5 ingenious Christmas games for adults for the Christmas party or family celebration

1. December 2017 - Anika Semmer

5 Christmas Games for Adults That Will Rock Any Christmas Party




Christmas games bring action, good humor and funny entertainment at the Christmas party. Whether with friends in a small or large circle or with colleagues – these 5 Christmas games for adults create a great mood!

No holiday we prefer to celebrate with the people who are important to us and with whom we spend a lot of time, than Christmas! Christmas is first and foremost the celebration of family – and on 24.12. we spend Christmas Eve usually only with the closest relatives. But before that, for most every year there is also a Christmas party with work colleagues. And many (like us) also organize a small Christmas party with their friends.

What could be better than spending time together with all the people who are important to you over mulled wine or Feuerzangenbowle in a cozy, warm home and briefly banishing smartphones and the digital world? For example, baking cookies together, creative Advent calendars, crafting Christmas gifts and decorations, cooking with friends, and an old-school game night with board games, cards, and dice. The crowning glory of it all – a Christmas party with friends that, unlike the family Christmas Eve feast, doesn’t follow set family traditions and is all about fun.

For us, a nice and fun Christmas party necessarily includes Christmas games for adults. Since some moms and dads are among our friends, these are Christmas games that are also PG-rated. Read all about 5 classic Christmas games for adults like junk Secret Santa and a Christmas pantomime with prize giving from Santa!

The Best 5 Christmas Games for Adults

Christmas pantomime - one of the Christmas games for adults

Christmas pantomime – one of the Christmas games for adults

1. Secret Santa in 3 Variants – The Funny Gift-Giving

Secret Santa is an absolute classic and more popular than almost any other Christmas game! You can play the game in different variants, which are actually all equally fun.

Secret Santa works like this: Everyone who comes to the Christmas party must know in advance that you play this game and buy a small gift, which they wrap opaque and bring. It’s best to decide in advance how much the gift will cost at most – either up to 5 euros, up to 10 euros or up to 15 euros. You all collect these gifts in a big sack or burlap bag. Then at some point, as a Christmas party highlight, everyone pulls a gift out of the bag and unwraps it.

Name Secret Santa

You write the names of everyone participating in Secret Santa on slips of paper, fold them, and have everyone who comes to the Christmas party draw a name in advance, face down. No one is allowed to reveal which name they drew, so they get the Secret Santa gift for them, wrap it up, and label it accordingly. With the original Secret Santa one put this gift to the presentee now secretly sometime in the Advent season – or during the Christmas celebration.

So in this variant, everyone does not draw a random gift, but gets a specific one chosen for her / him.

Secret Santa with a Theme

A theme specifies the type of gifts that you choose. With this Secret Santa variant it is particularly important to make out a value, which may cost the gifts maximally. Otherwise it can happen with the motto “Green Christmas” – only green things are given – that a puny cactus against a lush orchid from the gardener performs poorly.

Scrap Secret Santa

Scrap – the name says it all! In scrap Secret Santa, everyone wraps something absolutely kitschy, superfluous, which ekes out a forgotten existence in the attic, basement or kitchen. It is important that the gift is useless, unloved or curious – but fully functional and in good condition! The more original, abstruse and creative, the better – the value here does not matter at all!

Everyone wraps their junk in newspaper and at the Christmas party you gather all the Secret Santa gifts on a table. Now the dice are rolled in turn. With every 6, one person gets to choose a package and is then eliminated. This continues until the last person gets the last remaining gift. Now everyone unpacks at the same time and presents their gift.

Subsequently, a swap is recommended – you should not believe how great your friends find your own unloved junk! 😉

2. Christmas Carols Challenge – Funny Game With Christmas Music

No Christmas party without Christmas songs! What music belongs to Christmas classically for you? From Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Jingle Bells to the Christmas Oratorio and traditional Christmas carols to modern Christmas rock and Christmas pop – there’s more than you think!

In advance, ask everyone coming to the Christmas party to bring a USB stick with as many Christmas songs as possible that belong to Christmas for them, and prepare your own Christmas music. All songs are saved in a folder on the PC, dragged into the playlist of a music player and set to shuffle. Now form teams of 2-4 people.

The player randomly selects songs that will be played one after the other – and you have to guess them as fast as possible and call them out loud! As soon as a correct answer is called out, you press stop and note down 1 point for the correct song for the team that guessed the song first and another point if the artist was also named correctly. There is a minus point for each wrong song title and artist, so be careful!

Important: The players who have brought the song and therefore know exactly what is being played by whom are logically not allowed to participate in the round in which one of their songs is played and sit out!

The winner is the team that has guessed the most songs correctly!

3. Christmas Taboo – Taboo Times Differently

Also in Christmas Taboo you play in teams of 2-5 people and try to guess something. Similar to Tabu, you need cards for this, which you label with terms – all of which have to fit thematically with Christmas! For example, manger, Christmas cake, donkey, etc. Next to it you put a 2nd stack of cards with either Pantomime, Painting or Explain – so the way the term should be clarified.

Now always one draws from a team in turn a term as well as from the 2. pile a card, on which it stands, how it is to represent the term and tries this in this kind to explain and/or represent.

If the own team guesses the term, it gets 2 points, if another team guesses it before, this team gets one point.

The team with the most points is the winner – the team with the least points can perform a funny punishment, e.g. singing a Christmas song together.

Tabu XXL, Party-Edition des beliebten Spieleklassikers, ab 12 Jahren geeignet
Tabu XXL, Party-Edition des beliebten Spieleklassikers, ab 12 Jahren geeignet
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4. Christmas Artists Tournament – The Christmas Game for Creative People

You know the game Monday Painter? This variant is our variation of the classic party game and my personal favorite of the Christmas games for adults! Like Monday Painter, where a term must be painted on a paper at the same time and guessed by the teams as quickly as possible, two teams play against each other. One player from each team is shown the same term (appropriate for Christmas, of course) and on a start signal, the game begins.

The 2 players grab modeling tools and material of their choice from the table and sculpt the term as fast and as well as they can! … or cut it out of an egg carton with a knife, carve it out of vegetables, crumple and shape it out of aluminum foil or modeling clay – or my favorite: try their skills with construction foam!

Talking, gestures and any hints are forbidden! The team that guesses the term gets one point. If you want, you can also award a point for particularly creative masterpieces… because believe me, incredible sculptures come out of that!

Tips for Materials

  • big vegetables
  • Egg cartons
  • Aluminum foil
  • kneading compound
  • Building foam
  • Packing tape and clear tape
  • Black permanent marker
  • Cutter, scissors

5. I Write My Christmas List – With or Without Alcohol

This game is the Christmas variant of the game I’m packing my suitcase… It is best to sit around a table. The first player starts with the sentence beginning, “I’m writing my Christmas list and it says eggnog.”

Now comes the next player’s turn and repeats, “I write my Christmas list and on it is: eggnog and…. ” and adds another term that fits Christmas e.g. a reindeer sleigh. Each player repeats all the words on the Christmas list and adds a new one.

One after the other, all players who do not remember all the terms or name the wrong terms are eliminated. The winner is the last player to remember everything.

Variant as a Drinking Game

When a player is eliminated, he must exen a shot glass with the drink of your choice. Any attempt to help is punished with a penalty sip. And any terms that don’t fit Christmas deserve an extra deep sip from the glass. And the winner gets to distribute the number of terms he was the last to get all in a row to his fellow players in sips!

Well then, Cheers Christmas! 🙂

For even more Christmas games, Christmas gift ideas, as well as non-seasonal recreational tips for activities with friends, with kids or your partner, check out Abenteuer Freundschaft. Browse yourself happy! 🙂

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