The best ideas for a mafia theme party

22. May 2021 - Alexander Schmidt

Mafia Theme Party – This Invitation You Can’t Refuse!




Who has ever dreamed of slipping into the shoes of the godfather or godmother and inviting the entire Who’s Who of organised crime to join them? I mean, of course, the esteemed circle of friends? With these tips, your Mafia theme party will be legendary!

Vito Corleone, Tony Soprano, Jimmy Conway, Al Capone – ring any bells? Sure, these were some of the greatest gangsters of all time! Fans of the Mafia and gangster genre know the cinematic masterpieces like “The Godfather” trilogy, “Goodfellas”, “Casino”, “Scarface” or “Once Upon a Time in America” inside out. Or series like “The Sopranos”, “Boardwalk Empire” or “Peaky Blinders”.

And let’s be frank: unlike in reality, in fiction we like to sympathise with the gangsters, especially when they are portrayed by charismatic actors like Brando, De Niro or Pacino, don’t we? 🙂

So why not slip into their roles yourself and play the bad girl or bad boy at a mafia party?

What Do You Need for a Legendary Mafia Theme Party?

To make sure your Mafia theme party is a downright criminal event (and from now on no one will be able to challenge your status as head godfather!), we have a few important tips for you below.

1. Theme and Invitation

The best prerequisite for a good theme party is a) to design the invitation appropriately and b) to specify in it what you expect from the guests. For example, they should come dressed up, contribute something to eat and drink, etc.

You can also define the theme more precisely if you want. Instead of just “Mafia”, you could also use “The Godfather – and Friends”, “Gangsters in the 20s” or “Yakuza meets Camorra” as a motto.

Regardless of whether you send the invitations by post or digitally, it will certainly go down well if you design them appropriately. For the motif, it’s best to use something that is immediately associated with the Mafia, e.g. the iconic logo of the Pate trilogy, the hand holding a wooden marionette cross.

At amazon* there are also ready-made postcards with Marlon Brando as the Godfather as motif:

2. Location and Decoration for the Mafia Theme Party

Every theme party needs good decoration that underlines the theme and, ideally, transports all guests “into another world”. This starts with the location. Is there a location with 20s flair? Or the 70s? Something with a pool table or maybe you or your friends even have a roulette table?
But a party cellar can also be prepared for a mafia party. And you even have a lot of freedom of design. Depending on your wishes and budget, you can either create a dignified ambience in the style of Scarface’s suite, or create the atmosphere of a dimly lit dive where the representatives of the criminal underground meet.

A fun decoration idea is also to lay out thick bundles of play money, or place an open suitcase full of it in a corner of the room. Napkins and paper plates in the money look are also suitable.

3. Mafia Costumes for Women

Even though most gangster epics are about men – women can be godmothers too (both in reality and fiction)! Very popular with many is a 20s gangster bride look, but on amazon* or at other costume shops there is of course much more choice.

4. Mafia Costumes for Men

Mafia theme party costume

Mafia costume for a theme party

For men, of course, there are just as many ways to dress up. If you don’t have that much time or don’t want to invest too much in your costume, you can simply put on a suit and complement it with a classic wide-brimmed hat….

You can also spice up your basic outfit with accessories such as a cigar, toy gun, braces, fake moustache or similar.

5. Food and Drinks for a Mafia Theme Party

If your mafia theme party is really about the (Italian) mafia in the strictest sense, the question of suitable culinary catering is easily answered: pizza and pasta!

And for dessert there’s Vito Corleone’s special orange sorbet….

If you like, you can even get inspiration from Mafia cookbooks.

6. Music and Games

Musically, of course, everything is allowed that pleases and, above all, is danceable and puts you in a good mood! And if you like, you can incorporate a track or two from the soundtracks of classic Mafia films into your personal party soundtrack.

My special tip is to play the main theme from “The Godfather” to welcome the guests:

The Godfather
The Godfather
Media Condition: Mint (M); Sleeve Condition: Mint (M); Audio CD – Audiobook; 04/01/1991 (Publication Date) - MCA Records (Universal) (Publisher)
7,99 EUR Amazon Prime

If you want, and the number of guests is not too high, you can also start your party with a round of the party game Mafia.

And now have fun at your Mafia theme party!

If you’re looking for a good theme for a party again soon, take a look at our theme party list with 111 brilliant suggestions!

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