Experience gifts for women that they will be totally happy about

3. December 2016 - Anika Semmer

10 Extraordinary Experience Gifts for Women to Make Her Happy


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Funny, extraordinary & simply beautiful – these 10 experience gifts for women are an original alternative to material gifts! Every woman is happy about special outings and original events with her friends, family or partner!

Are you looking for a gift for your girlfriend or partner for Christmas, a birthday or an unusual wedding gift for your best friend? For us, one thing is certain: Joint experiences are the most beautiful gifts you can give someone! 

Take a culinary hike together or be creative while blacksmithing. Surprise each other with a home Olympics or a special cooking challenge. Shared experiences connect and are remembered for a long time – which material gift do you remember nostalgically with a smile today?

We have already given these 10 experience gifts for women as gifts, tried them out ourselves or would be very happy about them. And of course, some of these experiences gifts for women are also fun for men :-).

On our website you can find even more ideas for experience gifts for women, for example, if you look for wellness gifts, experience-gifts with animals or special crime adventure gifts!

10 Extraordinary Experience Gifts for Women*

1. Flashbulb – Extraordinary Photo Shoot

Experience Gifts for Women - Photo Shoot

Trash A Dress 14 by Daniel Stockman at CC BY-SA 2.0

When I received a crazy photo session as a present, I thought at first: what should be crazy about a shooting? That became unnecessary when the photographer brought a yellow boa into the room. Awesome photos were taken – some were crazy, shrill and funny, others just beautiful.

Super pictures are available at Trash the Dress photoshoot, Vintage Photo shooting or at Fantasy photo shoot with special make up and in wacky costumes.

For me, it is the perfect experience gift for a special occasion such as a wedding, a round birthday, a hen party or for couples. Because apart from the shared experience, wonderful photos remain for eternity.

2. Stirred or Shaken? – Cocktail Course

Experience Gifts for Women - Cocktail Course

Shake Shake from Didriks at CC BY 2.0

The other day we were with friends in a cocktail bar where they only served cocktails they had created themselves, i.e. newly invented cocktails. And they were damn tasty! We like to mix and drink cocktails ourselves at home, but mostly the standard long drinks and even those taste better when mixed by a professional. So it’s only a matter of time before we’re also in a Cocktail Course land.

For all girls who like to let it rip or who value style, a course with a professional bartender is just the right experience gift. And the best thing is: you’ll get something out of it later!

3. Abracadabra – Learn Magic Tricks

Experience gifts for women - magic tricks

I could be your magician by Jin at CC BY 2.0

Were you also fascinated by magicians and crazy tricks as a child? Conjuring balls out of thin air, making rabbits disappear and predicting the right card: pure magic is simply impressive. And how cool is it to master such tricks yourself? With this experience gift, you’ll make all amateur witches, young mothers (imagine the kids’ enthusiasm!) and Hermione Granger fans very happy.

In a magic workshop the magician learns the basics of show magic and enough tricks to impress children, friends and partners and to enchant any party.

4. Indulgence in a Special Atmosphere – Experience Restaurants

Experience Gifts for Women - Experience Dinner

Madrigal Dinner by Tiffany LeMaistre at CC BY-SA 2.0

The moon is setting and I am sitting with friends in the noisy banqueting hall of a real knight’s castle in candlelight, dining like the knights in the Middle Ages. The voucher for this experience was definitely one of my best gift ideas. Dining out to make it  a special experience, this evening has become a very popular gift for us to attend ourselves.

From our own experience, we can recommend a fun knight’s meal, surprising taste experiences at the Dinner in the Dark and a wicked Show dinner with burlesque dancers, magicians and artists recommend!

5. Naturally Beautiful – Make Your Own Natural Cosmetics

Experience Gifts for Women - Natural Cosmetics Workshop

Closeup of large bubble in centre of pink petunia by Lori Greig at CC BY-SA 2.0

Cosmetics are a great thing, if it weren’t for the endless lists of chemicals and additives. A friend of mine is allergic and always has trouble finding make-up she can wear. So I gave her a course in natural cosmetics for her birthday and she was thrilled! Because you don’t need a chemistry set to make care products yourself.

In a natural cosmetics course you learn to make bath salts, lip care, a shampoo with your favourite fragrance, bath additives etc. etc. Afterwards, you can make all the cosmetics you want yourself from natural ingredients.

6. Gambling in Style – Casino Night

Experience Gifts for Women - Casino Night

Las Vegas, The Fremont Street Experience by Roxanne Ready at CC BY-SA 2.0

At a friend’s hen party, we went to a special Casino. An experienced croupier took us into the world of the casino and explained Black Jack, the secrets of Roulette and also told a few spicy anecdotes. 🙂

Each with a starting capital to gamble away, we feasted with a Las Vegas feeling and had a great evening. For a hen party, the wicked feeling of the forbidden and the atmosphere was perfect!

7. Shine Individually – Goldsmith and Jewellery Design Courses

Experience gifts for women - goldsmithing course

Making earrings by MAURO CATEB at CC BY 2.0

Being creative makes you happy – that’s definitely true for me. And every creative mind dreams of putting his ideas into practice professionally.

Until I forged my own rings with my best friend, I had not yet ventured into the art of jewellery making. But it was really fun to work the glowing metal and design the ring according to my own ideas. A piece of jewellery can’t be more individual and personal than when you have created it yourself, can it?

Little tip for all guys who are still looking for a gift for their girlfriend: if she a) loves special jewellery and b) also likes to be creative, a A course in goldsmithing or jewellery design including your own piece of jewellery to take home would make a great gift! She will certainly not forget it so quickly… 😉

8. Stage Free! – Acting Class

Experience Gifts for Women - Acting Classes

Annie The Musical by Eva Rinaldi at CC BY-SA 2.0

When I was in school, I did theatre myself in my sixth form days and it was a hell of a lot of fun to be on stage and embody someone completely different. I never intended to do the whole thing professionally, but I once did a Crash course in acting made. I can only recommend it!

Does the friend for whom you are looking for an extraordinary gift perhaps tick similarly? Does she possibly even have ambitions to pursue acting as a career? Then a half-day or full-day taster course with real professionals from the film and television industry is one hundred percent an experience gift to her taste.
And even if the recipient doesn’t want to go on stage or screen, an acting course is a really great experience where you can also take away a lot for everyday life. For example, how to come out of one’s shell and how to consciously control one’s own effect on others through gestures, facial expressions and posture. And who wouldn’t like to be able to do that? 🙂

9. Intoxicating Landscape – Vineyard Hike

Dark forest fruits, hints of vanilla and sandalwood on the finish – you can get a real science out of good wine. However, you can’t just experience it with your tongue!

Great wines come from Germany – most of them from the Rheingau, the Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg and Franconia. In these scenic regions, you can enjoy a Vineyard walk get to know the world of winegrowers and taste the best vintage drops.

10. Learn to Conjure Up Tasty Treats – Tapas and Antipasti Cooking Course

Cooking has a lot to do with magic. You transform simple ingredients into a delicious dish. No party should be without tasty snacks and treats.

Italy and Spain are famous for their appetisers and I have often wished I could make some of them in a restaurant. For all amateur cooks and hostesses, a Tapas & Antipasti Cooking Course a perfect experience gift. Of course, the course is even more fun if you do it in pairs or with several friends!

On Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find many more ideas for experience gifts fpor women, tips for gifts for friends, as well as ideas for activities with friends, activities for two or with children.

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Image source Cover image: First in Flight by AK Rockefeller at CC BY 2.0.

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