A Medieval party is epic, legendary and fabulous.

10. June 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

Medieval Party – 7 Ideas to Make It Epic and Legendary




Knights in shimmering armour piercing each other with lances in tournaments, cruel feudal rulers, crusades, plague epidemics, witch burnings and the Inquisition – all hell really broke loose in the Middle Ages! The perfect prerequisite for an absolutely legendary medieval party! Make your party so epic that the troubadours will still be singing songs about it in 100 years!

Dark ages my ass – the Middle Ages were loud, flashy, colourful and full of life! Ok, there was the odd plague epidemic, a few crusades in between and everyone who wasn’t a noble or belonged to the clergy had to work pretty hard on the fields… But it was never boring in the Middle Ages, you have to give this era credit for that!!! And since that is exactly the most important and indispensable characteristic of an awesome party – never getting boring – I highly advise you to put your next party under this epochal motto!

7 Ideas for a Ledendary Medieval Party

1. You Save On Cutlery!

It is well known that in the Middle Ages people ate with their hands, this applies to pork knuckles as well as roasts, dumplings and whatever else was served. There were knives for cutting, but forks were a strict taboo – after all, they are the devil’s tools!

2. There Is Damn Tasty Food for (Almost) Every Taste

By the way, a really good medieval banquet includes not only braised meat and meat cooked over a campfire, but also lots of delicious pies, pastries, fruit and vegetables. For inspiration, I recommend this standard work on medieval cuisine:

Das Mittelalter-Kochbuch
Das Mittelalter-Kochbuch
Klemettilä, Hannele (Author)
10,76 EUR

3. It’s Good to Dance to Medieval Music

Of course, the coolest thing is live medieval music from a band, but of course that is also a cost. Otherwise, prepare a nice mix of the best the medieval scene has to offer: Corvus Corax, In Extremo, Saltatio Mortis etc.

4. Medieval Costumes Are Chic and Varied

A knight’s armour made of tinfoil, an oversized bathrobe as the monk’s cowl of the Grand Inquisitor or old clothes from the 90s as… ahem… Jester costume? With a little imagination, you can put together costumes suitable for medieval parties from any wardrobe. Alternatively, of course, there are some pretty fancy medieval costumes for sale. My favourites would be:

BLESSUME Vintage Kleid Mit Kapuze Gothic Damen Costume Lange Ärmel (Burgund, XL)
BLESSUME Vintage Kleid Mit Kapuze Gothic Damen Costume Lange Ärmel (Burgund, XL)
Lieferumfang: 1 x damen Kleid mit Kapuze; Material: polyester + cationic filament.; Kostüm mit Kapuze, Kleidungspflege: Handwaschbar.
37,99 EUR Amazon Prime
r-dessous Ritter Kostüm Herren Kreuzritter Mittelalter Chevalier Sir Lancelot Fasching Karneval Halloween Groesse: L/XL
r-dessous Ritter Kostüm Herren Kreuzritter Mittelalter Chevalier Sir Lancelot Fasching Karneval Halloween Groesse: L/XL
100% Polyester; r-dessous ist eine eingetragene Marke.........Versand aus Deutschland

5. There Are No Limits to Your Imagination When It Comes to Decorate Your Medieval Party

Unbelievable, but true: the Middle Ages didn’t just take place in knights’ castles! Of course you can decorate your party location in full castle style, including trapdoors, dungeons, loopholes and moats…… OR you can celebrate outside in the garden, set up one or more of those pointed tent pavilions that are popular at medieval fairs. Or simply hang pennant strings with medieval coats of arms in the garden, or simply celebrate in a beautiful old half-timbered house, which have been around since at least the 13th century!

6. You Have the Perfect Excuse for a Bonfire…

A bonfire or open fire (if the location allows it) always creates a nice atmosphere and you can grill stick bread, sausages and potatoes there. If you want to give your guests a real treat, hire a fire-eater or torch juggler for your medieval party. You’re a money-saver and prefer to practise this yourself – please, please, but we don’t take any responsibility for that!!!

7. The Middle Ages Lasted About 1000 Years – The Perfect Hook for an Epic Open-Ended Party!

Historians don’t quite agree on exactly when the Middle Ages ended and when the modern era began. Apparently, people stupidly missed the exact moment back then. If, after 72 hours of a medieval party, you have had enough of your dear guests and announce the end of the Middle Ages, you can do so by announcing either the invention of printing or the discovery of a new continent. If you’re more of a religious type, you can also tell your guests 95 improvised theses about why God is ordering them to help you clean up now.

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