Mother's Day Breakfast ideas to make any mother happy

27. April 2019 - Alexander Schmidt

Mother's Day Breakfast Ideas for a Delicious Surprise


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This delicious Mother’s Day breakfast ideas help you to surprise her. You can make your mother very happy on her day of honour right in the beginning of the day.

What do you give your mother for Mother’s Day? In kindergarden and primary school you usually prepare something for ypur mother, but after that it becomes more and more difficult, unless you just buy flowers and a greeting card. It’s a bit more original to serve a really delicious Mother’s Day breakfast. You can do that even as a twelve-year-old, and as an adult anyway 😉

And a nice side effect is that you are of course sitting at the breakfast table and thus spending real quality time with your mother and can also feast yourself on the goodies you have prepared for it.

Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas for a Perfect Surprise

But first and foremost, of course, this is about your own mother. What she likes and she likes is crucial, and since this naturally varies from person to person, there is no such thing as the perfect Mother’s Day breakfast.

Nevertheless, there are always a few essential things to consider and our tips are intended to help you make decisions, not to forget anything when planning and, of course, to give you ideas of what you can do to make Mum shine 😉

Which Breakfast Type Is Your Mum?

Mother's Day Breakfast ideas - OJ, Guacamole and More

Freshly squeezed OJ is something fine!

As a guide to what should be served for Mother’s Day breakfast, consider the 4 types of breakfasts commonly used in the restaurant industry. Which is most likely to suit your mother?

  1. The classic one: She loves a good mix of savoury and sweet – serve e.g. rolls, 1 croissant, jam, sausage and cheese, tomato, cucumber, breakfast egg, scrambled egg or fried egg with bacon, fresh fruit, orange juice
  2. The savoury one: She likes it hearty and savoury, just like the British – serve e.g. scrambled eggs with bacon or hearty omelette, wholemeal bread au gratin, sausage sandwiches with pickles, honeydew melon wrapped in ham
  3. The sweet one: Your mum’s favourite thing in the morning is sweet and fruity – serve e.g. Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit or crepes with fruit salad, croissants, jam, Nutella and hot chocolate with a dollop of cream
  4. The non-breakfast eater: Your mother hardly ever eats breakfast? Then you should consider whether a Mother’s Day breakfast is the right gift. But if it’s perhaps only due to a lack of time and you think she would still be happy about it, you’ll certainly do well with a classic breakfast.

Of course, there are also special preferences, eating habits and, for some people, intolerances and allergies that you should take into account. For one mother, a large omelette with crispy bacon and sausage is part of a Mother’s Day breakfast, while another is in heaven when you serve her homemade wholemeal bread with homemade avocado dip and fresh raw vegetables.

Presentation and Decoration

Mother's Day Breakfast ideas with Breads and Fruit and Vegetable Deco

It looks so much tastier with some fruit as decoration

The eye eats with you. This admittedly not entirely new insight was immediately obvious to me even as a child. And it’s not just in restaurants or in advertising that it’s a big plus when good food not only tastes good, but also looks damn good.

To achieve the greatest possible wow effect, it’s best to think about how you’re going to decorate the plates beforehand. For example, with chopped and beautifully draped pieces of fruit. For sweet breakfast dishes, you can also decorate the edge of the plate with icing sugar or cocoa powder and a sieve.

To make the breakfast table look really nice, you can also lay a white tablecloth on it. And if your mother never does this – all the better, because the Mother’s Day breakfast should be as unusual as possible. If you have a choice of crockery and cutlery, go for the finest you can find.

Oh yes, and flowers are never wrong. Instead of simply giving flowers, as many do, your Mother’s Day bouquet will then be presented amidst the splendour of an elegantly laid breakfast table full of delicacies! If this sight is not a reason for enthusiasm and hugs, I don’t know what is… 😀

Now for some more culinary inspiration….

Sweet Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Mother's Day Breakfast ideas with Muesli and Bananas

Muesli with fresh fruit is also an option

  • Muffins – preferably homemade
  • Apple pancakes with cinnamon sugar
  • American pancakes with maple syrup and fresh blueberries or strawberries
  • Natural yoghurt sweetened with maple syrup or marmalade
  • Berries and cottage cheese in a jar layered with muesli
  • Light French crêpes with honey-sweetened natural yoghurt and fresh fruit salad
  • French toast with fruit, nuts and honey or maple syrup
  • English porridge with fresh raspberries, wild berries or apple and cinnamon
  • Crispy croissants, fresh rolls, jam, honey, Nutella
  • Fruit salad made from fresh fruit
  • Oatmeal or organic muesli with roasted nuts
  • Freshly baked yeast bun
  • Homemade smoothie
  • Sparkling wine (with or without alcohol) and freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Cappucino or latte macchiato with a heart of chocolate powder

Savoury Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Mother's Day breakfast ideas with hearty ingredients on a plate

Hearty Mother’s Day breakfast

  • Roasted bacon with fried egg and sausages
  • English Breakfast with Beans On Toast
  • Tomato and Mozarella with Fresh Basil, Oil and Vinegar
  • Breakfast Hash Browns with Pumpkin, Potatoes, Onions and Bacon
  • Pumpernickel with ham and cheese topping cut out with heart biscuit cutters
  • Bagel topped with herb cream cheese and ham or salmon
  • Smoked salmon toast with egg and chives
  • Fresh rolls with butter, breakfast egg, smoked salmon and toppings
  • Scrambled eggs with spring onions and cocktail tomatoes
  • Omelette with grated cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and chives
  • Homemade avocado dip / guacamole
  • Wholemeal or spice bread (ideally homemade)
  • Mushrooms sautéed in butter
  • Savoury muffins (ideally homemade)

At Abenteuer Freundschaft you will also find 3 recipes for a romantic breakfast in bed, which will certainly not only be enjoyed by your partner. Otherwise, you can find many more ideas for gifts on our website and also numerous tips for activities with friends, with your partner or with the family.

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