Wellness gifts are ideal for stressed people who are looking for relaxation.

19. November 2016 - Alexander Schmidt

The Best Wellness Gifts - Relaxation Like on the Island


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You’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend or your partner? Send him to the island! These are the best wellness gifts that will make your friend feel as good as he does on his dream island!

From our own experience, we can tell you: you treat yourself to a day of pure luxury far too rarely. There is nothing better than simply letting your mind wander, relaxing for a whole day and recuperating body and soul.

Take the initiative and give a stressed friend a real feel-good package! All over Germany there are special wellness oases with extraordinary relaxation experiences that you absolutely have to enjoy once in your life. We have listed our self-tested favourite”wellness islands’at the end of this article!

Whether it’s your best friend’s birthday, you want to give your partner a surprise, or you’re still looking for a suitable Christmas present for someone – wellness gifts not only chase away the winter cold, but also stress and everyday worries. Especially in the cold half of the year, I like to give friends or family a day off from everyday life and the gift is always very well received! 🙂

The 4 Best Wellness Gifts* With Recommendations

Therefore, we have compiled the best wellness gifts, sorted by 4 categories. After enjoying these wellness gifts, you’ll feel like you’ve been reborn!

1. Sauna, Steam Bath or Thermal Bath

Simply wonderful: relaxing under palm trees in warm water and sweating pleasantly in the sauna like in the tropics… Not only the Finns love their sauna. We Germans are also real sauna junkies and love inhaling aromatic scents and sweating ourselves into total relaxation. And afterwards, there’s nothing better for me than relaxing with an ice-cold fruit juice at the pool bar. 🙂

When the weather is nice, you can have perfect bathing fun in the hot, steaming open-air whirlpool or in adventure pools even in winter. Even those who crave action will find it in fantastic adventure pools like the Therme Erding or the Tropical Islands with gigantic slide paradises at his expense.

In the best saunas and thermal baths we have been to so far, we have enjoyed some special extras. For example, in some saunas there are infusions with honey or salt, after which the skin feels silky soft – a feeling like being in seventh heaven! I’ve also seen buns bake with you in a sauna oven, which you can eat afterwards. And of course, you can book a variety of massages in almost all spas. Other highlights for me were a sauna in the middle of which a gigantic amethyst glows, salt caves that free the respiratory tract or a wooden hut with a real Celtic throne where the sauna master waves the flag to the sounds of Carl Orff and prepares the infusion.

In addition to the classic sauna, there are numerous other types of sauna, because it’s not only in northern regions that people like to sweat: alternatives from all over the world include the Turkish Hamam, forest saunas, kelo saunas, calidariums, alpine stadiums, Roman steam saunas, meditation saunas and much more. So sauna fans can sweat without end and always try something new. 🙂

2. The Best Massages – Harmony for Body, Mind & Soul

A good massage is one of the most beautiful wellness gifts

Aroma Massage by Tara Angkor Hotel at CC BY 2.0

We both love massages! Is there anything more relaxing than being properly kneaded? And we both agree on one thing: a professional Massage is the purest treat for body and soul!

Today there is a tremendously wide range of different massages at affordable prices almost everywhere in Germany. If you have a choice, you are spoilt for choice – but I would say: The main thing is that you feel in the right hands with the masseur or masseuse. If you give a massage voucher as a gift, it’s best to give it from a massage parlour you’ve already tried yourself. Besides, your gut feeling will tell you which massage suits the person you are giving the gift to best 😉.
For people who love good smells, for example, we recommend a aroma oil massage, a Hot Chocolate Massage or a Honey Massage. You experience a symphony of the senses from the special scent of the massaged substance and the different feeling it makes on the skin.

For those who are particularly prone to tension in certain regions, a Facial Massage or foot massage the ideal wellness gift. A special massage is the so-called foot reflexology,a technique derived from Asian forms of massage, which assumes that all organs and muscle groups of the body are reflected at certain points on the sole of the foot. Highly recommended!

Massages From Around the World

Similarly to sauna culture, the diverse cultures of the earth have also produced their own traditional forms of massage, especially many in Asia. Originating in India, the Ayurveda massage is supposed to be e.g.. e.g. by massaging certain energy points and pathways of the body, it has a revitalising effect and gets the immune system going.
Engly related to this is also the famous Thai massage, which is often called the queen of massages. It also draws on the teachings of Ayurveda as well as yoga techniques and acupressure is also used. This massage can sometimes be quite painful, because tensions are massaged away very powerfully – some Thai masseurs even climb onto the back of the person being massaged with their entire body weight. A Thai massage can even be physically strenuous in the meantime, but afterwards you feel all the more comfortable and liberated!

Did you know? A real Thai massage lasts at least 1 ½ hours (and up to 3 or 4!) and 77 different yoga techniques are used!

With the Hawaiian massage technique Lomi Lomi, the whole body is massaged and rubbed with nut oil. According to traditional beliefs, it is also supposed to serve spiritual cleansing, i.e. to free the body from mental ballast. Sometimes heated stones are also used. If a massage is primarily carried out with heated stones, it is called a Hot Stone Massage, a very pleasant, warming form of massage.

In addition, of course, there are felt thousands of other types of massage, e.g. a Peeling Massage and this already brings us to the next category of wellness gifts. .. 🙂

3. The Best Wellness Gifts for Beauty Goddesses

What woman doesn’t dream of flawless skin and soothing beauty care? A beauty day is the perfect wellness gift for your best friend or partner. Because almost no woman treats herself to a complete beauty package just like that. With a professional pedicure, manicure, face masks with creams or various foods from cucumbers to avocados to liquid chocolate, scrubs or even an extensive Make-Up- or Colour Consultation is every beauty-conscious woman in luck.

Outlandish and perfect for a group of girlfriends: the latest trend from the USA is a crazy Beautydate with a star make-up artist! During an extensive 5-hour course, a celebrity make-up artist will teach you the secrets of the art of make-up and give you personal advice. Admittedly, the fun with the star artist is not for the small purse….

By the way: since the emancipation of men, more and more representatives of the stronger sex are also receptive to the charms of beauty care. After all, feeling beautiful also has a strong influence on the psyche and self-esteem. Vanity is much better than its reputation, because as Oscar Wilde already said: To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. 😉

4. Magical Wellness Experience Floating

Lift off and simply float away from everyday life – with the Floating one feels completely weightless and relaxes body and mind in a completely unknown way. A downright mystical experience!

When floating, you lie in a tank in very salty water that carries you, similar to the water in the Dead Sea. So you don’t sink and you can lie down and relax quite comfortably. In addition, the water is exactly body temperature, so you don’t freeze or sweat. Floating is about fading out all external sensory impressions for a while and completely relaxing.

In the more extreme form, you float in total darkness and are cut off from all sound. By the way, with such isolation tanks, one researched mind-expanding experiences and wholeness experiences in the 1970s.

But you can also simply float with relaxing music and pleasant light shows. Perfect for couples or best friends is floating for two. With the so-called Partnerfloating you can drift through space galactically beautiful as a couple and forget all your worries.

Our Favourite Wellness Islands in Germany – The Recommendation List

Why don’t you also read our experience report on “Wellness relaxation in space”? Or browse our other tips for gifts for friends, as well as ideas for activities with friends, activities for two or with children.

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