Funny Secret Santa gifts under $ 15

4. December 2016 - Alexander Schmidt

101 Secret Santa Gifts Under $ 15 – Funny and Unusual Gifts


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Laugh, celebrate, be happy & amazed with these 101 funny ideas for Secret Santa gifts under $ 15, everyone will find what they are looking for! These gift ideas are perfect as Secret Santa gifts, but also as a funny surprise for friends or as an unique souvenir for the Christmas or New Year’s Eve party.

Whether with friends, family or colleagues: Secret Santa in a group at Christmas time makes for a good mood and real surprises! And you don’t even have to dig deep into your pockets. There is usually a financial limit for Secret Santa, which means that the .

If you are now asking yourself: Secret Santa, what was that again? A group of people arranges that everyone buys a small gift. These are then distributed to someone else in the group on a particular occasion, such as at a Christmas party by drawing lots or some other method. So you don’t know who will get the gift.

Another variant of Secret Santa is that everyone writes their name on a piece of paper and everyone draws names until no one has their own. Then you choose a present for that person and label it with their name. At the party, everyone places their gifts on a table as unobserved as possible, so that no one knows for sure who their gift is from.

For us, the attraction of Secret Santa, apart from the mystery of who you were given a present by, is also the funny, surprising and absurd Secret Santa gifts.

You also do Secret Santa and are simply looking for an original but inexpensive little Secret Santa gift for someone? Go ahead, browse through our funny, crazy or practical 101 Secret Santa gifts under $ 15! The gift ideas are loosely sorted by category for better orientation.

101 Ideas for Secret Santa Gifts Under $ 15*

Treats for Snacking

1. Jelly Beans ”Bean Boozled”

Taste roulette with jelly beans, loosely based on Bertie Bott’s beans from Harry Potter! If you’re lucky you’ll get popcorn, chocolate or coconut flavoured beans, if you’re unlucky you’ll taste dog food, rotten egg or a baby’s nappy…. Urgs!

2. Chocolate Smartphone

Just take a bite of the smartphone…

3. Devilishly hot wine gums

From the series: Sweets from Hell…


…as well as this diabolical temptation

5. Father Christmas Salami

Attention, this Father Christmas is not for vegetarians!

6. Bacon Mint Pastilles

The little refreshment for meat fanatics

Clothes Make the Man

7. Unicorn Plush Slippers

Enchanting indoor footwear for him and her 😉

8. Mankini

At the latest since trendsetter Borat, the man of the world has been wearing it: the mankini…

9. Santakini

…which is also highly dressy in the Christmas-contemplative version.

10. Sandal-look socks

More patriotic than any German flag!

11. Sleeping Mask Frog Prince

For princes who prefer to be incognito when sleeping.

12. Unicorn shower cap

Keeps you fashion conscious even in the shower:

13. LED shoelaces

With these shoelaces you are perfectly equipped for the next 90s disco party!

14. Big Bang Theory Boxershorts

Bazinga! Nothing is as sexy as… Intelligence on a man!

For the heart of your home (= kitchen)

15. Wall bottle opener

The perfect gift for anyone who can’t be bothered rummaging around in a kitchen drawer.

16. Strawberry huller

An indispensable kitchen tool! How else should you hull strawberries???

17. Unicorn shaker

And once again, because it’s so beautiful: the heraldic animal of fantasy also as a salt or sugar shaker.

18. Cocktail tomato slicer

Practical and time-saving: for men and other work-shy cooks.

19. Nessie ladle

The monster exists!

20. Tee-egg submarine

On a dive with the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine:

21. Glowing LED Ice Cube Set

For all those who are looking for enlightenment at the bottom of their glass…

22. Magic Egg Cuber

And they do exist: cube-shaped eggs – this thing makes it possible!

23. Santa’s Egg Warmer

Oh breakfast egg, how beautiful is your cap!

Secret Santa Gifts Under $ 15 to Cuddle up and Keep Warm

24. Emoji Pillow

You should embrace your emotions – all of them! (at least that’s what psychologists advise)

25. Cherry pit heat pad owl

The saving warmth owl for frostbite.

26. Plush diseases

Good taste was yesterday! Today, you give away giant microbes made of plush, here e.g. salmonella:

27. Warming heart for on the go

The portable hot water bottle for winter walks:

28. Lucky pig in a tin

The pink, fluffy surprise

29. Hot Sox

No, this is not erotic underwear for foot fetishists, but heatable winter slippers 😉

Secret Santa Gifts up to 10 Euro Made in Nerdistan

30. Floppy disc coaster

For nostalgic old school nerds

31. USB cup warmer

Coffee and laptop simply belong together like Christmas and snow!

32. USB light for the PC

Bendable, illuminating, practical, good.

33. Invisible writing pen with UV lamp.

Q would be proud of the inventors of this pen.

34. Tetris ice cube mould

Dam-dada-dam-dada-dam Dada-dam Dam Dam Dam Dam Dam DAM

35. iPlunge – The plunger for your smartphone

Enough said!

36. Like stamp

For social media junkies who also use hashtags when speaking…. #millenials #digitalnatives #nerdinessrules

37. I do not like stamp

See point 36.

Books That No Shelf Should Be Without

38. Finish this book

Books can be interactive too!

39. Make a mess

Tidiness fanatics in particular are sure to be happy about a little tuition in chaos!

40. 100 things a woman should have done once in her life

… or at least something to think about. 🙂

41. 100 things a man must have done

…or that are worth claiming you have done.

42. Toilet philosopher: becoming a smart-ass in 100 sessions

The perfect loo read for the knowledge-hungry

43. The mouldy rider – The stupidest answers to exam questions

Good Secret Santa gift for (prospective) teachers


44. The colouring book for all those who are bored in the office

Somehow you have to pass the time….

45. I’m right there with you: The dictionary of indispensable office phrases

Finally a clear view when the workflow needs to be optimised asap, proactively and with an affinity for solutions…

46. The Mafia Cookbook

The cookbook with bullet hole for all leisure patrons.

Games for In Between

47. An unreasonably difficult puzzle

The perfect Secret Santa under $ 15 gift for obsessive perfectionists and pedants… 😉

48. Sudoku toilet paper

So that you also have something useful to do when doing big business.

49. Maze Ball

Never be bored in the office again with this devilishly difficult game of skill!

50. Basketball Mini Basket

For the little basket shot in between

51. Match puzzle

So that someone finally sees the light

(Dis)orientation in space and time

52. Soul quickies for every day

Who has time for therapy these days? This calendar heals the soul in a much more time-saving and efficient way!

53. Calendar for controlled chaos

Imaginative, funny and of course controlled chaos through the year

54. Rotolog wristwatch

With nerdy speedometer-style time display!

55. Reversed clock

Brought back by Alice from the land of mirrors…

56. Hourglass running upwards

Beautiful illusion: being able to turn back time!

57. Scratch-off world map

The world map for ambitious globetrotters

Emergency rations, comfort food and stress relief

58. Emergency chocolate

Who has never wished for such???

59. Emergency brain made of chocolate

When the sugar level in the cellar makes thinking impossible:

60. Emergency moustaches

Tom Selleck aka Magnum has it, Burt Reynolds has it and Hulk Hogan anyway. When the going gets tough, everyone (regardless of gender) should have an emergency moustache at hand!

61. Happiness in small doses

Who can’t use a little bit of luck!

62. Strictly medicinal chewing gum against stress and lack of motivation

You should always have them to hand on the job

63. Anti-bitch spray

No more annoying arguments and unnecessary discussions with bitches – a hint of lavender scent instantly brings peace and harmony!

64. Anti-Stressol

The booklet for inner calmness in the format of a medicine box

65. Anti Monster Spray

Never be scared again!

66. Maxi pack of patience threads

Parents, teachers and office workers in particular are known to have a lot of wear and tear on them.

67. Deluxe head massager

The safest way to ad-hoc relaxation!

Not all cups in the cupboard (yet)?

68. Middle finger cup for morning grouches

Fuck Off Bad Mood!

69. The self-stirring cup

A dream come true for the lazy people of this world!

70. Personalisable illuminated mug

The mug for night people

71. I Love My Job mug

You only have to repeat it often enough….

72. Where is my coffee cup?

I always ask myself the same question…

73. Jon Snow mug

The mug for naughty Game of Thrones fans

74. Wish You Were Beer mug

75 Camera lens thermo mug

The drinking cup for (hobby) photographers and cameramen!

Party Secret Santa Gifts Under $ 15

76. Money confetti

Money confetti always comes in handy!

77. Chaos Cards Party Game

The ultimate declaration of war against boredom at parties

78. Giant balloons

Sometimes size does make a difference…

79. Durable soap bubbles

A child’s dream: soap bubbles that don’t burst when you touch them!

80. Erotic pantomime

A theme always goes! 😉

81. Drinking Game Roulette

Attention: double danger of addiction!

82. Glowing LED Balloons

For glowing disco parties…

Secret Santa Gifts under $ 15 That Make Everyday Life Easier and More Beautiful

83. Nail dryer puff monkey

The woman of the world does it like this!

84. Highlighter in nail varnish or lipstick look.

Just don’t mix them up…

85. Money handkerchiefs

Blow your nose into a hundred!

86. Flamingo snack tins

John Waters would be proud of this stylish Tupperware.

87. Donut wallet

Not only for policemen and Homer Simpson

88. Blood shower gel

The macabre surprise in the bathroom

89. Yeti ice scraper

Ice-free windows with the power of the legendary primeval beast!

90. Vegetable-shaped eraser

Of course, something like this comes from Japan. 🙂

91. Funny parking disc

Will that convince the meter maids?

92. Ninja 18 in 1 all-purpose tool

The indispensable equipment for the everyday warrior!

93. Bavarian bath duck

Squeaky duck in Oktoberfest look

94. Flower grenade

Why not instigate someone to do good?

95. Canned Sunflowers

Canned Sunflowers – Would be a good band name too, wouldn’t it?

Art and Deco – Secret Santa Gifts under $ 15 That Beautify Every Home

96. Singing magnetic stones

These stones are extremely useful: they produce mysterious sounds when you throw them in the air!

97. Emoji fridge magnets

Ideal for flat-share users who want to wordlessly communicate their state of mind to their flatmates on the fridge 😉

98. 3D nail picture

Old school, but timeless

99. Shower curtain with periodic table

Ideal for chemistry students who don’t want to miss an opportunity to cram!

100. Colour-changing LED ball

101. Money Maze Money Box

Makes you think 3 times about how badly you really need the money…

Haven’t found what you’re looking for yet? At Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find many more tips for gifts for friends, as well as ideas for activities with friends, activities for two or with children.

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Image source Cover image: Secret Santa Gifts by Alexander Baxevanis at CC BY 2.0

*There are affiliate links in this article. This means that if you order a product from amazon via one of these links, Abenteuer Freundschaft will receive a small commission without the product becoming more expensive for you.


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