How to make Crepe Paper Roses yourself

23. March 2019 - Alexander Schmidt

How to Make Crepe Paper Roses as Beautiful Decoration | Tutorial




Crafting pretty crepe paper roses is surprisingly easy and the symbolic flower can be used as a decoration not only in spring. This is how to make crepe paper roses with some crepe paper, glue, wire.

Colourful flowers in warm colours are the spring decoration par excellence. But you don’t always have the time or money to put out fresh cut flowers every week. Artificial flowers are therefore a popular alternative and if you enjoy crafting, you can easily make them yourself. Firstly, homemade crepe paper roses look at least as good as bought plastic ones, if not better. Secondly, they can be made from inexpensive materials in a relatively short time and thirdly, you can vary their appearance as you wish.

And on top of that, crafting is a nice relaxing leisure activity that you can also do together with friends or together with children. These crepe paper roses are surprisingly easy to make and can also be made by younger children with a little practice.

How to Make Crepe Paper Roses as Gift or Decoration

Material list*

1. Cut Crepe Paper to Fit and Stretch One Side

Crepe Paper Craft - This is how to make crepe paper roses

Carefully pull the crepe apart

Cut the crepe paper for the flower to a width of about 7 cm and a length of about 6 cm. The measurements can be varied to make different sized flowers. However, I would recommend that you first try it with these specifications before experimenting.

Now carefully stretch the crepe paper of one of the long sides. This will later become the outer edge of the rose petals.

2. Shape the Edges of the Rose Petals With a Skewer

How to make crepe paper roses - preparing the edge

Only a small piece at a time is rolled around the skewer

Now wrap this pre-stretched edge piece by piece around a thin wooden skewer. To do this, gradually take a piece of the edge about 3 to 4 cm long and roll it up briefly on the wooden skewer. Leave a space between the rolled-up pieces and deliberately create corners between them. This suggests the individual rose petals.

3. Pinch off the Style and Wind Up the Flower

How to make Crepe paper roses - winding the flower

Winding the flower is the most challenging step

Now cut off a piece of the thicker wire, about 20 cm long, to use as a style, get some paste and a paintbrush ready and place a craft mat underneath. Now start to wrap the prepared masking tape for the flower around the upper end of the style, with the unprepared long edge facing downwards.

The best way to do this is to press the lower part of the masking tape together on the style with one hand and with the other hand alternately wrap the masking tape in a flower shape and apply drops of paste to the lower edge with the brush. This gradually creates the flower.

This step is a bit tricky, but you will soon get a feel for it. If you already have some practice and want to make several crepe paper roses anyway, you can vary the technique a bit and wind some flowers tighter and more pointed, others looser and wider.

4. Fix the Flower to the Style and Start Wrapping It

Making crepe paper roses - fixing the flower with wire

Thin wire is the best way to fix the flower

Once you have glued the end of the crepe tape, you should wrap the bottom end a few times with the thin craft wire to fix the flower better to the style. Then cut a 4 cm wide strip from the green crepe, glue it with glue directly under the flower and start to wrap the style in a spiral, always applying small dots of glue with a brush in between to stabilise the whole thing.

How to make crepe paper roses - Wrapping the stem with green crepe

Wrapping the stem of the crepe paper rose

If you also want leaves on your rose, however, you should pause just below the flower and tape the stems with the leaves on here first and then continue wrapping around the stems.

5. Make Leaves to Complete the Crepe Paper Rose Style

Crepe paper rose craft - cutting a leaf

Cut a rose leaf from crepe

To make a rose leaf, cut two rectangles of the same size out of the green crepe and cut a piece of the thin craft wire about 4 – 5 cm long. Coat this wire with paste and wrap a suitably sized piece of green crepe around it. Place this style on one of the rectangles of crepe for the leaf so that one piece protrudes and glue the second rectangle on top. Now you can simply cut the pointed oval shape with the prongs of a rose petal with a pair of scissors.

Glue the base of the petals to the thicker stem of the rose and then wrap the green masking tape around the stem in a spiral. Done!

This is how to make crepe paper roses! 🙂

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