This is how to make a Easter chick as decoration

29. March 2018 - Anika Semmer

How to Make a Easter Chick as Cute Easter Decoration| Tutorial




Looks cute and quite special: with this tutorial how to make a easter chick you can easily make it yourself!

This year, I made colourful balls out of wool as spring decoration – because I was already excited about this technique and the result when I made the Easter baskets. When I took the coloured balls off after they had dried, the muse spontaneously kissed me and I decided to make two chicks out of them as Easter decorations.

This year I wanted to make lots of Easter decorations myself and am thrilled by the many DIY-Easter ideas that I have tried out so far: from the DIY Easter baskets made from hardened wool, fluffy Easter bunnies and pompon-easter-lamb, various new and old techniques for designing Easter eggs to craft ideas for kids or a cute Easter bunny bag for my niece.

Materials for 2 Chicks

  • Yellow wool
  • 3 small balloons (diameter about 8-13 cm)*
  • 2 black acrylic beads
  • Empty brunch wrapper with red lid (Aphrodite or Paprika & Pepperoni variety, for example)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Sugar water
  • Large bowl


How to Make a Easter Chick Crafting from Sugar Wool

How to make a Easter chick out of decorative balls using wool

Decorative balls hung to dry

1. Making Decorative Balls From Sugar Wool as Easter Decorations

First, blow up 3 small balloons until they are round as balls. Wrap these balloons in light yellow wool. At one point, the hole should still be big enough to poke inside with your crochet hook and pull the balloon remnants out.

Then mix 500 g of sugar with 1 litre of warm water and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Now dip the wool-wrapped balloons in the sugar solution and hang them up to dry – preferably in the bathroom over the bath or in the shower. After about 4-6 and 8-12 hours, bathe them again in the sugar solution.

Drying time: About 1 day, the wool must be completely dry.

2. Make the Beak and Feet

I made the beak and feet of the chicks from the lid of an empty brunch spread box. I simply drew the feet once with black permanent marker, cut them out and used them as a template for the 3 other feet.

I wanted an open beak for my chicks and used the rounded edge of the brunch box and cut out two triangles and glued them together at the wide end with the hot glue gun.

For one chick I used ¼ brunch box.

How to make your own Easter decorations using wool and a hot glue gun

Three balls of wool make two chicks

3. Making Wings and Tails

The third decorative ball is used to make the wings and tails of the chicks. To do this, I first split the ball in half. Each half has to be enough for one chick.

From the hemisphere, I cut out two wings of the same size and a pointed triangle that tapers to a point as a little tail.

4. How to Make a Chick as Easter Decoration

This is the final step on how to make a Easter chick with wool and a brunch box

Make your own chicks as Easter decorations with a brunch box

First press the ball down until it stands firmly.

Now you just have to glue all the parts together.

It’s best to start with the beaks and eyes in the upper third. Then glue the feet to the bottom of the ball with the red side facing up – you can’t see the printed underside.

Then you add the wings on the right and left, with the tip pointing downwards so that the chick sticks out its chest hungrily. Finally, I just glued the little tail in the middle of the back and bent it into shape.

Sometimes it just takes a spontaneous idea to make your own Easter decoration! 🙂

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