Colourful homemade baby card idea with free template to print out

28. May 2022 - Anika Semmer

Homemade Baby Card Idea With a Excavator | Tutorial




Colourful and cheerful instead of light blue or pink. If you want to craft this homemade baby card idea for a baby, you can say goodbye to clichés! You can print out the excavator motif and baby for free and make the card in no time at all. 

Admittedly, this is my first self-made greetings card for the baby, which is stylistically out of the ordinary. No cute baby animals, bows and pastel colours in pink and blue, but a rustic digger and bright colours. And on top of that, the newborn baby is a girl named Mila. Of course, the idea didn’t come out of the blue, but the little one’s dad has a construction company. His trademark: orange excavators and big, heavy machines. But the motif is also great for excavator enthusiasts, construction workers and parents who have a relationship with construction and are, for example, building their own home.

The stork is a frequently seen guest in my circle of friends at the moment. The closer the friendship, the more important it is for me to give a personal touch to the gift I buy for the newborn. The easiest way to do this is to simply to look for homemade baby card ideas and do it yourself. It should be as individual and personal as possible, and suitable for the parents. For more distant acquaintances, it can be a little more general and I fall back on the typical baby animal motifs.

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How to Make a Homemade Baby Card Idea With Excavator

Instructions for making a homemade baby card idea with an excavator

Funny homemade Baby greeting card

I made this homemade baby card idea for a friend who owns a construction company

Time: 20-30 minutes (with templates)

I drew the baby and the digger myself, you can just print the template and use it. If your baby is a boy, you can also just stick on a baby sticker or you can do it yourself. It’s definitely worth getting all the craft materials you need from a craft shop or amazon* beforehand, then you can get started straight away. I have listed everything you need on the material list.

Material List*

How to Make This Homamde Baby Card Idea

With the instructions, you can make the front of the homemade baby card in no time

Tape, digger, baby and letters to the front of the card

First print out the baby and the digger and cut them out individually. If you want the motifs to look self-painted, simply paint over the printing ink with felt-tip pens.

Now stick the strips of tape diagonally onto the double card. Start on the long side of the card with a strip of dotted tape, stick a thin dark green strip close to it and then a turquoise strip of tape to finish it off and cut off any overhanging edges with the scissors.

Place the coloured dotted tape on the underside of the card directly next to the dark green strip, cut it diagonally to fit exactly and stick on a sloping strip. Add another narrow dark green strip and finish with a turquoise striped piece of tape.

Stick the dredger on top of this so that it stands directly on top and the baby in the dredger shovel.

Now stick on the heart stickers and the letters of the baby’s name for which you are making the baby greetings card and connect one letter and the baby with a heart with a looped line using black permanent marker. Draw a bow at the top end of the heart and the heart balloons are ready.

Customise the Inside of the Baby Card

The card set comes with an insert for the text. I simply applied the dotted and dark green tape to the long sides of the card to match.

On the left side of the card I stuck a bunch of heart stick and added the ropes and bows with the pen. Everyone who participated in the baby gift signed their names on the hearts.

Have fun making your homamde baby card idea!

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