10 theme parties for adults to make every party a success

19. March 2017 - Anika Semmer

10 Best Theme Parties for Adults - Celebrate Legendary!




Original, stylish and unforgettable – with an ingenious theme a party becomes the highlight of the year. The best theme parties for adults offer every guest room for their own imagination and let him choose to implement the motto simple or elaborate..

Your friends include many carnival-loving adults who love to dress up? That’s a super premise! But the best theme parties for adults also take into account the one disguise muffle: they are easy to implement in principle, but at the same time offer a lot of freedom for creativity and imagination. So no one feels forced and each guest can decide for himself how much effort he makes with his disguise. Finally, all should feel comfortable in their skin.

10 Ingenious Ideas for Theme Parties for Adults

Theme parties can be celebrated at any time of year and for any occasion! With the right theme, a nice standard party turns into a unique event that will cause a storm of excitement.  In this post you will find the best theme parties for adults. They provide a unique atmosphere, make visually a lot and are good for all guests are implementable, even regardless of budget and their enthusiasm for costumes.

1. Stars and Starlets – Hollywood Party

Glitz and glamour with many famous guests. Slip as a host into the role of your favorite star and invite to a special VIP theme party. Every guest has the free choice how imaginatively he implements the motto and can come as a rock star, the Dude, Marilyn Monroe or movie character. A red carpet, ready Instant Cameras and a Foto Booth with disguise accessories provide for party mood. Who does not dream of being a star for one night?

Costume ideas: The Dude in a bathrobe, Marilyn Monroe with blonde curls and wide white dress, James Bond in a fancy suit, Alice in Wonderland, John Wayne or Johnny Depp with down glasses and hat.

Party Deco: A red carpet, movie posters, movie accessories.

Catering: Cocktails with names of famous movie stars, buffet with American appetizers like mini burgers, cake pops, popcorn etc.

Music: Soundtracks from famous Hollywood movies by great film composers like Ennio Morricone*, Hans Zimmer and for party atmosphere from films by Quentin Tarrantino.

'MARILYN' (dress, belt) - (S)
"MARILYN" (dress, belt) - (S)
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2. Venetian Masked Ball – Mysterious Encounters

One of the top 10 theme parties for adults is a Venetian Masquerade Ball

One of the best theme parties for adults is a Venetian Masquerade Ball

Elegant modern or historical dresses and eye masks create mysterious flair at a Venetian masked ball. Such a theme party is particularly suitable for large occasions, when many guests come together who do not know each other well. Candlelight, dim lighting and cozy seating areas for guessing who the exciting other person is are all part of it. It is also one of the best theme parties for adults, if there are several disguise muffle, because in case of doubt, even a half-mask in the Venetian style is enough..

Costume ideas: Elegant evening dress with a matching mask. Cinderella in a lavishly beautiful ball gown, baroque lace-trimmed dresses from the costume shop or an elegant modern cocktail dress. In addition, a beautiful Venezian half mask and a feather fan. Men wear suits or tuxedos and are free to choose their mask from Zorro to the Phantom of the Opera to the classic Venetian face mask..

Party Deco: Masks and hand fans, dim lights, candlesticks with real candles.

Catering: finger food, canapes, cocktails with mysterious names.

Music: Classic Pop, e.g. music by David Garrett, Rondò Veneziano or Lindsey Sterling

Smiffys Kostüm Pestarzt, mit Oberteil, Umhang, Handschuhen und lederartigem Hut
Smiffys Kostüm Pestarzt, mit Oberteil, Umhang, Handschuhen und lederartigem Hut
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3. Saloon Theme Party for Adults – Adventures in the Wild West

In the Wild West, beautiful ladies, tough cowboys and gunslingers and shady dazzling crooks meet in the saloon. There is gambling – sometimes with marked cards – sharp shooting and the alcohol flows in streams. Honkey Tonkmusik provides for genuine tendency. A Saloon theme party naturally needs a bar with stylish, oddball bartenders – a funny gag here can also be a life-size stand-up made of cardboard. Tables with dice and cards invite you to play.

Costume ideas: Lady in frilly dress, pistol heroine, cowboy in check shirt with hat and boots, gangster in black pinstripe suit with monocle, Lucky Luke, Bud Spencer and Terence Hill , stagecoach driver in livery.

Party Deco: A rustic bar with many bottles in the background, cowboy hats, horseshoes, gramophone, game tables with dice and cards, dart board with arrows on the wall, old frames with black and white photos on the walls.
Catering: Chilli con Carne, bean stew, stick bread with hearty dips.

Music: Soundtracks of famous westerns like A Fistfull of Dollars, For a few Dollars more, Country or Dark Country music.

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4. 20S Party – Style, Elegance and Glamour

The 20s with swing, Charleston and irresistibly elegant clothes are ideal for glamorous theme parties for adults. It is the time of chic hoodlums with galoshes, playful beautiful Charleston dresses, perky bob hairstyles and water wave.

Costume ideas: Women wear feather boas, feathers in the hair, fringe, lace, beads, long gloves, water wave or a bob wig and make up their eyes seductively dark. Men wear hats, suspenders and side parting, a white shirt with vest or jacket or come as a famous star guest, such as Charlie Chaplin or the legendary gangster Al Capone..

Party Deco: Beautifully set and arranged buffet tables with snacks on silver platters. Kronleuchter, Pfauenfedern und Straußenfedern, Glitzer, Glassteingirlanden und Strass als Deko.

Catering: Champagner pyramids & vintage cocktails like Singapore Sling

Musik: Soundtrack of the movie The Great Gatsby, Swing or Electro Swing or a big band

5. Vintage Circus Theme Party – Set Fantasy Free

In the 19th century, the circus was the place for dazzling characters, mimes, stunning performers and colorful personalities. When you visit the circus, you enter another world with a special atmosphere. What better place for a theme party? If you have a garden, you can also set up a party tent there and hire a fortune teller or a magician. Colorful and exotic this motto fits super to a summer party!
Costume ideas: Wreck and top hat as a magician Houdini, ballerina dresses and tulle skirts, female artists in delicate dresses, mimes in black and white, snake dancer, mysterious gentleman, strong men. Otherwise fits colorful clothes with stripes or dots, feathers, top hat and fancy hat – and of course a joker can slip into a full-body costume and become a gorilla or tiger..

Party Deco: garlands, flags, lots of balloons, costume accessories.

Catering: Pink and white cotton candy, crepes, roasted almonds, exotic food with sounding names like Ragout Artistique, Flying Elephant etc.

Music: Circus music, Gypsy music, Electro Gypsy or a live band.

Smiffys Zirkusdirektor Kostüm, Rot, mit Jacke, Kragen & Mini-Zylinder
Smiffys Zirkusdirektor Kostüm, Rot, mit Jacke, Kragen & Mini-Zylinder
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6. Oriental Theme Party – Exotic Like 1001 Nights

Warm colors, exotic scents and oriental sounds. Sherehazade whisked her sultan away to the realm of fairy tales and fantasy with 1001 tales. With oriental music, comfortable seat cushions, airy cloths and oriental spiced snacks, this motto can be atmospherically implemented. A staged oil lamp in the style of Aladdin’s magic lamp, an oriental carpet or even a fairy tale teller booked for the party are possible highlights of an oriental theme party..

Costume ideas: Light airy dresses, golden big earrings, veil and dark made-up eyes, clothes in red, purple, turban or harem pants.

Party decoration: rugs, seat cushions on the floor, trays with teapot and fresh Moroccan mint tea, veils and scarves in warm colors, tea lights, lanterns and Indian paper lanterns. Those who wish can light incense sticks.

Catering: Food with curry, turmeric, coriander and coconut milk, tabouli salad, cinnamon pastry.

Music:Badance music, indian music, Bollywood music, classical Arabic music, Arabic rock or hip-hop.

7. James Bond Theme Party – Casino Royale

Smart agents, beautiful KGB spies and charismatic agents. For a fancy James Bond theme party the movies plenty of inspiration. Casino atmosphere like in Casino Royale offers a table with roulette game and another table for poker duels. The most iconic James Bond movies are playing on the TV. Miss Moneypenny serves vodka martini – shaken not stirred, of course.

Costume ideas: Elegant evening gowns, the movie villains and beautiful women provide plenty of room for inspiration. Goldfinger, M – head of the secret service, the nerdy Q, Miss Moneypenny in a tight little black dress with updo, Miss Frost and many agents undercover with a tie, bow tie, sunglasses and the toy gun Walther PPK..
Party Deco: martini glasses with olives on sticks, inventions of Q such as 3D glasses, an ancient cell phone etc.

Catering: vodka martini, gin and tonic, champagne stylish in champagne cooler and 007 different snacks with ketchup gun

Music: Soundtrack from James Bond movies, for example Goldfinger by Shirley Bassey, From Russia with Love by Matt Manro and You only live Twice by Nancy Sinatra.

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8. Black and White Theme Party – Classic and Elegant

For the black and white theme party, these colors are program. The entire location should be as black and white as possible. White tiled rooms are best suited, there you paste over every second tile with black foil like a chessboard. The walls, of course, decorate only black and white photos. The ideal elegant theme party, where not even die-hard costume muffle can nag: because everyone finally has something black and white in the closet!

Costume ideas: Black suit with white pocket square or white lily in the buttonhole or white southern suit. Little black with white pumps, white handbag and white aviator sunglasses, plaid domino with accessories. Who wants to go all out, of course, can also make up black and white!

Party Deco: everything in black and white – cover tables with white blankets, attach black curtains, light by a black light lamp, black and white balloons.

Catering: White and black snacks like mozzarella and olive skewers, very dark and white chocolate mousse.

Music: free choice of music, although Black or White by Michael Jackson is of course ideal.

9. Fantasy Theme Party – Journey to the World of Fantasy

In the realm of fantasy, anything is possible! Noble elf princes, legendary figures, warrior women, superheroes and famous heroes from literature and television celebrate a lavish party together. A fantasy theme party can look very different. Whether Bilbo Baggins (Lord of the Rings) rushing birthday party with fireworks and colorful lanterns or a tea party in Wonderland with Alice and the Hatter.

Fantasy is one of the adult theme parties that are excellent for large parties, where original live acts make the experience unforgettable. For example, at a backyard fantasy celebration like Bilbo’s birthday party, fire artists can perform, and grill lembas bread (stick bread) and baked potatoes on bonfires. And when Captain Spock sits next to the White Rabbit at Alice’s tea party and Jon Snow from A Game of Thrones cheers, it’s not just the photos from this celebration that are legendary.  Fantasy parties are colorful, all disguises are allowed – and that makes this celebration enjoyable for every guest.

Costume ideas: Elf, Hobbit, Wizard, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, a Mermaid, White Walkers, Centaurs, Harry Potter or Batman…. Bright colors and daring color combinations are ideal. Who does not like to dress up can also just use a simple accessory – for example, elf ears, vampire teeth, a blue or pink wig..

Party decoration: Colorful, atmospheric and imaginative. Candles, lanterns, lanterns, garlands, fantasy accessories such as divination ball, wizard hat, sword, the Holy Grail chalice.
Catering: Finger food with fantasy names on skewers: Lembas bread (crackers), Orc battle platter (antipasti platter with olives and grilled vegetables), fairy magic (cream sprinkled with sugar glitter), glass jugs with colorful drinks like strawberry punch, peppermint liqueur, cocktail swimming pool, beer from the barrel to tap…

Music: Epic fantasy soundtracks from great classic movies and series like Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, A Game of Thrones, Alice in Wonderland

10. Country Theme Party – Uncomplicated and Colorful

International, colorful and creative. At the country theme party every guest embodies his favorite country or a country of his choice.and the best of the countries of this world gather at the party.

As decoration serve vacation souvenirs and postcards, posters of distant countries, etc.. The right party lighting provides the mood and the theme and the choice of clothing already provide plenty of material for topics of conversation. Unbeatable at this theme party is the possible variety of snacks and drinks. To provide right at the beginning for conversation, the celebration begins with a country guessing game: Which guest embodies which country?

Costume ideas: Hawaiian dancer, Indian woman in sari, torrero, Scotsman in kilt, Frenchman with beret, kimono for Japan, sombrero and mustache for Mexico, tropical suit, caricature of a German tourist with socks, sandals, floppy hat and fat camera.

Party Deco: Hang postcards from different countries on a clothesline, flags made of fabric, flower necklaces, wall garlands in country colors, vacation accessories, lanterns filled with sand and shells, party tableware with country prints, Chinese paper fans etc.

Catering: For each continent a snack, finger food from different country cuisines, a typical cocktail from each continent.

Music: Party music to taste from all countries of the world.

Erhältlich ist das mehrteilige Kostümset in der Größe L
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These theme parties for adults are guaranteed to make a milestone birthday, farewell or welcome party, or surprise party unforgettable!

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