What are the best things to do in autumn? 100 answers to the question.

24. September 2017 - Anika Semmer

100 Things to Do in Autumn You Should Do Now




Like everybody, you ask yourself the question: What things to do in autumn? This is the ultimate bucket list for autumn!

Halloween, delicious autumn fruits and gorgeous nature – finally autumn is here! The golden season is perhaps the most underestimated season of all. Yet there are 1001 beautiful things to do in autumn that you can enjoy at no other time of year likewise. It’s time for romantic hours, coziness and relaxation, autumnal treats and activities with friends and family.

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100 Fabulous Things to Do in Autumn

  1. Make a kite yourself
  2. …and fly the kite
  3. Buy fresh autumn fruits at the market
  4. Featherwhites and onion tart feasting
  5. Go mushroom picking in the forest here are some important tips for beginners
  6. Harvesting apples
  7. Celebrating Thanksgiving
  8. Halloween pumpkin carving
  9. …and cook various pumpkin dishes like pumpkin soup
  10. Hosting a horror movie night to get in the mood for Halloween
  11. Host a Halloween party
  12. Or attend a Halloween party
  13. …and get in the spirit at a horror movie
  14. Sew your own Halloween costume
  15. Bake a plum pie or apple pie
  16. …and canning apple compote for winter
  17. Take a ghost tour or visit a spooky dinner
  18. Visit a place that is supposedly haunted – for example, an old castle ruin
  19. Suitable for the weather and Halloween read a real scary novel
  20. …or read scary stories to each other
  21. Culinary celebration of autumn
  22. Set up a camera with multi-shot function in the garden and record a time-lapse – this is how nature changes in autumn
  23. Take a walk in the autumnal forest and enjoy the rustling leaves with all your senses
  24. Going to Oktoberfest or an Oktoberfest next to you
  25. …or host an Oktoberfest themed party
  26. Savoring the sun’s rays in the park
  27. Sleep in late on Sunday and have a decadent brunch
  28. Collecting leaves and decorating the apartment
  29. Taking an evening walk through the illuminated city with hot tea or the first mulled wine
  30. Have a pumpkin carving contest
  31. Host a fun house rally
  32. …or have a fun competition at the Olympics game
  33. Enjoy baked apples with custard
  34. Meeting people you haven’t seen in a long time at the café
  35. Writing a letter to a good friend
  36. Reading a good book again
  37. Going to the fair and snacking on roasted almonds, glazed apples and stomach bread
  38. …and once again ride a ride and become a child
  39. Take a city break and see European capitals without the hustle and bustle
  40. Take time for romance and surprise your partner with a cuddle weekend
  41. Watching an entire season of your favorite show binge-watching in the rain without feeling guilty
  42. Collecting chestnuts and trying out new recipes
  43. Den Balkon oder Garten bereit für den Winter machen
  44. Celebrate a festival of lights
  45. Creating a photo album or scrapbook for your best friend
  46. Invite good friends over for a fondue or raclette night
  47. Feiere am 11.11. um 11:11 Uhr den Karnevalsbeginn
  48. In der Stadtbibliothek stöbern und sich mit Lesestoff eindecken
  49. …und in Secondhand-Bücherläden nach Schätzen suchen
  50. Zuhause so richtig gemütlich machen
  51. Make your own mulled wine
  52. Go shopping and stock up on winter fashion
  53. Go to an indoor flea market and browse
  54. Learn to crochet, sew or knit and make something beautiful for yourself
  55. Have a game night with friends
  56. Take advantage of the last opportunity to make jam
  57. In peace and quiet already looking for the first Christmas gifts (and save yourself stress in December)
  58. Make a bonfire in the garden or heat up in the fire basket and have time for long conversations with friends comfortably wrapped in blankets
  59. The summer break is over – at the beginning of the season once again go to the theater
  60. Let in a fragrant bubble bath and relax by candlelight and with sparkling wine
  61. Take time for wellness and relax for a whole day in the thermal bath or floating
  62. Once again go to the museum and look at an interesting exhibition
  63. Surprise your partner with a sensual massage
  64. Get up early on a great sunny autumn day and enjoy the light and fresh air
  65. …and capture the beautiful, colorful nature in photos
  66. …or having a go with a paintbrush and canvas
  67. Go to the sauna
  68. Walking along deserted beaches by the sea
  69. Make your own blackberry vodka or gin or make a rum pot for winter
  70. Go to the indoor pool again for once and really swim instead of splash
  71. Spend the whole Saturday or Sunday in bed with a hot water bottle, cuddly socks and maybe your partner
  72. Taking a romantic moonlight walk
  73. Attend a candlelight dinner or set one up yourself
  74. Make blue and have sex all day
  75. Collect walnuts and hazelnuts
  76. Collect rose hips and boil them down into syrup
  77. …or create your own tea blend for rosehip tea
  78. Sitting by the fireplace and those who don’t have their own fireplace go to a café with a fireplace
  79. Spend a romantic weekend for two in a different part of Germany
  80. Make an autumn picnic with thermos and hot treats in the park
  81. …or picnic in the forest
  82. Take a wine hike…
  83. …and taste wine at winemakers
  84. Go camping one last time
  85. Visit a tea salon and try new teas
  86. Get warm in the tropical greenhouse
  87. …and admire fall in the botanical garden
  88. Lying warmly wrapped up in the park with your treasure and watching the migratory birds in the sky
  89. Go hiking
  90. …or go for a bike ride and enjoy the beautiful nature
  91. Make an original forest rally with friends or kids
  92. Write a story for someone special and surprise them with it
  93. Sich den Wind beim Landkiten um die Nase wehen lassen
  94. Tiere im Wald beobachten
  95. Einen Suppencontest mit Freunden veranstalten und sich durch köstliche Suppen löffeln
  96. Eine Feuerzangenbowle machen
  97. Ein Vogelhäuschen bauen
  98. Einen Trimm-dich-Pfad entlang joggen
  99. …oder einen Waldlehrpfad entlang wandern
  100. Visit a local fall festival

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