Handmade birthday card with wishes on the front and inside of the card

7. August 2021 - Anika Semmer

Handmade Birthday Card With Warm Wishes - How to Make It | Tutorial




Beautiful birthday wishes come from the heart. With individual wishes, you can create a great, personal handmade birthday card and make someone very happy. 

All the happiness in the world, everything good, wonderful and beautiful that you can’t buy and that your big dream comes true – that’s what I wish for you. And much more! I want to show you that you are important to me, that I think of you, especially today on your birthday. There is nothing that shows so directly and clearly that a dear person is close to your heart like something homemade and personal for your birthday. Especially in our fast-moving digital world, it is something very special when a handmade birthday card flutters through the letterbox.

With these instructions, you can make a personal handmade birthday card in no time. You’ll find all the materials you need to make your own birthday card on the materials list*.

Let yourself be inspired for your personal handmade birthday greeting! On Abenteuer Freundschaft you can also find instructions for a birthday candle card, a heart envelope, a DIY gift voucher as a paper rose and many more ideas!

How to Make a Handmade Birthday Card With Wishes

Craft materials for a handmade birthday card

The greeting card is designed with wishes inside and out

Time: 30 minutes

There is space for 8 wishes on the card. On the template you can choose between 10 wishes and find 4 additional graphics. If, like me, you want to make a handmade birthday card for a woman, a floral motif is perfect. For a man, I would choose a different motif.


Crafting a Birthday Card With 2 Wishes

Handmade Birthday card craft with wishes on front and inside of card

Birthday card craft with wishes

  1. On the computer, use Word or the free OpenOffice to write Congratulations in font size 12 and capital letters and the name of your birthday boy or girl in font size 16 one below the other, with both letterings on a black background. Print out the lettering and the birthday card template and add any wishes that are missing. Wishes are for example: happiness, health, harmony, joy, wonder, all the best, love, tailwind, dreams, strength.
  2. Cut out both lettering and the wishes, leaving a white margin of about 3 mm around the outside.

    Happy birthday wishes for the handmade birthday card

    Happy birthday wishes – as text or symbol

  3. Using the triangle and pencil, draw a 9.5 cm x 14 cm rectangle on the navy blue clay paper and cut it out. Now cut out a 9.5 cm long and 5.5 cm wide strip from the motif paper and punch out two rosettes from kraft paper.
  4. Now glue the navy blue paper in the middle of the front of the card and the strip of motif paper in the middle. Stick the two wishes that are most important for the birthday boy or girl in a rosette at the top left and bottom right of the strip of motif paper. Now add the lettering one below the other at an angle on the bottom right of the card.
  5. Finally, remove two decorative ornaments from the Washi Tape and stick them onto the card at the top right and in front of the birthday child’s name.

Crafting the Inside of the Hand,ade Birth Card With 6 Wishes

Inside of the handmade birthday card with 6 wishes

The 6 wishes inside the card complement your text

  1. Cut two 0.5 cm wide and 10.5 cm long strips from the blue clay paper and stick them inside the card on the right and left as a border.
  2. Punch 6 rosettes out of the blue paper and glue 6 wishes on them.
  3. Now glue the rosettes with the wishes in the shape of flowers intertwined on the inside left of the birthday card. Finally, add a decorative ornament of washi tape in the middle.

That’s how easy it is to make this personal handmade birthday card with wishes!

There are many more crafting ideas and birthday ideas on Abenteuer Frendschaft! Whether creative, relaxing or exciting: on our leisure ideas portal you can find colourful ideas for leisure activities with friends, the family and for couples. Have a browse!

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