A birthday surprise is a personal special gift.

5. June 2016 - Alexander Schmidt

How to Create the Perfect Birthday Surprise


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You are looking for the perfect birthday surprise for a friend? Make him happy with a very special gift. Here you will find 5 original tips for birthday surprises, for which every birthday boy will love you!.

1. Throw A Party as a Birthday Surprise!

The classic birthday surprise is the surprise party. Ideally, you get together with other friends early on, because there is a lot to prepare and plan. Right from the start, you need to be 100% sure that the birthday boy or girl isn’t organizing a party themselves or making other plans for their birthday. What is the best way to do it? You conspire for the surprise party with all the important people around him, such as his partner, roommates, etc.

Spontaneity is the basic requirement for a successful surprise party! The birthday boy must be a spontaneous person, because if you do everything right, your friend will not suspect anything and will be appropriately surprised when the bomb bursts. If your friend loves surprises, he’s guaranteed to be thrilled that you put so much effort into his birthday surprise and prepared everything in secret. Invite all the friends you assume the birthday boy would like to have with him. Find the appropriate location and come up with a good legend to lure the birthday boy there.You are looking for the perfect birthday surprise for a friend? Make him happy with a very special gift. Here you will find 5 original tips for birthday surprises, for which every birthday boy will love you!.

3 Distractions That Always Work Well:

  • The partner or best friend takes the birthday boy or girl for a walk or to the movies while the others prepare the party at home.
  • The best friend fakes a huge problem, such as a car breaking down, and thus directs the birthday boy or girl to the party location.
  • If the birthday child has already invited himself to the party, cancels all under a pretext. The partner or best friend then invites the birthday child to do something in pairs and so lures the one to the surprise party.

Did you already know our tips for a perfect party?

2. Invite A Surprise Guest

Is there someone the birthday boy or girl loves very much but hasn’t seen in a long time? Then the unannounced visit of this guest is a super birthday surprise! Contact the person and schedule them as a special surprise guest. Does the birthday child have a close relationship with a far-flung mutual friend or relative? Maybe you are the surprise guest yourself 😉

A surprise visit is a great gift if one of your best friends has a birthday, but you now live in different cities and haven’t seen each other for a long time. Your coming is the greatest gift you can give him. It’s best to let someone in his or her circle know about your surprise visit, as this will make it easier to organize travel and, if necessary, accommodation. If you are invited to the party, you can also cancel with an invented reason and then surprisingly appear in front of the door. This variant of surprise should be carried out, however, only if the birthday child in this respect understands fun and does not resent your little fib.

3. Plan A Special Trip as a Birthday Surprise

An original alternative to a surprise party is a surprise outing that you and your friends take the birthday boy or girl on. The best outings are the ones that the birthday boy or girl would choose for themselves. Think about what hobbies the birthday boy or girl has, what he or she loves but does far too rarely, or what unusual leisure activity your friend has never tried. At Abenteuer Freundschaft you will also find an overview page with numerous undertakings with friends, where you can get inspired.

Take your friend to a cool concert, theater, movie, barbecue at a beautiful lake, wrestling or ice skating, squash, trampolining or paintball on his birthday. You know best what your friend is into! If you consider his preferences and interests, you can’t go wrong with a special outing as a gift.

Has the birthday boy or girl been harboring a big but expensive wish for a long time? If you are looking for a gift for your friend, put together and fulfill his heart’s desire: accompany him to his first bungee jump, paragliding flight or a test drive in a Ferrari. If you know exactly that the birthday boy has the time for it, you can also surprise him with a short trip together: A night on the mountain pasture, a city trip to Prague or a weekend in Mallorca!

4. Shoot a Funny Movie as a Creative Birthday Surprise

The birthday party is already organized and a trip is out of the question as a birthday surprise? No problem, you can also prepare your friend so a unforgettable surprise, from which he still has something for a long time. Do you have a good smartphone? Then you can simply shoot a short film in advance, with congratulations or a funny birthday sketch with you congratulate him.

So your film could look like .

  • You cut together a slide show with pictures of your experiences together.
  • You record a birthday serenade in a rock ‘n roll outfit.
  • You interview common friends, all saying a few words about the person. (of course, only positive ;-))
  • You recreate a funny scene from a feature film. There are no limits to your imagination!

You do not know how? Do not worry! To make a film is nowadays easier than ever, good video cameras for home use are cheap to get, professional still cameras make super shots in Full HD or even 4K and if in doubt, you can also use your smartphone.

For post-production, there are easy-to-use free editing programs like the Windows Movie Maker, Shotcut, Resolve DaVinci or Lightworks. Even professional editing programs like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut can be tried for free as a demo version for one month.

5. Organize a Gift Scavenger Hunt

You’re never too old for a fun birthday game! Instead of egg races, sack races and pot banging as you know it from children’s birthday parties, rather organize a cool gift-scavenger hunt for adults as a special birthday surprise! To do this, prepare a certain number of slips of paper with clues. Use as many pieces of paper as the person’s age, or use the number of presents or birthday guests as a guide.

Now number the slips of paper and label each one with a clue that leads to the next one. When you have all the clues, hide them in or near the location of the birthday party before the birthday boy or girl arrives: in the garden, the street, the city, the party cellar or even in the whole house.

We think about the scavenger hunt stations where we will hide the clues at least one day before. Also, if we are doing a longer scavenger hunt, we run the route beforehand. This is important because a good scavenger hunt involves elaborate puzzles, thoughtful clues, quizzes and tasks. Think of original hiding places and fun clues to go with them, for example, you could hide a note in the refrigerator in the cheese box, another in the bathroom between stacked towels, another in the CD player drive, etc.

The Highlight of the Gift Scavenger Hunt

The crazier, more varied and funnier the hiding places are, the more fun you will all have, especially the birthday girl. For example, you can also bake a note into a cupcake or write a clue with waterproof (non-toxic) pen on the bottom of a cup and fill it with Coke, wine or another drink. How long does it take the birthday child to get the idea to eat the muffin or drink the cup to get to the next clue?

The last clue then leads to the ”treasure chest” or a main gift that you give away alone or together with friends. The beauty of a gift scavenger hunt is that you can vary it in countless ways. If you organize the scavenger hunt together, you can also give your friend a gift after each clue you solve. Alternatively, you can add a quiz question to each clue that the birthday boy or girl has to answer in order to receive a matching gift.

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No matter how you do it, an original birthday surprise is a special gift that your friends are guaranteed to never forget! On our leisure portal you will find many more birthday ideas. And even regardless of the occasion, we have plenty of tips to discover for activities with friends, with kids or with your partner.

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