You can make beautiful egg carton daffodils as a springtime decoration.

6. April 2019 - Alexander Schmidt

Egg Carton Daffodils – How to Craft Them in No Time | Tutorial




With an egg carton, a few cuts, paint and glue you can make pretty daffodils. In this upcycling craft idea you give a disposable object a new life as a spring flower. Here’s how!

Blue forget-me-nots, yellow primroses, white anemones: when they bloom, spring is here! But one flower simply belongs to Easter: the daffodil or daffodil. For this Easter, it went to the daffodils tinker as a table decoration! If you take a look at my craft ideas at Abenteuer Freundschaft, you’ll quickly see: I’m a big upcycling fan. The cardboard insides of toilet rolls, crown caps, tin cans and recycled glass are repurposed, designed and reborn as pretty decorations or utilitarian objects. Good for the environment, inexpensive and looks great too.

From an egg carton Easter bells tinker is simple and is wonderfully suitable as a craft idea with children. If you glue a green drinking straw to the calyx instead of three curved leaves like I did, you get a pretty daffodil bouquet. Daffodils come in yellow or as “fried eggs”, with orange calyx and white petals.

How to Make Daffodils From an Empty Egg Carton

When making egg carton daffodils, one step is to paint the flower parts

Acrylic paints have a nice luminosity and dry quickly

You can make several daffodils from one egg carton. What color the egg carton is doesn’t matter, because the flowers will be painted anyway. I used acrylic paint for rich, bright colors. However, watercolors can be used just as well.

Material List*

  • Empty egg carton
  • Yellow, green, orange, white, black acrylic paint (or watercolor when crafting with kids)
  • All-purpose glue or hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Craft mat or newspaper

1. Pre-draw and Cut Out Shapes

Not only from paper, also from an egg carton you can craft daffodils, which are a real eye-catcher.

Paint the petals of the daffodil on the bulged cut-outs

First, trace the petals onto the bottom half of the egg carton. From one recess, you get two petals. So that the flower stands well, let the lower end of a petal end on the horizontal recess. Now place a 1-euro piece on the egg carton lid, go around it and cut out a round circle. For the stamens inside the flower, simply cut a piece of egg carton five times.

You can make daffodils from an empty egg carton, which make wonderful decorations.

These are all the individual pieces you need to make daffodils

Trace the three leaves onto one of the dividers between the cutouts for the eggs and cut them out. They should be longer than the petals and stick out above them.

For the funnel in the center of the six petals, just cut off one of the dividers sticking up inside the egg carton.

2. Craft the Daffodil Petals and Paint the Flower

Egg carton daffodils can be done with kids

Glue the petals of the daffodil onto the round cardboard

Before painting, I glued the petals onto the round piece of cardstock.

As a craft idea for Easter, you can make beautiful egg carton daffodils that look great as table decorations.

Press the petals well in the center.

Then it’s time to paint. I painted the wreath around the funnel of the flower orange for contrast and the inside dark to enhance the three-dimensional effect.

Paint all the individual parts opaque all around and let dry.

3. Glue and Craft the Daffodils

To make egg carton daffodils, all you need is paint, an egg carton and glue.

Finally, glue all the individual parts together

Now you just have to glue the stamens inside on the bottom of the funnel and pluck them into shape. Glue the funnel in the middle of the petals. Finally, all that’s missing are the three leaves, which you glue to the round cardboard piece on the bottom of the flower.

Have fun making daffodils!

You are looking for more ideas for crafting spring flowers? On Abenteuer Freundschaft you can find more tutorials, for example, to craft crepe paper roses and pretty blue crepe paper flowers! For Easter, it’s also worth checking out our Easter ideas and ideas for Spring activities! On our website you will find a colorful palette of tips for activities with kids, with friends or as a couple.

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