TV drinking games for popular series like Game of Thrones

24. February 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

5 TV Drinking Games Based on Popular Series - Bingewatch and Scotch


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Watching series with friends has become a cult hobby. And these TV drinking games for 5 of the Germans’ favourite series will bring some extra, humid fun to your series evening.

Weekly ritual or binge-watching marathon: watching series together with friends and diving into the zombie world of The Walking Dead* or a thrilling crime scene together is a popular pastime that has inspired more and more people in recent years.

Watching with several people, you join in the fever with the heroes, laugh at gags or are shocked by unforeseen twists, which enhances the experience immensely. In addition, during and after an episode you can discuss intensively, spin theories about what will happen next and what which series character is up to at the moment. Far from being a passive viewer, a series evening with friends is interactive pleasure!

If your group of friends also likes to drink together, TV drinking games are a great way to raise the level of interactivity while watching series! Agree on a drink that you all like and that is not too high in alcohol, and set some rules for when you have to drink during the respective series. Basically, for all film or TV drinking games, there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to setting rules. These are our tips for TV drinking games for 5 of the most popular series in Germany.

5 TV Drinking Games Based on Cult Series – Cheers!



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After almost 47 years and over 1,000 episodes, the Tatort is still the most popular German television series. This is also due to the fact that the different locations and investigator teams provide variety and offer something for almost every taste: the tough Lena Odenthal in Ludwigshafen, the slapstick duo Börne and Thiel in Münster, the eccentric-experimental crime scenes with Felix Murot from Wiesbaden or the now classic, veteran investigator duos Ballauf and Schenk (Cologne) and Batic and Leitmayr (Munich).

For many Germans, Tatort on Sundays is a fixed ritual that they commit while public viewing in the pub or together with friends or family in front of the television at home. Die Krimiserie bietet sich jedenfalls auch wunderbar für ein Trinkspiel an, z.B. mit folgenden Regeln:

You have to drink 1x when…

  • a murder occurs
  • someone calls police officers cops
  • a policeman pulls a gun
  • a superior puts pressure on the investigators
  • one of the investigators flirts with someone
  • Börne makes a joke about Alberich
  • Batic swears in Croatian
  • Ritter makes a joke about Felix’s height
  • Lena Odenthal falls in love

You have to drink twice when…

  • a (further) murder brings the investigators out of the working day or the weekend
  • the investigators quarrel again
  • one of the investigators puts himself in unnecessary danger on his own initiative
  • witnesses or perpetrators collapse during interrogation
  • Max Ballauf and Freddy Schenk from Cologne are eating a curry sausage

Tatort;(1)Blockbuster [2 DVDs]
Tatort;(1)Blockbuster [2 DVDs]
Tatort;(1)Blockbuster [2 DVDs]; PHYSICAL_TV_SERIES; Icestorm-Unterhaltung; Ulmen, Christian, Tschirner, Nora, Hinrichs, Fabian (Actors)
30,96 EUR Amazon Prime

Big Bang Theory


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While Tatort may have the longest tradition, the most popular series among Germans at the moment is Big Bang Theory. The quirky sitcom from the USA about four nerdy physicists, their good-looking neighbour Penny (the blonde All American Girl) and their attempts as highly intelligent superbrains to cope with the everyday reality of normal people.

Here are some rules that make Big Bang Theory an ultra-nerdy drinking game!

You have to drink 1 time when…

  • Sheldon hartnäckig an eine Tür klopft, obwohl niemand öffnet
  • Sheldon jemanden dazu auffordert SEINEN Platz zu verlassen
  • die Nerds etwas in der Cheesecake Factory essen
  • Howard über Sex spricht
  • Howards Mutter zu hören ist
  • Raj sich traut, mit einer Frau zu sprechen
  • jemand Star Trek oder Star Wars erwähnt oder darauf anspielt

You have to drink twice when…

  • Sheldon wears a superhero costume
  • Sheldon says: I’m not crazy, my mother had me examined!
  • someone makes fun of the fact that Howard doesn’t have a PhD yet
  • Raj talks about India
  • Raj Skyping with his parents in India
  • One of the nerds mentions something scientific to Penny that she doesn’t understand

Finish drink when…

  • Penny or Sheldon Soft Kitty Singing
  • Howard imitating Stephen Hawking
  • Amy Sheldon kissing

The Big Bang Theory - Staffel 11 [Blu-ray]
The Big Bang Theory - Staffel 11 [Blu-ray]
Galecki, Johnny, Parsons, Jim, Helberg, Simon (Actors); Audience Rating: Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren

The Simpsons


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What can be said about the Simpsons that hasn’t already been said? The world’s most famous yellow family has long since made it into the Guinness Book of Records several times over: the longest-running animated series on television, the most appearances by celebrity guest stars in a series and, last but not least, the largest number of donuts seen in a TV series to date!

For The Simpsons, we propose rules that are a little different from those of other TV drinking games: At the beginning, each player chooses a member of the Simpsons family to impersonate in the game or this is determined by lot. When who has to drink is determined by these rules:.

Homer must drink when he…

  • Says to himself angrily No! (English: D’ Oh!)
  • eats a donut
  • burps
  • Bart würgt (2 x trinken)
  • eine völlig absurde Fantasie oder einen Traum hat (2 x)
  • auf der Arbeit beim tatsächlichen Arbeiten zu sehen ist (3 x)

Marge has to drink when she…

  • Homer Homey calls
  • scolds a family member
  • lets out her typical grumble
  • her hair changes shape or colour on purpose or by accident (2 x)
  • kisses Homer (2 x)
  • falls into gambling, alcohol or another addiction (3 x)

Bart must drink when he…

  • says Aye Caramba
  • gets beaten up by Nelson or another bully
  • plays a prank on a teacher or Principal Skinner
  • makes a prank phone call (2x)
  • gets caught / reprimanded by Principal Skinner (2x)
  • has learned a lesson and does something undoubtedly good (3 x)

Lisa must drink when she…

  • plays the saxophone
  • cares about nature / the environment
  • teaches someone about something, showing their extensive knowledge
  • energetically comes to school to answer a question (2 x)
  • she rebuffs an approach from Milhouse (2 x)
  • exceptionally does something completely selfish (3 x)

Maggie needs to drink when she…

  • appears in a scene with Marge
  • falls down while trying to walk
  • sucking on her dummy
  • sucking on something other than her dummy (2 x)
  • looks at Itchy and Scrachy (2 x)
  • handles a tool or a weapon (3 x)

Simpsons Monsterbox (Season 1-9)
Simpsons Monsterbox (Season 1-9)
Matt Groening (Director); Audience Rating: Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren

The Walking Dead


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Hard, brutal and dark – that’s how many of the US series of recent years are, which does not detract from their international success, on the contrary! The post-apocalyptic zombie series The Walking Dead is particularly dangerous for people with weak stomachs. In this respect, it can be assumed that fans of the series are hardy and can also take a lot accordingly. That’s why The Walking Dead is an ideal template for particularly tough TV drinking games!

Drink once when…

  • someone gets too close to a zombie and narrowly escapes
  • Daryl cocks his crossbow
  • someone shouts loudly at Carl
  • Michonne draws her katana sword
  • Rick points his gun at a human
  • Victor emphasises that he doesn’t want to kill anyone

Drink twice when…

  • someone is bitten by a zombie
  • one of the heroes dies
  • Carol does her own thing again
  • the governor gets angry
  • Negan threatens someone in the form of a joke
  • Glen and Maggie are (temporarily) separated
  • Ezekiel’s tigress Shiva is seen

Empty the cup when…

  • One of the heroes betrays or lies to the others
  • Negan mentions Lucille or brings her into action
  • One of the heroes kills another person
  • Rick does his hero thing again

The Walking Dead - Die komplette achte Staffel [Blu-ray]
The Walking Dead - Die komplette achte Staffel [Blu-ray]
Lincoln, Andrew, Reedus, Norman, Riggs, Chandler (Actors); Audience Rating: Freigegeben ab 18 Jahren
24,33 EUR

Game of Thrones


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That’s what I do – I drink and I know things! – Tyrion Lannister

Let’s move on to what is currently the most successful series of all time, the bloodthirsty and surprising fantasy spectacle Game of Thrones, whose huge fan base also includes the authors.

Those who know and love the series know that there are plenty of opportunities to drink in it. For example, if you were to make a rule like Drink every time someone draws a sword, you probably wouldn’t make it through an entire episode before everyone was lying on the ground shattered. The following is a selection of possible rules that you should combine, vary or expand as you see fit.

You must drink 1 time when…

  • The words of a house are quoted, e.g. Winter is Coming etc.
  • Ygritte sagt: Du weißt gar nichts, Jon Schnee! (You know nothing Jon Snow!)
  • someone says: A Lannister always pays his debts.
    Melisandre says: The night is black and full of terrors.
  • someone calls Jon Schnee a bastard
  • Hodor Hodor says
  • Arya calls herself a nobody
  • Tyrion drinks
  • someone has sex (double drink for incest!)
  • someone makes a lewd joke
  • Daenerys is called Khaleesi
  • Arya is cheeky or doesn’t do what is asked of her

You have to drink twice if…

  • a dragon breathes fire
  • someone is mutilated
  • Person X is declared the only rightful king of Westeros
  • Faith X is declared the only true faith
  • Jorah Mormont looks at his arm which is infested with grey scales
  • Jaime Lannister is referred to as the Kingslayer
  • someone mentions the Night’s Watch
  • one of the 7 Gods is mentioned

You have to drink three times when…

  • Daenerys says Dracarys
  • White walkers appear
  • someone is beheaded
  • Bran has visions or wargs into an animal or a man
  • someone from the Night’s Watch says his vows


  • When a naked woman is seen all men must drink!
  • If a naked man is to be seen all women must drink!


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