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The outdoor throwing game Crossboccia is a new trend sport.

18. August 2016 - Alexander Schmidt

Outdoor Throwing Game – 5 Hot Contenders for the Best Game




The sun is shining brightly and it’s finally the end of the day or weekend: Time to meet up with friends outside! You’re just looking for the perfect way to spend your free time? Play a cool outdoor throwing game! These 5 trendy outdoor throwing games from all over the world are guaranteed to provide fun!

Whether in the garden, the city park, a secluded spot in the countryside or at the beach – the following outdoor throwing games are all easily transportable, simple to play and insanely fun!

5 Ingenious Outdoor Throwing Games

And there’s no shortage of exercise either – throwing games are the perfect summertime activity.

1. Ladder Golf, the Throwing Game for Gauchos

Ladder Golf is the game for anyone who has ever wanted to swing a lasso. Or in this case the bolas (Spanish: balls), actually the traditional throwing weapon of the Argentine gauchos, for catching animals. In ladder golf, the traditional bolas is modified by throwing a rope with golf balls on the ends onto a ladder-like frame. This throwing game probably goes back to the throwing exercises of the gauchos and has spread from South America via Mexico to the USA.

In Europe, this outdoor throwing game is still a real insider tip! When throwing, you hold the bolas by one of the two golf balls and throw them onto the ladder that has been set up. You can find instructions on how to throw in this YouTube video:


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You get points depending on whether you hit and on which rung of the ladder the projectile lands. Especially nasty: if you manage to knock your teammates’ bolas back down the ladder, they lose their hard-won points!

Note: If you order one of the outdoor throwing games presented here via amazon and use one of the affiliate links in this article, you support us without the product costing you a single cent more.

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2. Crossboccia, the Throwing Game for Freestylers

Crossboccia is the new trendy outdoor throwing game.

Crossboccia® get FREE! by Dosionair unter CC BY 2.0

Boccia is a leisure activity for senior citizens? Far from it! Crossboccia, the new freestyle variant of the outdoor throwing game of boccia or boules, is very much in vogue. The basic rules in this throwing game remain the same as in classic boccia: first a ball is thrown to the marker, then you have to place your own balls as close as possible to this ball.

The main difference in cross boccia: you don’t play with hard balls, but with cloth balls filled with plastic granules. You can play anywhere with these cloth balls because they can be thrown much further than the balls of classic boules and you are not limited to a flat surface when playing, but can play in 3D!

Whether you throw the first ball onto a wall, the branch of a tree, the top of a sandcastle or the roof of a gazebo – the possibilities for the playing field, which is more of a play space, are almost unlimited. However, you should therefore also take good care to collect the cross-boccia balls again 😉

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3. Kubb, the Throwing Game for Vikings

This classic outdoor throwing game is, of course, a must: Kubb, also called Viking chess, originates from Sweden and has been one of the most popular leisure activities outdoors throughout Europe since the 90s at the latest.

This throwing game is simply ingenious, because you can easily make it yourself and play it almost anywhere, just like Crossboccia. What’s more, the basic principle is simple and easy to learn: you play against each other in two teams (1 to 6 people each) and take turns using throwing sticks to try to knock down or fell the wooden blocks set up by your opponents, the kubbs.

In the middle of the playing field is the king, a somewhat heavy cube – it must be hit last. To win, a team must first knock down all the opponent’s cubes and then the king. If the king is accidentally felled beforehand, the team of the thrower loses immediately.

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4. Molkky, the Outdoor Throwing Game for Those Who Are Precise

In the outdoor throwing game Mölkky, the blocks gradually spread out on the playing field with each throw.

adidas curso d agua-5 by Maria Morri at CC BY-SA 2.0

The Finnish game Molkky, like Kubb, is about knocking over upright wooden blocks with throwing sticks, except that these blocks are numbered in Molkky. Molkky has the advantage that you can play it with as many players as you like. So if you have an odd number of friends or more than 12 (the maximum number in Kubb), Mölkky is the perfect alternative to Viking chess.

The biggest difference is that in Molkky, all players throw their wooden blocks at a block of 12 numbered upright wooden blocks from a distance of 3-4 metres. The aim is to be the first to score exactly 50 points.

This Are the Rules

  • If exactly 1 block is felled in this outdoor throwing game, the player gets the number of this wooden block credited as points (1-12)
  • If several blocks are felled, the player receives the number of blocks as points (2-12)
  • If the player does not manage to bring down one of the wooden blocks, he receives 0 points and the notation of a miss. Crossing the throwing line also counts as a miss. 3 consecutive misses will result in a player’s elimination.
  • After each throw, all the fallen wooden blocks are placed in the place where they came to rest after the throw and in such a way that they are first tilted on their underside and then the sloping surface with the number is turned in the direction of the throwing line.
  • The first person to reach exactly 50 points is the winner. However, whoever exceeds 50, their points are reset to 25. So if a player stands at 47 points, this does not mean that victory is assured for him!

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5. Cornhole, the Outdoor Throwing Game for Board Players

Cornhole is an American outdoor throwing game that probably originated in 14th century Germany.

Cornholio by Ryan Snyder at CC BY 2.0

Cornhole, also called bean bag, is one of the most popular outdoor throwing games in the USA. In Germany it is hardly known, although it probably comes from Germany and was first played in the 14th century. Here it is also sometimes called by the rather amusing name Sackhole.
This outdoor throwing game is played in pairs or in two teams, each of which has a raised, sloping board with a hole as a playing field or goal in front of them and faces each other at a distance of 10 metres. In this game, the players throw small bags filled with maize or beans (today also plastic granules) onto the opponent’s board. A bag that remains on the board counts as one point, a hit into the hole as 3 points.

However, bags lying on the board can also be thrown into the hole by further throws. The opponent’s or the opposing team’s bags can be knocked off the board again, which leads to the loss of the corresponding number of points.

The winner is the player or team who reaches exactly 21 points first. If a score above 21 is reached, the team’s score is reset. There are different rules for this: either the team falls back to 15 (19 → 22 → 15), or it remains at the previous score (19 → 22 → 19), or even one penalty point is deducted from the previous score (19 → 22 → 18). However, if a team reaches over 21 points 3 times before the other team has done so even once, it is the winner.


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Image source Cover photo: Crossboccia® get FREE! by Dosionair at CC BY 2.0.

*Affiliate links: If you order products through them, we receive a small commission without changing the price.


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