Make someone very happy with one of these small St Nicholas gifts for women

11. November 2017 - Anika Semmer

St Nicholas Gifts for Women – 35 Funny and Beautiful Surprises




Everyone is happy about a special surprise on St. Nicholas Day. And these ideas for small St. Nicholas gifts for women will sweeten her day more than any chocolate Father Christmas 😉.

What do you – pardon, I mean the Santa Claus – put in your sweetheart’s, your mother’s or your best friend’s boot on St. Nicholas Day? Everyone who is looking for a funny, unusual, exclusive but not too expensive addition to nuts, mandarins and the obligatory chocolate Father Christmas will sooner or later start surfing and browsing. The mission: to find a St Nicholas gift for women gift that will make them smile or shine!

Sounds trite, but it’s true: with fancy attentions, man or woman shows the fair sex how important they are to you. And St. Nicholas Day is a nice occasion to give her a great pleasure in the cold season and in the pre-Christmas rush.

All those who are now fully motivated but a little perplexed about which Nicolaus gifts for women will even fit into their boots should ask themselves what kind of gift will bring her joy.

  • A funny Santa gift to go with Advent?
  • A romantic gift?
  • Fancy treats and exquisite nibbles?
  • Vouchers for personal gifts and special promotions?

Sorted into these 4 gift cards you’ll find our tips for small Santa gifts for women: funny gifts, romantic Santa gifts for women, fancy culinary treats and personal gift ideas.

Tip: Remember to get a nice Santa plate, a Santa stocking or even a decorative Santa stocking for your Santa gifts!
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35 Unusual St Nicholas Gifts for Women

Witty and Crazy Santa Gifts

1. A Christmas tree of your own to raise.

2. The tools for dreamy sleep without snoring.

3. Gingerbread tree to grow.

4. Dancing and singing Santa hat.

5. Cosy Christmas socks with motifs.

6. Cosy slippers for unicorn friends.

7. Father Christmas for All Cases

8. Inflatable sled for the first snow.

9. delicious dinner from a can.

10. So that nothing burns at Christmas…

11. Christmas riddle to puzzle over.

12. The remote control for the man.

Romantic St Nicks Gifts for Women

13. Tree of Life locket with the photo of you / your families inside.

14. Romantic Evening in the Bathtub

15. … with all the pampering that goes with it.

16. A Special Hot Stone Massage.

17. Christening a real star together.

18. Low-Budget Candlelight Dinner to go

19. Partner Keychain for Lovers.

20. A chain is worth 1,000 words

Delicious Advent Sweet Treats and Accessories

21. Cute snowman to build yourself.

22. Special Tea in Fine Boxes

23. Personalised biscuit and biscuit tin for all those with a sweet tooth with their name.

24. Fancy Biscuit Tin with Moose

25. Stylish Snowflake Cookie Cutter.

26. Delicious mulled wine to make yourself.

27. Treasure chest full of gold

28. Pretty Mug for the Dream Girl

29th Exquisite Chocolates from Santa Claus

30. … or a mould for your own chocolate Santa Claus.

Personalised Gifts and Special Promotions

31. Original Nutcracker with Engraving.

32. Special Vouchers for Pampering.

33. Voucher booklet with funny ideas.

34. This is what you should definitely do as a couple.

35. Surprise her with a short trip.

Look here to find more exclusive St Nicholas gifts for women including Wellness gifts and Experience gifts for women!

On Abenteuer Freundschaft you can find Christmas gift ideas and around the year gifts and there are lots of great ideas to discover for activities for two, with family and with friends!

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