A spooky party for children, whether for Halloween or as a children's birthday party, is guaranteed to inspire children.

19. October 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

Spooky Party for Kids - Awesome Tips and Ideas for a Ghost Party




A spooky party inspires children, whether suitable for Halloween or as a theme party for a child’s birthday. Here are all the important tips at a glance!

For me, as a child, there was nothing greater than ghosts, ghouls, witches, monsters and vampires. Of course, I was also neatly afraid when my parents read me scary stories, but on the other hand, I wished all the more eagerly. At some point, in my imagination, I made a pact with the monsters, who from then on protected me from the ghosts, which I found much scarier…

Even though not all children share my penchant for the spooky – most love to immerse themselves in the world of the spooky every now and then! What better opportunity to do that than with a real spooky party for kids? It’s a fun way for kids to delve into the realm of dark fantasy, but should things get too spooky, they’re not alone and an adult is nearby.

When I was a kid, I wished I could have a scary party on one of my birthdays, which my mom lovingly organized for me. Another perfect opportunity for a spooky party for kids is coming up soon: of course, Halloween!

But now to the point: following are the must-haves for a really good spooky party for kids. 🙂

On Abenteuer Freundschaft you can find many more Halloween ideas and kids birthday party ideas!

Spooky Party for Kids – Everything You Need


To set the mood right away with the invitation to the scary party, you should design it accordingly. Fold invitations from black cardboard and paint on it with white crayon or opaque white a ghost castle, dancing skeletons or another creepy motif.

Also very nice and easy to make are invitation cards in the form of a scary motif. Make a suitable template and cut out a witch’s broom, witch’s hat, pumpkin or magic cauldron for each invitation from colored cardboard, on which the invitation text will fit.

However, for those with little time to prepare or who just don’t like crafting, there are beautiful spooky cards available for purchase, especially at Halloween time. By the way, by buying craft materials, cards or other products through one of the amazon links in this article, you support our website without it getting expensive for you.


Important: In the invitation text do not forget to write that all children may come suitably spooky dressed up 😉


One of the biggest attractions of any theme party for kids is dressing up. As the organizer of a spooky party, you are of course only responsible for dressing up your own child/children at first. Phew, lucky you 😉

The only question is: do it yourself or buy it? Of course, it depends a bit on what your child wants. A disguise as a ghost is quickly done with an old bed sheet in which you cut two holes. Count Dracula can also be mastered with a black cloth as a cape, some white make-up and a plastic vampire’s teeth. For more unusual wishes, such as a full-body werewolf costume, it is of course more difficult… 😉

Here are a few more cheap scary costumes for kids:

Kinder Unisex T-Shirt Kochenaufdruck Bone Skelett Gr. 8-10 Jahre - Halloween Grusel
Kinder Unisex T-Shirt Kochenaufdruck Bone Skelett Gr. 8-10 Jahre - Halloween Grusel
Schwarzes T-Shirt und Knochen für Kinder; X-Ray wie ein Skelett-Aufdruck auf Vorder- und Rückseite.
19,99 EUR
Smiffys Halloween Geisterbraut Kostüm, Grau, mit Kleid, Umhang & Halstuch
Smiffys Halloween Geisterbraut Kostüm, Grau, mit Kleid, Umhang & Halstuch
Einfaches An- und Ausziehen dank elastischem Material; Für einfaches Grusel Kostüm, Trockenreinigung, 100% Polyester
Rubie's 2 881036 M - Cool Ghoul Kostüm, Größe M
Rubie's 2 881036 M - Cool Ghoul Kostüm, Größe M
Geisterkostüm für Kinder; Maske, Bademantel mit Kapuze und Kette; 100 % Polyester (außer Naht)
31,71 EUR
Halloween! Smiffys Tag der Toten Bräutigamskostüm, Schwarz, mit Jacket, Oberteil, Hose, Hut und Maske
Halloween! Smiffys Tag der Toten Bräutigamskostüm, Schwarz, mit Jacket, Oberteil, Hose, Hut und Maske
Einfaches An- und Ausziehen dank elastischem Material; Für ein einfaches Grusel Kostüm, Trockenreinigung, 100% Polyester


Just as important as the disguise is the appropriate decoration for the scary party, after all, the imagination of the kids should be stimulated. So go wild with decorating and set up a real haunted room for the kids!

With artificial spider webs, plastic vermin and plastic skeletons you’ll go a long way. At a spooky Halloween party, of course, hollowed-out pumpkins with scary grimaces can’t be missing.

Further cool decoration tips for a scary party are:

  • Floating ghost: Tie a transparent string to an inflated balloon, thread it with a needle through a white sheet and attach it to the ceiling, so that the sheet hanging above the balloon appears like a floating ghost.
  • Bats: Cut out of black cardboard or clay paper and glue to the windows or hang from the ceiling
  • Witch’s broom
  • Brains and skulls made of plastic
  • Gravestones and coffins made of cardboard or plastic
  • Black and red cloths
  • Candles, tea lights, hung lamps (but beware: fire hazard!)
  • Fake blood: blood puddle or blood splatter e.g. on the paper tablecloth distribute

Take into account in all this, whether children are there who are afraid very quickly and everything that could be too scary or bad for them, rather leave out. 😉


At a creepy party, scary treats and creepy snacks with a slight disgust factor must of course not be missing!

Ideas for finger food (!) and bloody appetizers.

  • Chopped off pus fingers: wiener with mustard and ketchup
  • Blood lemonade: cherry or strawberry juice
  • Witch cake: Cake with green frosting, wine gum frogs and marshmallow rats
  • Bloody guts: spaghetti or cannelloni with tomato sauce
  • Dead googly eyes: paint lychees filled with cherries or small mozzarella balls with food coloring
  • Zombie brain: whole cauliflower in cheese cream sauce
  • Ghost pudding: white vanilla pudding arranged in bowls, with small pieces of chocolate as ghost faces


Indispensable for a children’s party are some really good games. At Abenteuer Freundschaft, we’ve already described 10 special Halloween games for kids, but they’re all just as suitable for a spooky party at any other time of the year.

For younger kids, we also recommend this Halloween treasure hunt for kids and for slightly older ones, a really spooky Halloween scavenger hunt for kids!

If you’re looking for more spooky party ideas for kids, especially easy-to-implement craft instructions for decorations and costumes, I highly recommend this book:

Do you have your own tips for a scary party for kids? We would love if you follow us on Facebook and Instagram! 😉

On Abenteuer Freundschaft there is also inspiration for gifts and colorful ideas for activities with kids, friends and your partner to browse. Stop by!

Image source Cover photo: Halloween in Hallow by muffinn at CC BY 2.0.

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