Piñata for adults - a perfect surprise for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or stag party

19. April 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

Piñata for Adults – Let's Get Smash The Ultimate Party Gift


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Originally a children’s game, the piñata has long since become a special party highlight for adults – whether for a wedding, bachelor party, birthday or a big event!

The custom of the piñata originally comes from… ? Mexico? Spain?? Both wrong: from China! Supposedly, the piñata was observed there by none other than Marco Polo, whose travelogue subsequently popularised it – like the noodle – in southern Europe.

A piñata is a large colourful figure made of papier-mâché filled with all kinds of sweets, traditionally fruits and nuts, which is hung up. One person at a time is blindfolded and tries to smash the piñata with a large bat so that it rains sweets. The bystanders sing a certain song, which varies from region to region.

For children in Latin America and Spain, but especially in Mexico, a party without a piñata is almost unthinkable, and it is especially popular at Christmas time in these countries. In China, the piñata was originally intended for adults: in the form of a large cow filled with delicious food, the breaking of the piñata was celebrated as a ritual to welcome the new year.

In the meantime, piñatas have become popular with young and old alike, and they can also be bought here in all kinds of shapes.

The Right Adult Piñata for Every Occasion

Depending on the occasion for which you want to give someone a piñata as a special surprise, you should also choose the shape.

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By the way, we also have tips on what makes a good piñata filling.

Wedding Piñata

If you want to make a piñata yourself, for example with these instructions, you can portray the bride and groom themselves on it. A fun wedding game is for the bride to smash the groom’s piñata and the groom to smash the bride’s piñata.

You can also buy piñatas in themed shapes such as hearts, lucky pigs, unicorns or treasure chests, for example, at amazon*. The latter is especially useful if you are using the piñata as an original way to present a gift of money.

Piñata for a Stag or Hen Party

Before the wedding comes the stag or hen party and piñatas are becoming increasingly popular for this occasion too.

In contrast to the wedding, the piñata for adults can take on more provocative shapes, such as a giant dick, breasts, a beer bottle or a laughing turd…

Piñata for a Birthday, Anniversary or Other Occasion

However, a piñata for adults is also a super party surprise for a birthday or any other occasion where there is a big celebration.

A nice piñata motif for a birthday is, for example, a birthday cake. Or you can choose the motif according to the interests and hobbies of the birthday child or the person who is the focus of the party.

Maybe an electric guitar for a rock fan or a dragon for someone who loves fantasy. Or you could choose the traditional Latin American design with cone-shaped tops. Here are some suggestions:

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Image source Cover photo: Piñata by Kiwi Flickr at CC BY 2.0.

*There are affiliate links in this article. This means that if you order a product through one of these links on amazon, Abenteuer Freundschaft will receive a small commission. But the product does not cost you more.

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