How to plan a Game of Thrones theme party and make it a legendary theme party

29. July 2017 - Anika Semmer

Game of Thrones Theme Party - This Is How Tyrion Would Throw His Party




Have a Game of Thrones theme party and immerse yourself in the world of the Seven Kingdoms. Who will keep up with Tyrion in the drinking game? These are the party ideas from real GOT fans!

Suspense, intrigue, sex, dangerous secrets, power struggles, awesome characters and a gripping storyline in a fantastic world – this is all Game of Thrones. It is a world that captivates millions of fans worldwide and makes them wait feverishly to see what will happen next with our smart hero Jon Snow, the clever and drinking Tyrion, the beastly Queen Cersei and, of course, the big-hearted, beautiful conqueror Daenerys with her three dragons.

For a fantastic Game of Thrones theme party, you can spring for lots of gold like the Lannisters or create a sparser Wall atmosphere in the style of the Night’s Watch (which is always broke). Since the cosmos of GoT includes completely different countries, peoples, cultures and heaps of awesome characters, a Game of Thrones theme party is perfect for getting really creative!

From the original drinking game from the series, to original costumes, creative snacks and Game of Thrones fan game: GoT brings everything that makes a theme party unforgettable!


10 Fantastic Tips for the Game of Thrones Theme Party

1. Game of Thrones Theme Party Preparation

If you’re having a Game of Thrones theme party, you get to fully commit to your favourite character, house or setting. Think about whether you want to have a opulent party like the Lannisters or the Freys’ famous red wedding, or a Spartan wall party at the Night’s Watch. First, think about where and how you’re going to have your Game of Thrones theme party.

  • Where do I have the theme party?
  • Do I celebrate rustic like the Starks of Winterfell, luxurious like the Lannisters or even lavish and self-indulgent like Tyrion? Stylish like Margaery Tyrell, a desert-hot summer party like in Dorne or a winter party at the icy Wall? Or do I even invite you to a macabre red wedding in the Freys’ twin towers? 😉
  • What decoration do I get for it?
  • What drinks and food will go with it?
  • Do I want to prepare a funny, exciting or entertaining GOT game as a party highlight?
  • Do I have the Game of Thrones soundtrack (of at least one season) and at least 1 episode on DVD / Bluray?
  • What do I have to buy beforehand?

2. Invitation to the Game of Thrones theme party from the Maester

In the world of Game of Thrones, the maesters and highborn lords and ladies write their invitations to the Game of Thrones theme party on parchment. There are several large families with family crests who seal their letters with sealing wax and a seal of their heraldic animal (see amazon offer below). Of course, you can also type the invitation on the computer and just use a family crest as the background! Then simply roll it up, tie it with a red or blue satin ribbon or seal it.

20 Blatt Briefpapier Antik & History ALTES PAPIER - DIN A4 Format - Paper-Media
20 Blatt Briefpapier Antik & History ALTES PAPIER - DIN A4 Format - Paper-Media
Briefpapier ist EINSEITIG bedruckt - Rückseite Weiß.
3,38 EUR
Hand of the King Wax Seal Kit
Hand of the King Wax Seal Kit
Vom CollectorsUniversum; Running Press (Author)

Family coats of arms of the most important noble families

  • Starks of Winterfell – grey direwolf (on white)
  • Lannisters of Casterly Rock – golden lion (on red)
  • Graufreuds of Pyke – Golden Kraken (on black)
  • Tyrells of Rose Garden – Golden Rose (on green)
  • Martells of Sunspear – Golden spear piercing a red sun (on orange)
  • Targaryens of Dragonstone – Three-headed red dragon (on black)
  • Baratheons of Storm Cape – Black Stag (on gold)
  • Tullys of Swiftwater – Silver Trout (on blue and red wave pattern)
  • Arryns of Hohenehr – White Hawk and Moon (on blue)
  • Boltons of Greystone – Skinned Man (on dark blue)

3. Create a Real GoT Atmosphere


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For the atmosphere of your theme party, it is important that as many guests as possible take on the role of a character from GOT. In the invitation, ask your guests to come to the theme party as a character from Game of Thrones. Those who don’t like to dress up can also come with tousled hair in their everyday look as “wildlings” – or with a bit of white theatre make-up and leftover blood from Halloween as White Walkers 😉

Those who bring snacks will score points with wolf-shaped biscuits, hard-boiled stuffed dragon eggs, etc.  And of course, the epic soundtrack of the series is a must! If you don’t have entire episodes playing in the background anyway, you can find a number of videos on YouTube, such as this epic compilation of all the series deaths in seasons 1-6.

For true Game of Thrones fans, an original Game of Thrones game is a real party highlight. Creatives can go all out here and host a Game of Thrones quiz or watch one of our game tips in this article.

4. Fantastic Game of  Thrones Theme Party Decoration

Anything that fits Game of Thrones is suitable as decoration! If you don’t want to commit to matching decorations to a House of the 7 Kingdoms, you can simply use anything that belongs to the series as decorations. Hang up a map of the world of Game of Thrones – these maps are included in many DVD boxes of the series! Hang an eye-catching Targaryen banner, put up a miniature of the Iron Throne and have Mugs of Direwolf ready to toast with later, roaring KING OF THE NORTH! Etc.

Decorative Motifs:

  • Dragons
  • Wolves
  • Deer
  • Roses
  • Snakes
  • Medieval weapons such as swords and lances

Game Of Thrones Stark Winter Is Coming Tournament Banner
Game Of Thrones Stark Winter Is Coming Tournament Banner
Offizielles Lizenzprodukt Game of Thrones Turnierbanner von Calhoun; 100% gewebtes Polyester, Siebdruck-Design (nur eine Seite)
Height (cm): 18.00; Company: Dark Horse Comics; Release date: 2015; Series: Games of Thrones
129,99 EUR
Großes Game of Thrones Rollbild / Kakemono aus Stoff Poster, 100x40cm, Motiv: Mottos der Häuser
Großes Game of Thrones Rollbild / Kakemono aus Stoff Poster, 100x40cm, Motiv: Mottos der Häuser
Großes Kakemono (Rollbild) mit Game of Thrones Motiv; Farbiger Druck auf Stoff; Größe ca.: 100x39cm

Decoration tTips for the Small Purse:

  • You can easily make your own dragon eggs as decorations! Simply use 3 balloons, blow them up, cover them with cardboard mesh, let the whole thing dry and paint scales on each egg (egg colours: green, black-reddish, gold).
  • Print out different family crests on A4, cut them out and make a flag garland out of them, which you can stretch across the room or hang on the wall.

5. Game of Thrones Theme Party Outfit for Women

Take on the role of a character and dress and do your hair like them.

  • Daenerys: light blue dress, wig with long white blonde hair, a dragon on her shoulder (see below) 🙂
  • Arya: worn trousers and shirt, short dark brown fuzzy hair, needle around her waist
  • Sansa: dress in medieval look, wig with long red hair, elaborate make-up
  • Catelyn Stark: Medieval dress, dark hair
  • Shae: provocative silk dress or oriental dress, dark hair and gold jewellery, money pouch for her earnings on her hip
  • Cersei: medieval dress in royal colours, long blonde hair or barefoot in a penitent shirt with short hair following her Walk of Shame
  • Gilly: torn or plain clothes, plain make-up and plain hairstyle – tie a baby doll around as an accessory in a sling
  • Wildling woman: plain, worn clothing in muted colours, arms belted around the waist
  • Living Dead: zombie outfit 🙂
  • Nymeria / Lady: Full-body costume of a wolf

Game of Thrones is set in a fictional world with many peoples – reminiscent of all sorts of eras and cultures in world history. This is great, because it means you can choose a costume that particularly appeals to you on a whim. So if you don’t embody any particular character, you can simply slip into a medieval dress as a lady from Westeros, into a Roman tunic, lightly dressed in a warrior look like a Sand Snake from Dorne, thickly wrapped up like someone from the North, seductive like a courtesan from Lys, etc.

Mask Paradise Drachenmutter: Mother of Dragons, XXL, Blau
Mask Paradise Drachenmutter: Mother of Dragons, XXL, Blau
Mother of Dragons Kostümset; raffiniert geschnittenes Kleid mit asymmetrischem Saum; Pagodenschulter mit Schulterpolstern
107,79 EUR

6. Game of Thrones Theme Party Outfit for Men

Dress and do your hair like one of the characters from the series / books:

  • King Baratheon: medieval royal robe, full beard, dark brown hair and a beer belly – a tankard of wine makes a good prop….
  • Joffrey Baratheon: fine medieval robe, short blond hair and wicked “toys” like a bow and arrow or a sword as props
  • Jon Snow: long black cloak, black half-length hair, sword around his waist
  • Ned Stark: plain medieval clothes, wig with half-length brown hair, sword around the waist
  • Jamie Lannister: knight’s armour or noble clothes, fair hair, sword
  • Tyrion Lannister: fine clothes, rings on the hips, well filled money bag on the hip, tankard of wine / wine bottle
  • The Hound: torn clothes in dark colours, wig with stringy dark hair, scars on his face, a large sword around his waist
  • Maester: long robe, scroll and feather as accessories
  • Summer / Shaggy Dog / Greywind / Ghost: full body costume of a wolf
  • Drogon / Rhaegal / Viserion: full body costume of a dragon
  • White Walker: White make-up and painted on deep wrinkles
  • Living Dead: Zombie outfit
  • Khal Drogo: Topless in summer :-), wide trousers, wig with a thick black plait and black framed eyes, weapon strapped around his waist

If you don’t embody a particular character, you can simply go as a warrior, a slave, a wildling, a ruler from an exotic land or a sailor.

Game of Thrones Maske Nachtkönig
Game of Thrones Maske Nachtkönig
Für Erwachsene.; Game of Thrones.; Maske Nachtkönig.
shoperama Schwarze Krieger Perücke mit Zopf für Herren Game of Thrones LARP Dothraki Khal Drogo Kostüm
shoperama Schwarze Krieger Perücke mit Zopf für Herren Game of Thrones LARP Dothraki Khal Drogo Kostüm
Farbe: Schwarz; Einheitsgröße (fällt eher groß aus); Versand aus Deutschland; Zum Karneval, für Mottopartys oder andere Kostümveranstaltungen
32,94 EUR Amazon Prime

7. Play the Original Drinking Game at Your Game of Thrones Theme Party


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Tyrion Lannister loves wine, women – and drinking games. In one scene in the series, he is drinking with the mercenary Bronn and the prostitute Shae, playing the game Never have I ever. The drinking game works like this: A player starts a sentence with I never and adds something.

For example, I have never paid for sex – the more provocative, the more interesting the reactions of the other players. Because anyone who has very well done that…. has to drink. Detailed instructions for the drinking game never have I ever with the best 100 questions can of course also be found at Abenteuer Freundschaft.

If you have also planned series watching as a highlight at the party, you can combine this wonderfully with a drinking game! Check out this article on TV drinking games for popular TV shows for ideas.

8. Food in the 7 Kingdoms and Exotic Countries

For snacks, you can provide finger food, which you can set in scene by giving it a name that fits the theme. To do this, simply label a party skewer with the name of the snack and insert it decoratively. There are also special Game of Thrones cookbooks with fantastic ideas!

Lay a sinuous snake of cheese cubes, halved tomatoes, grapes and mini mozzarellas as a Dornish snake steak. A bowl of salad with wild herb flowers is then Tyrell’s Harvest from Rose Garden. A bowl of golden biscuits is Tywin Lannister’s Golden Treasure. And if you’re planning to bake a cake – then lemon cake in a wolf silicone mould, because that’s Sansa’s favourite!

A Game of Thrones – Das offizielle Kochbuch
A Game of Thrones – Das offizielle Kochbuch
Chelsea Monroe-Cassel (Author)
29,90 EUR Amazon Prime
A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook
A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook
Measures about 9 2/5-inches tall x 7 7/10-inches wide.; 240 pages. Ages 17 and up.
21,99 EUR Amazon Prime
Cuticuter Game of Thrones Pack Ausstechform, Blau, 16 x 14 x 1.5 cm, 4 Stück
Cuticuter Game of Thrones Pack Ausstechform, Blau, 16 x 14 x 1.5 cm, 4 Stück
Ausstechform, modernes Design; Maße je Cutter: 8 cm x 7 cm x 1.5 cm; Ideal für Veranstaltungen, Geburtstag und alle Arten von Feiern für bringt eine original
26,96 EUR Amazon Prime

9. Game of Thrones Drinking Party

In Game of Thrones, the main drink is wine! Of course, this doesn’t mean that you only offer wine to your guests – but it’s best if everyone drinks the beverage of their choice from a wine glass or, even better, a wine goblet.

If you want to offer cocktails or play a drinking game, simply name the drink appropriately. Instead of Sex on the Beach – Tyrion’s Pleasure, a red cocktail becomes Dragon’s Blood, a cocktail with lots of coconut milk or cream becomes Wolf’s Milk and beer is the Water of the Night Watch 😉

Tip: If you have time, write the name of the drink on self-adhesive labels and stick them on the bottles.

10. Music and Series

The Game of Thrones soundtrack belongs to every real Game of Thrones theme party! There’s a soundtrack for every season available as iTune, mp3, to buy on vinyl or CD – or you can use YouTube and put together a playlist of tunes.

You can also play the best scenes from the series on the TV – or projected from the beamer. I would set the sound to silent – otherwise the party will end in general binge-watching and everyone will gather in front of the TV :-).

We’ve got lots more ideas for theme parties, including the best theme parties for adults and 111 great theme ideas on the party themes list. Browse our treasure trove of ideas and get inspired every day for activities with friends, family and your sweetheart!

Stay up to date and follow Abenteuer Freundschaft on Facebook and Instagram!

Image source Cover photo: Game of Thrones by twipzdeeauxilia at CC BY-SA 2.0.

*There are affiliate links in this article. This means that if you order a product from amazon via one of these links, Abenteuer Freundschaft will receive a small commission without the product becoming more expensive for you.


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