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11. June 2022 - Anika Semmer

How to Make a Stunning Hot Air Balloon Gift | Tutorial


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Beautiful, unique, inexpensive to make and conveys a message: creating a money gift as a hot air balloon is a brilliant idea that is easy to make yourself with a good tutorial. This is how you make your hot air balloon gift an eye-catcher.

The bride and groom stand in a sea of flowers in the balloon basket, floating in happiness. A white hot air balloon, decorated with colourful flags and banknotes, carries them into the future. What a magical wish-fulfiller. I have to say, when I put our money gift on the gift table on a friends’ wedding day, I was very pleased with our wedding gift and it went down super well. It’s undeniably eye-catching and we made it so that the wedding couple can hang the hot air balloon on the balcony as a solar lantern and our gift is a keepsake from the wedding.

If you’re looking for an awesome idea to wrap your money gift, it’s worth reading on. Everything you need to make a hot air balloon gift and how to make it, I’ll tell you here!

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Material List

Tip: Alternatively, you can fill the basket with foam and put artificial flowers in it.

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Die handbemalte Dekofigur ist ca. 8,2 x 5,7 x 13,5 cm groß.; Material: Kunststein, Polyresin
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How to Make the Hot Air Balloon Gift

"Everything you need to make the hot air balloon gift for a wedding or an anniversary"

The materials for making the hot air balloon cost a maximum of $ 40

Attach the Basket to the Lantern

"Glue the roses and decoration to the basket of the hot air balloon gift with the hot glue gun."

The easiest and best way to attach roses and decorations is with a hot glue gun

Insert the shish kebab skewers evenly spaced inside the wickerwork of the flower planter and glue them in place with the hot glue gun. Now stick the straws on top and glue them about 1 cm inside the basket and 6.5 cm outside the inner circle of the lantern. Then glue the paper roses to the end of the wire all around as a border around the basket of the hot air balloon and bend the roses into the desired position and cover the glue spots on the straws.

Make a Pennant Garland With Banknotes

"The banknotes decorate the balloon of the hot air balloon gift as rosettes on a pennant garland"

For about 4m of pennant garland, 20 banknotes are perfect for your hot air balloon gift

Measure about 4.10m of the macramé yarn and make a pennant garland with the washi tape. Fold the tape once over the macramé yarn and cut out a jag in the middle to create the pennant shape. It doesn’t matter if it’s not quite even! Now take the next washitape and make the next little pennant 4 cm further on. After 4 pennants with different Washitape, add a banknote to the pennant chain every 4 cm. This makes a total of 20 perfect banknotes.

Fold the notes in like an accordion and tie them in the middle of the pennant garland. Pull the accordion open on both sides and fix it in the middle with a small strip of Sellotape to make nice round rosettes.

Wrap the Pennant Garland Around the Hot Air Balloon

Wrap the garland loosely around the hot air balloon and glue it to the lantern with the hot glue gun. In our case, our hot air balloon money gift had to survive 800 km of transport and I therefore glued the pennant garland and the basket to the balloon very generously. If you use a solar lantern like we did, make sure that the solar module on top of the lantern remains free, as it has to catch the sun. 🙂

Fill the Basket

"In the basket of the hot air balloon there is space for the greeting card or message for your hot air balloon wedding gift."

I used a pretty cake figure as the wedding couple as passengers in the balloon basket

Fill the basket for your hot air balloon money gift with filling material, you can use whatever you like. I used black and white paper chips that were in a packet as wrapping material.

Position the wedding couple so that the foot is covered and the figure stands well.

I added a small glass bottle rolled up and with a message in the basket to the bride and groom. Inside was a poem personally written for the wedding couple and all the co-givers signed underneath.

Hot Air Balloon Gift for a Wedding, Birth or Anniversary

We gave our hot air balloon money gift as a joint wedding gift. At least 100 Euros should be attached to the hot air balloon. There is no upper limit :-). In the basket, we put a figure of the bride and groom and a personal message signed by everyone in a small glass bottle.

It is just as suitable as a gift for a birth with a cuddly toy, dummy and bottle or the family with baby in the basket. For this, I would design the hot air balloon money gift with bows on the balloon instead of flags so that the balloon can be used as a cute lamp for the baby’s room.

For a birthday present, personalise the contents of the basket to suit the occasion and the recipient. You can fill it with funny products that make fun of old age, such as an artificial set of teeth, mummy stop, come down and lucky tin medicine or a travel voucher and products that go with the trip, etc.


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