas for a Fun Wild West Kids Birthday


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Horseshoe, Cowboy Hat and what else do you need for a awesome Cowboy party?  These Cowboy party ideas are some tips on how to get the kids excited!

Some themes just never go out of fashion and so it is with cowboys and Indians. Many boys as well as girls are enthusiastic about the Wild West and stories like those of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand or Lucky Luke.

The Wild West, gunslingers, brave cowboys and cowgirls are simply a timeless theme. And if the child wants to have a cowboy party for his or her birthday, it is of course up to the parents to make it as exciting as possible.

We have put together the best tips and Cowboy party ideas for you!

By the way, many adults also love to play the role of a cowboy or cowgirl, which is why we also have tips for a wild west theme party for adults.

1.Invitation to the Cowboy Party

To get all the children in the mood for the Wild West theme, buy or make visually appropriate invitation cards with cowboy motifs.

The best way to do this is to make them together with the birthday boy or girl. To do this, you can simply cut out suitable motifs such as cowboys, horses, cacti or a lasso from coloured cardboard and stick them onto white, blank cards. The more creative and lovingly the cards are designed, the more the little guests will look forward to the children’s birthday party.

The text of the invitation should make it clear that it is a western or cowboy party and that all the children should come dressed up.

2. Decoration

You can also make your own decorations for the cowboy party. The party room is transformed into a real Wild West saloon. For example, you can make a cardboard saloon door and decorate the entire room with other decorative elements, such as a plastic buffalo skull, cacti, lassos, horseshoes, cowboy posters, etc.

Wild West decoration to buy:

One advantage for parents: since cowboys are rough and tumble anyway, you don’t need a tablecloth and can set up a rather rustic wooden table for the meal. Every spot then adds to the special ambience! 😉

3. Cowboy Party in the Garden

If the season, weather and available location allow it, you should definitely have the cowboy party partly outdoors. This adds a lot to the atmosphere – after all, westerns play outside most of the time – and the children can let off steam outdoors.

If you have a garden or another location with enough space outside, you can even get hay bales for seating or create a prairie atmosphere with a tent and camping chairs. And if possible, a campfire is absolutely perfect for setting the right mood, especially in the evening. What child doesn’t love sitting around a campfire playing games or listening to cowboy stories?

4. Dressing Up for Children

Of course, a suitable costume must be found for one’s own child or children. It is relatively easy to put together a cowboy or cowgirl costume yourself. The most important thing is the typical cowboy hat, without which nothing works. Add jeans, a checked shirt and a triangular scarf and you have a cowboy costume.

Of course, you can extend the costume as much as you like, e.g. with a denim or leather waistcoat, a belt and – if you have no reservations about it – a toy gun. If the motto is generally Wild West, a child can of course also dress up as an Indian or squaw.

For smaller children, it is also a good idea to use a hobby horse as a substitute for a horse. If you have the time, you can also make hobby horses for all the children coming to the cowboy party. If your child likes to do their own crafts, you can also have all the children make their own hobby horse at the cowboy party!

Cowboy costumes and accessories at Amazon:

5. Obstacle Course  – Fun Cowboy Party Ideas

What would a children’s birthday party be without great games? For a cowboy party, these should ideally be themed games and there are easy-to-implement games.

Obstacle course with hobby horses: You set up a course outside or inside that the children have to master with their hobby horse (or without). Make sure that it is as varied as possible, e.g. that the children have to jump over something, crawl under something or even throw a lasso over an obstacle.

6. Throwing Horseshoes

All you need are used horseshoes or some made of plastic, wood or cardboard (but they should not be too light) and a stick that you can stick into the ground as a target. The children should then throw the horseshoes at the stick one after the other. You can also form two teams for this – the team that scores the most hits wins.

7. Treasure Hunt

In many westerns as well as in Karl May novels, the heroes set off in search of treasure, such as the treasure of the Sierra Madre or the treasure of Silver Lake. Children have great fun re-enacting such adventures. Prepare a small scavenger hunt in the form of a treasure hunt.

Somewhere in the garden or in the party room you will find a treasure chest full of sweets or small gifts for the children. To get there you can either draw a treasure map, draw chalk arrows on the floor or there is a first clue and the children have to work their way from station to station and clue to clue (possibly with a little help from adults). The latter is more suitable for older children (6 years and older).

8. Cowboy Food

Real cowboys eat rustic food! You can even eat without a knife and fork. In the frozen food section of supermarkets you can find delicious potato wedges, chips and stuffed croquettes to bake up. And there’s rogue’s blood, also known as ketchup, to dip in. For little Lucky Lukes who like to spoon up bean stew, a mild vegetarian chilli or chilli con carne is also good cowboy food.

Weather and location permitting, fire up the grill! You can grill anything the kids like – sausages and steaks from the grill, roasted corn on the cob and spicy potato wedges together with spicy ketchup or barbecue sauce.

For a vegetarian but cowboy-style dish, try a bean salad with white and red beans.

Have fun with these Cowboy party ideas!

Setting up a cowboy party for children is not only fun for the little ones. On Abenteuer Freundschaft you can also find tips for other kids’ birthday party ideas, e.g. for a real witch party for kids. On the leisure ideas portal you can browse and discover tips for gifts and ideas for activities with children, with friends and with your partner. Take a look!

Image source Cover photo: Cowboy Day by StarsApart under CC BY 2.0.

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