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12. November 2016 - Anika Semmer

Exciting Home Rally - Competitions & Action Within Your 4 Walls


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Discover deeply buried secrets, action and excitement with friends within your own four walls! Does your house reveal more about you than you’d like? And how do your friends perform in your home rally?

For this home rally you need a host who is also the game leader and a few friends or party guests. Each friend gets a questionnaire with tasks that they have to solve and complete in a certain amount of time. In return, they are allowed to elicit secrets from your flat or house in order to find answers to the questions and to engage in special battles with you. At the end, you evaluate the answers and results on the questionnaire. The winner gets a small personal souvenir of the home rally from you – or he gets a challenge trophy that goes to the winner at every game night.

Perfect for Game Nights, Birthday and Party

Who over 18 has ever held a home rally with their friends? Probably no one. And that’s a big mistake, because is there a better way to spend your free time than doing tricky tasks and funny challenges together while learning juicy details about your friends?.

Your guests go on a funny rally through your house and have to master tasks and answer questions. This home rally template is designed to ask personal questions about you, the host, or the people you live with, and is full of original tasks that suit you. Here you can find one of our house rallies with material checklist, questionnaires and tasks and everything you need for a original game night with friends!

This home rally is also perfect as a party game for adults! If you want to play the home rally with more than 8 guests, you should adjust the material list, because it is only designed for a group of up to 8 people.

Preparing for Your Home Rally

Home rally - competitions, individual tasks and knowledge questions add variety

Home Rally Competition

Competition at the home rallyFor this home rally you should allow 1 to 2 hours of time. Depending on whether you live in a flat or in a house, think about where the rally tasks can take place. You will need items, materials and food for different tasks – see the materials checklist. The checklist for this home rally is designed for 4-8 friends or guests. If you are organising it at a party or with more guests, plan the materials generously and add a few tasks!

Because the rally tasks do not build up chronologically, they can be solved in any order.

Important: For the rally everyone should bring a smartphone or digital camera!

Materials Checklist for the Homse Rally

The Home Rally – Secrets, Battles, Knowledge Test and Action

Home rally - incredible fashion sins and funny discoveries are hiding in the wardrobe

Fashion sins in the wardrobe

This home rally consists of 3 different blocks: questions, tasks and competitions. To make the instructions clear, you will find all the contents of the home rally listed here. The Rally Questionnaire for your friends with mixed questions and tasks can be downloaded at the end of the article. Don’t forget to use your name or the names of your flatmates for the placeholder word the residents in the questions!

1. Knowledge, Guessing, Discovering – Questions of the Home Rally

  • When you look around the bathroom, living room and bedroom, how would you describe the occupants? Give reasons why you think this is the case.
  • Which item of clothing is totally typical for the residents? Please put it on and take a photo!
  • What is my (the host’s) favourite colour?
  • Guessing question: How heavy are all the residents together and how tall are they?
  • Which object in the house says the most about the residents? Please take a photo!
  • What is resident X’s favourite book? And why do you think so?
  • What is resident x’s shoe size?
  • Which item was definitely a birthday present?
  • How many pictures are there in the house?
  • Which item is most valuable to the residents?

2. Home Rally Tasks

Part of the home rally are tasks where participants prove how well they know their friends and learn a few things

How well do you know your friends?

  • How well can you rely on your senses?
  • Leave a message for the host on a food of your choice in the fridge!
  • When was this house built? Imagine that the inhabitants had already lived in the house at that time or beam yourself back to that year. Write an invented hair-raising horror anecdote/short story with the residents about an event in the house. Later you can read it to each other in the round.
  • Who can find the biggest taste sin in the house? Please take photos!
  • Look for a small bag in the kitchen. No looking inside! Trust your nose and sniff out what’s inside! Record your guess on your questionnaire. Afterwards, hide it again somewhere in the kitchen for the next person!
  • Survey the hallway and find a tied up bag. Don’t open it – you have to feel what’s inside! Write down what you think the object is. Then hide the bag for the next person somewhere in the hallway.

3. Competitions at the Home Rally

At the home rally, the Cookie Monster biscuit game is guaranteed to make people laugh a lot

Who bagged the biscuits?

  • Group competition: Everyone gathers in front of the TV. The game leader has the power and zaps through the programmes. Between him and the other players in each round there is a plate with exactly one biscuit at a set distance (about 2 m for the players, likewise for the game leader). Every time a certain thing, e.g. a car/ a sofa/ a bicycle/ a palm tree/ the sea etc. appears on TV, one has to shout ”I am a biscuit monster’ and be the first to grab the biscuit. The game leader is the biscuit guardian and tries to hit the hand with a fly swatter in time to stop the biscuit monster from stealing the biscuit. If a cookie monster is swatted before it has touched the biscuit, it must leave the biscuit. The person who was quickest and gets hold of the biscuit gets to keep it. Each biscuit counts as a point.
  • Challenge the host to a dart/target throwing competition! Everyone has 3 throws, record your score!
  • Group competition 2: Call everyone together and gather in the living room. Study the living room well and memorise the details. Now everyone except the game leader leaves the room and the game leader changes a detail. Then everyone comes back. The first person to name the changed detail gets a point. The whole thing is played out 3 times. The fourth time, the roles are reversed: each player now changes a detail and the game master waits outside the door! Each detail not discovered by the game master gives 2 points to the one who changed it. The winner is the friend with the most points.

4. Tasks for the Game Master

  • Pack something smelly (e.g. a perfumed garment is heavy) in an opaque bag and hide it in a place of your choice in the kitchen
  • Pack an object from your home that all your friends know well (e.g. favourite DVD, knick-knack figurine, grandma’s curtain tassel) in an opaque bag, tie it up and hide it in the hallway
  • Open the fridge, find all your guests’ messages and decide which one is best.
  • Compete against each of your friends in a game of darts.
  • Give your best as the guardian of the biscuit empire and scare away the nasty biscuit monsters for as long as you can!
  • At the end, read the answers aloud and decide which answer is the best. You do the scoring!


After the Home Rally, it’s time for the scoring! The game leader gets all the questionnaires and evaluates who has completed the question or task best. 3 points are awarded for each question and task and 1 point for each draw for these players. The game leader always has the last word!

The competitions count as described on the questionnaire. In the darts competition, the winner gets 5 points, the runner-up 2 points and the 3rd place 1 point.

Here you can find the questionnaire for the home rally as a free download!


How did you like our home rally? For even more fun and action at home, check out our Home Olympics Game. Or simply browse through our other indoor activities. At Abenteuer Freundschaft you can also find general tips for activities with friends, with children and with your partner.

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