Conundrums for kids are ideal as riddles at a children's birthday party

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Conundrums for Kids – 100 Funny Riddles for Games and Rallies


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Kids love jokes as much as they love riddles. These conundrums for kids are both at the same time and are also great for use in scavenger hunts and other games.

Joke books are certainly more often found on the shelves of children than adults. With riddles it could be more balanced, but one thing is clear: most children love them.

So it’s no wonder that conundrums for kids have enjoyed unbroken popularity among kids for decades.

Conundrums for kids are also great for incorporating as a task into a larger game like a rally or scavenger hunt for a kid’s birthday party. We’ve collected 100 of them, which you can read about here. The correct answer always follows the dash in italics. Sometimes more than one answer is valid. 🙂

100 Conundrums for Kids

A girl ponders conundrums for kids

A girl ponders conundrums for kids

  1. What gets wet when drying? – The towel
  2. Which day is the most dangerous for submariners? – The day of the open door
  3. What has oceans but no water? – A world map or a globe
  4. Where do you go in through one hole and out through two holes? – In a pair of pants
  5. Where does a skeleton go for a beach vacation? – To the Dead Sea
  6. A man falls out of the window of a 30-story skyscraper onto the street. Nothing happens to him. How can this be? – The window was on the first floor
  7. What is black and yellow, flying through the air and going “Mmmus, Mmmus, Mmmus”? – A bee in reverse
  8. What speaks without a mouth, hears without ears, and answers in all the languages of the world? – The echo
  9. What does the mathematician calculate and the doctor treat? – A fraction
  10. What do you call the increase of alphabet soup? – Lake of words
  11. Why do frogs jump into the pond when it rains? – So that they do not get wet
  12. Which mountain was the highest in the world before Mount Everest was discovered? – Mount Everest, of course. It just hadn’t been discovered yet.
  13. What does the big pen say to the little pen? – Wax on, pen!
  14. One chimney and two chimneys and three chimneys and four chimneys, what comes out? – Smoke, of course!
  15. How do children imagine the ideal school? – Closed
  16. How do you manage to walk on water? – You wait until it’s winter and very, very cold.
  17. What is a pirate’s favorite thing to do on the computer? – Press the ENTER key
  18. There are 10 birds sitting on a power line, a hunter shoots 3 of them. How many birds are still sitting on it? – None, because the others flew away when he shot them.
  19. What do you have to do before you can get out of an airplane? – Boarding
  20. Which birds do not lay eggs? – All male birds.
  21. What case can’t a detective solve? – The waterfall
  22. How many times can you subtract the 1 from the 17? – Only once, because after that it is the 16.
  23. Why do summer vacations last much longer than winter vacations? – As physics teaches us: everything expands when it’s hot and contracts when it’s cold.
  24. In which train does only one person fit, no matter how hard you try? – Into a suit
  25. What did the balloon call out just before it burst? – Careful, cactussssssssssss….
  26. What can’t be expressed with words? – A sponge
  27. What faucet can’t crow and you shouldn’t let it run too long? – A faucet
  28. What game can’t be played? – The example
  29. What has no feet but still runs when it’s cold? – The nose
  30. What was the color of the hair of the ancient Romans? – Gray or white
  31. What snake doesn’t crawl, bite, but hangs around rooms? – An air snake
  32. What has 2 legs but can’t walk? – A pair of pants
  33. What happens to a white stone when you throw it into the Red Sea? – It gets wet.
  34. Which head has no eyes, ears, nose or mouth and is green? – The head of lettuce
  35. What can you pass on and keep at the same time? – A cold or a contagious disease in general.
  36. What animal hides in the coffee? – A monkey
  37. Three men are sitting in a sinking rubber dinghy. But only 2 of them got their hair wet in the process. How does it work? – The third one is bald
  38. Which chair moves up and down all day? – The elevator
  39. What is big in the mouse and small in the camel? – The M
  40. How much soil is in a hole in the ground 50 cm deep and 40 cm wide when it is completely filled? – None, because when it is completely filled, there is no more hole.
  41. Which bread can’t be eaten for breakfast? – The evening meal
  42. What has many small teeth but no mouth? – A saw
  43. What kind of glasses you never wear on your nose? – A toilet seat
  44. Why does a carpet have a better life than a baker? – The baker has to get up very early. The carpet can stay lying down.
  45. What has four letters, starts with Po and you can sit on it? – A pony (butt is not allowed!)
  46. Why don’t polar bears eat penguins? – Polar bears live at the North Pole and penguins at the South Pole.
  47. Which apple can you not eat? – Horse apple or Adam’s apple
  48. Which customers are never served? – The deeds or The seconds
  49. What is the first thing a gardener puts in his vegetable garden? – His foot
  50. A glider crashes right on the border between Germany and France. Who gets the engine? – There is no engine
  51. What gets bigger when you take some of it away? – A hole
  52. A doctor gives you 3 pills to take every half hour. What is the minimum time it takes for you to take all three pills? – One hour! Because you take one immediately, then after half an hour the second and the third just after an hour.
  53. Why do birds fly south in winter? – Because it is too far to walk.
  54. Who hears everything but never says anything? – The ear
  55. When children go to school, where do they sit? – Nowhere. They are still walking.
  56. How many sides does a circle have? – Two, one inside and one outside
  57. There are 3 apples in front of you, you take away 2, how many apples do you have? – Two! The two you took away, of course.
  58. You have 4 apples in one hand and another 4 apples in the other hand. What do you have then? – Very big hands
  59. Can you marry your widow’s sister? – You may, but you can’t because if you leave a widow you are dead.
  60. Which insect needs food the least? – The moth. It only eats holes.
  61. What is the beginning of all vices? – The bumper.
  62. What has feathers but no wings? – A feather bed or a pillow
  63. What has wings but no feathers? – A castle
  64. Why is it illegal to bury a man who lives in Berlin in Munich? – It is illegal to bury a living man.
  65. Which fingers have earned beatings? – The thieves
  66. Who earns his money without working a single day? – The night watchman
  67. Which is heavier – 1 kg of feathers or 1 kg of steel? – Both are the same weight: 1 kg!
  68. In which glasses should you never pour lemonade? – Into full glasses!
  69. When does everyone like to be alone? – When they inherit something.
  70. When do people find it easiest to lose weight? – When the phone rings.
  71. Who smells, although he has no nose? – The cheese
  72. Which population group is poorest in Germany? – The cyclists, of course. They even have to pump air.
  73. What the correct form: “The straight curve”, “The straight curve” or “The straight curve”? – None, because there is no straight curve
  74. Which Peter makes the most noise? – The trumpeter
  75. What results in seven times seven? – Fine sand
  76. Why do you build new houses? – Because you can’t build old houses.
  77. What is an Eskimo doing on an ice floe? – Probably freezing.
  78. If a plane crashes on the border between Germany and Italy, which country is responsible? – There is no border between Germany and Italy.
  79. Who always goes swimming with you, but never gets wet? – Your shadow
  80. A man is driving at 100 km/h on a deserted country road. His headlights are off and he has no other devices to give him light. Also the moon and the stars are not to be seen. A black-haired woman dressed in black stands in the middle of the road, with her back to the approaching car. The driver nevertheless effortlessly swerves in time. How is this possible? – It happened around noon on a sunny day.
  81. What do cats like at least as much as swimmers? – The crawl
  82. In a marathon, you overtake the runner-up just before the finish. Which place do you take? – Second. You didn’t pass the first one.
  83. Which nails would no carpenter use for hammering? – The fingernails
  84. Which animal turns around its own axis about 200 times after it has died? – The roast chicken
  85. What always stays in the corner but still travels around the world? – A postage stamp
  86. Which tree has no roots? – The somersault
  87. How many months have 28 days? – All of them! Only some have more.
  88. What has 6 feet and even sings in several voices? – A singing trio
  89. Which vegetable is in the best mood? – The chickpeas
  90. What is the deer’s first name? – Mashed potato
  91. What brand of handkerchief would a civil servant never use? – Pace
  92. How many times could Noah fish from the ark? – Only 2 times. That’s exactly how many worms he had available.
  93. Where New Year’s Eve before Christmas? – In the dictionary
  94. What is clean before bathing and dirty afterwards? – The bath water
  95. Who eats any amount of iron without ever getting sick? – The rust
  96. What is the opposite of health food? – Roebuck behind the house.
  97. What is the difference between a burglar and a doctor? – The burglar doesn’t have to examine you to know what’s wrong with you.
  98. Which man gets smaller and smaller in the sun? – The snowman
  99. Which table can you eat? – The dessert
  100. Which animal is the strongest? – The snail. It can carry a whole house.

Have fun with these 100 conundrums for kids!

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