Halloween drinking games ensure a good mood at every Halloween party

20. October 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

3 Merciless Halloween Drinking Games That Even Poison Dracula




Courage or the true horror? These 3 Halloween drinking games decide about weal and woe at your Halloween party.

The nameless horror is approaching and all that will keep you and your friends from completely panicking, going insane and fleeing is the generous supply of alcohol at your Halloween party!

You are doomed!!! No one can escape the horror of Halloween night, so use the short time left to you for cool Halloween drinking games if you already have to go to hell. 🙂

3 Halloween Drinking Games That Will Provide a Frightfully Good Evening

1. Liq’ or Treat

What you need:

  • Snifter glasses (1 per player), possibly colored or opaque
  • Mixed drink that tastes good to just about everyone (gin-tonic, vodka-lemon, etc.)
  • similar looking shot of horror (or just pure liquor)

One (s) of you now pours a number of shot glasses full. In most comes something well drinkable such as gin-tonic, vodka-lemon or even whiskey-cola. The main thing is a mixed drink that most people like and that won’t knock your socks off right away. In some of the glasses, however, comes a pure spirit or even a spirit mix of horror. The important thing here is that the shots are visually indistinguishable. That’s why shot glasses made of colored glass or metal are a good choice.

Now another player (who doesn’t know what’s in which glass) lines up the shot glasses in rows of six and one after the other, all the players roll the dice to see which glass they have to take. On command, all must then exen their glass!

You can vary per round whether there are 1, 2 or even 3 jars of horror in a row of 6.

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2. Fill Up the Pumpkin Halloween Drinking Game

What you need:

  • A hollowed out pumpkin or plastic pumpkin that won’t leak liquid (makeshift: a bowl covered in Halloween designs).
  • As many different alcoholic drinks as possible
  • 1 deck of cards (52 cards)

his game works best when everyone drinks different beverages, because then the maximum punishment – drinking from the pumpkin – is much worse.

The cards are well shuffled and placed face down in a circle around the pumpkin. Establish certain meanings for all card values except 4, 8 and Ace.

For example: if you draw a king, you may ask anyone of your choice to drink, if you have a jack, you must face a compulsory task from your left neighbor, if you draw a 7, you must swap drinks with someone in the round, etc.

What happens with the cards 4, 8 and Ace, however, is certain! Whoever draws a 4 or 8 must pour a shot-sized sip of his drink into the pumpkin (possibly measure it with shot glasses). Whoever has the great misfortune to draw an ace, must drink the entire contents of the pumpkin….

Cheers!!! 😉

3. Snapping Apples with Small Shots

What you need:

  • large bowl with water
  • apples
  • small liquor bottles

A traditional Halloween game for children in the United States is apple snatching, which involves lifting floating apples out of a bowl with your mouth. This tradition served the adults as a template for one of the most popular Halloween drinking games: you hollow out the apples so far that you can put in small bottles of liquor from one side, with the opening sticking out the other side.

Now the adults have to get hold of the schnapps in the apple with their mouths and lift it out. You can also try if someone manages to drink the liquor right away, if you unscrew the lids first.

Looking for more Halloween drinking games? Then be sure to check out our horror movie drinking game. You can also find other Halloween games for adults and more Halloween ideas. On the Leisure Ideas portal, there are many ideas to discover for activities with friends, with kids and with your partner.

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