50 Secret Santa gifts under $ 10 that are funny, unusual or practical

16. November 2017 - Anika Semmer

Best 50 Secret Santa Gifts Under $ 10 From Funny to Useful




Are you looking for a really ingenious Secret Santa gift that costs no more than $ 10? Browse through 50 ideas for crazy, funny, unusual and useful Secret Santa gifts under $ 10 and make sure your gift is a funny surprise!

Laughter, good humour and great fun for little money: Secret Santa is a screamingly funny moment when everyone unwraps a randomly drawn gift that is original, funny or special. From fun gifts, original nonsense to surprisingly useful everyday helpers, anything can be hidden in a pretty package.

To ensure that the gifts all have a similar value and to make it easier for us to find an ingenious Secret Santa gift that is neither too expensive nor too cheap, we recommend that you set a maximum price for the Secret Santa gift right from the start. If you decide on Secret santa gifts under $ 10 – then one thing is clear in any case: it’s all about the fun of Secret Santa, about creating surprise or even rolling eyes with funny little things, absurd ideas and original Secret Santa gifts. The fun is in the foreground!

If you are serious about giving a Secret Santa gift – for example, in a large family – then it is advisable to increase the maximum amount to $ 15 or even $ 20. That way, you’ll have a wider selection of Secret Santa gifts to choose from! If you’re starting to wonder, check out our 101 fun ideas for Secret Santa gifts under $ 15 and the best Secret Santa gifts under $ 20  – we hope you’ll come up with a great idea. 🙂

How Does Secret Santa Work Again?

A group of people – family, friends, work colleagues, club members etc. – decide that everyone will bring a small, wrapped gift to the Christmas party. You agree on a maximum amount that the gift can cost. There are different Variants of Secret Santa – for example, you draw a name beforehand and buy the gift specifically for this person or everyone draws a gift at random from an opaque bag. In the collective round, everyone unwraps their Secret Santa gift – guffawing laughter, shouts of admiration and guessing who the mysterious gift-giver is make for a great atmosphere every year. 🙂

Tip: Do you know Scrap Secret Santa or Secret Santa with a theme? Here you’ll find a detailed explanation of how these Secret Santa variants work and you’ll also find more ideas for other fun Christmas games for adults.

50 Secret Santa Gifts Under $ 10 From Funny to Useful

Funny Secret Santa Gifts* Under $ 10

1. Three lucky beans that make wishes come true.
Every child knows that Cinderella has already used up the only 3 wishing nuts. But there are also the legendary South American lucky beans…

2. Dream woman and dream prince to shape yourself.

…elastic, bendable and best of all: mouldable to your whim!

3. …or as an Advent treat made of chocolate.

Sweet for snacking

4. Workout in the bathtub.

All that remains for woman to cut a good figure in the bath!

5. Emergency chop kit

The hair that stands for real style….

6. Edible football turf with chewing ball.

What football fan has never wanted to bite the ball with excitement?

7. Christmas baubles to paint yourself.

Unwrap them right after the Secret Santa and paint them together!

8. Accessories for a Christmas gnome.

Goes down well at any Christmas party!

9. Cute reindeer noses to eat.

Who’s got Rudi’s bestie to eat?

10. Unicorn fillet to snack on.

Colourful, frothy and melts in your mouth….

11. Snack from the fairytale forest: unicorn vomit.

…because you just have to eat everything about this animal

12. Toilet paper to match the business

The right motif for the loo… or a gift to shit on 😀

13. Toilet paper that makes you laugh.

The toilet paper that keeps the fun going even during long sessions

14. Sticky Slug as a Funny Surprise.

I guarantee that nobody expects this… 🙂

15. Christmas Lucky Candle with Message

So that at least one little light burns….

16. Christmas accessories for fun photos.

17. Smiling Night Lamp with LED.

10,000 hours of beaming smiles….

18. The book for all those who drink…

…who long to crash in 69 ways

19. The right remedy for pre-Christmas stress.

Chewing for world peace er…. against stress

20. Soap bubbles with Bubbel straws.

Be a child again…

21. Cute helper for drying nail polish

The must-have for every woman of the world

22. The turd to sit on

Guaranteed not to make you sit like shit…

23. Stickers with real meaning!

To have said it once…

24. Door Spy Sticker

25. The little crown for princesses

…and even in some men there is a princess deep inside who wants out….

26. Solar Powered Wiggly Santa.

Brings good cheer wherever you go!

27. Set with mocha for coffee grounds interpretation.

More reliable than any weather report!

28. Veggie Joy in a big colourful package from the confectioner.

And don’t tell me being a vegetarian isn’t a cakewalk!

29. Christmas gift embellisher for all occasions.

Who hasn’t wanted to drink their way through a gift?

30. The feel-good advent calendar.

31. Ear jewellery suitable for Christmas

Christmas ornaments for the ears 🙂

32. Fire extinguisher for all cases.

A funny gift not only for firefighters

33. Banger for cigarettes or cigars.

When there’s a sudden, unexpected bang while smoking…

34. Mulled wine cup for Christmas tybunnies or pugs.

35. Creative pastimes for the office.

36. Useless knowledge that you just have to know.

Useful Secret Santa gifts under $ 10

37. Theme Socks for Lazy Winter Days

Socks that say more than words….

38. Paper clips in pretty animal shapes.

The little helpers to clamp on with animal-like ease

39. Mini calendar for the new year

Fits everywhere and puts you in a good mood

40. Ice-cold diamonds for the cocktail glass

Make a statement and provide cold drinks

41. Popping champagne corks without searching for corks

A useful utensil for New Year’s Eve and festive occasions

42. Reusable Wine Bottle Thermometer.

The accessory for all passionate wine drinkers

43. Bottle Suit for Frozen Bottles

When a wine lover really cares about the well-being of his bottle….

44. Winter Chopsticks for Everyone.

The snowman for Asian cuisine

45. Cute animal tea eggs.

That’s exactly how you want to hang while drinking tea…. 🙂

46. Parking disc with funny motif

You can also show humour when parking…

47. Handkerchiefs in imaginative packaging.

48. Funny Gift Stickers for Christmas with Sayings.

49. Practical Tool for Writing.

Is writing now art or craft ?!?

50. lantern in a glass to relax

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Check out more beautiful Christmas gift ideas and get inspiration for special activities with friends, family and your sweetheart!

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