The gummy bear oracle is a fun party game that provides lots of fun and entertainment.

8. June 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

Gummy Bear Oracle – Do You Have a Sweet Future?




The gummy bear oracle is one of the most popular oracle games for parties. Whether you believe in it or not, it’s just fun to tell the future from delicious wine gums….

Oracles, clairvoyance, pendulums – isn’t that all humbug?, you might ask yourself, when you read a title like this… But hey: just consider the Gummy Bear Oracle as a fun game with your own imagination, expectations, hopes and fears about the future and you will have a lot of fun with it! Trust me, I’m a confirmed skeptic and I know what I’m talking about…. 😉

On certain occasions like New Year’s Eve, weddings or birthdays, it is a tradition in many families and circles of friends to ask an oracle what the new calendar year, year of life or the newly closed marriage will bring. In some cultures, such as East Asia, Africa, Central and South America, such oracle traditions are still firmly rooted and oracles are consulted on every occasion. With us one knows mainly the custom of the lead pouring to New Year’s Eve and the various oracle octopuses with soccer championships.

Just like these oracles, you don’t have to take the gummy bear oracle too seriously. Spinning around together and dreaming up future scenarios is just plain fun, and if you’re allowed to reach into a bag of gummy bears in the process, all the better!

The Gummy Bear Oracle?

If you’ve actually never heard of the fabled, mystical-magical, guaranteed-always-the-truth-and-nothing-but-the-truth-proclaiming gummy bear oracle, you may be wondering: what the hell is that supposed to be?

Oracles, after all, are those venerable old women who sit in fog-shrouded caves and incessantly mutter fateful, ambiguous phrases…. Or at least sublimely glittering crystal balls, mystical tarot cards in whose enigmatic pictures the secret knowledge of Atlantis and (!) Lemuria was preserved… etc. etc. But not gummy bears, hello?!?

If you think like that, you are unfortunately not far enough advanced on the path of initiation. Let an insider of all mysteries tell you: magic is waiting for you in every splinter of the universe!

And gummy bears… well, they’re just pretty tasty universe shards. They offer the unbeatable advantage over other oracle forms in that, unlike (most) tarot cards, pendulums, Ouija boards, and rune stones, you can eat them after the oracle consultation. (This is, by the way, very satisfying even if the oracle saying just doesn’t suit you at all!)

How the Gummy Bear Oracle Is Played

The gummy bear oracle was invented in its original form by Dietmar Bittrich, who has also written several books about it. Meanwhile, there are numerous variants of it, but the basic idea is always the same: you blindly draw x gummy bears and interpret the result. Whether you draw directly from the bag or from a bowl full of gummy bears does not matter.


In Dietmar Bittrich’s original gummy bear oracle, you draw exactly 5 gummy bears from a standard pack of the 5 classic gummy bear colors: red, orange, yellow, white and green. The order does not matter, but the frequency of a color does. In this way, 126 different color combinations result, for which Bittrich gives detailed interpretations in his book.

Creative Interpretations With the Gummy Bear Oracle

But you can also just get creative yourself and come up with your own interpretations together beforehand. And don’t worry, you don’t have to come up with 126 meanings for this, just 5 will do: one meaning for each color. Here are a few suggestions:

Red = passion, love (negative but also hate and anger).

Orange = communication, children, friends & family (negative: superficiality)

Yellow = money, finances, job, career (negative: envy, greed and avarice)

White = balance, equilibrium, spirituality (negative: indifference, boredom, laziness)

Green = nature, creativity, inner growth (negative: old age, illness, poisoned feelings).

In addition, you can then set a special meaning for each number of times the color was drawn. For example, one red gummi bear means the person is falling in love, two red gummi bears mean they are breaking up a fight with someone etc. If you also draw 5 gummi bears, like in the original game, but come up with your own interpretations, then you get 25.

Theoretically, you can also draw more or less gummy bears, think about the individual interpretations of the combinations spontaneously while playing, vary the gummy bear oracle according to your mood or even invent your own oracles based on other sweets.

Personally, I would love to ask a chocolate oracle, mhhhh….

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