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12. May 2017 - Anika Semmer

Culinary Quiz – Knowledge Test! Do You Like What You Know? | Quiz


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Riddle, concentrate, taste – this is a different kind of quiz. A culinary quiz that challenges not only the brain but also the taste buds!

Quizzing as a Party Tip

We Germans love quizzes! It’s just incredibly fun to put your own knowledge and that of others to the test. Have you ever been to an Irish pub with friends for a pub quiz? It’s enormous fun to score points together with combined knowledge. And what creates a good mood, atmosphere and loud exchanges among the guests in the pub is also a hot tip for a small party or a games evening. Because as an introduction to a games evening or as a party game at a celebration, tricky quiz questions quickly get the guests discussing and puzzling together. That’s why we have come up with a culinary quiz that perfectly combines aperitif and quiz fun.

You can also find the complete quiz at the end of the article free as a PDF download!


Our Culinary Quiz With Blind Taste Test

In this culinary quiz, knowledge, experience and sense of taste are required. It consists of 2 different types of questions – 15 knowledge questions about food & drink in this 2nd quiz part and a blind taste test in the 1st part with 15 bites that challenge the sense of taste. In the PDF at the end of the article you will find the questions with the correct solutions. All the questions, preparation tips and ingredients you need for the taste test can be found in Part 1 of the culinary quiz with taste test.


The questions of this culinary quiz belong to general knowledge and are in the easy to moderately difficult range.

Culinary Quiz – The Knowledge Questions

Culinary quiz with taste test - general knowledge and kitchen knowledge questions

Who would have known that, Mr. Potato?

1. There are many regional culinary specialities in Germany. For example, Augustus the Strong is said to have eaten Meissen Fummel. What is Meißner Fummel?
a) salty rolls baked in fat

b) the name given to doughnuts in Meissen

c) pastry made from simple noodle dough

d) a Meissen apple strudel

2. What are Russian eggs?
a) a fried omelette made from goose eggs

b) a cold starter made of boiled eggs, classically with tartar sauce and caviar

c) a sweet made of sugar mass that looks like eggs

d) gourmet term for Russian luxury caviar

3. Berlin cuisine is considered simple and rustic. Which of the following dishes is not a typical Berlin dish?
a) Macceroni and Cheese

b) Bollenfleisch

c) Liver Berlin style with mashed potatoes

d) Salted knuckle of pork with mashed potatoes

4. What is a Parisienne?
a) A French snail tongs with curved prongs

b) A kitchen utensil that cuts fruit and vegetables into spheres

c) A straining mill for sauces

d) A Parisian woman – nothing to do with culinary arts

5. In Italian restaurants, there is an abundance of delicious starters – the so-called antipasti. Which of the following four dishes is not a typical Italian antipasti?
a) Peperonata

b) Vitello tonnato

c) Cocktail di Gamberetti

d) Dolmadakia

6. Crepes originally come from France and are a delight both sweet and savoury. The wafer-thin pancakes come from Brittany and are only eaten sweetly there. The Bretons call savoury pancakes something else. What are they called?
a) Bouillabaise

b) Gratin

c) Galette

d) Pot-au-Crepotte

7. In the 1970s and 1980s, the clay pot – an earthenware pot used as a roaster for the oven – conquered German kitchens. Many cooks still swear by it today for good reasons. But which of the following advantages does the clay pot not possess?
a) Meat and vegetables are gently cooked in their own juice

b) Flavour, juice and nutrients are almost completely preserved

c) if the food stays in the oven too long it has almost no effect, it stays juicy

d) The meat will be crispy even with the lid closed

8. With tuna, the piece with the highest fat content is the best and most expensive. It is ideal for sushi or short-fried fillet. What do you call it?
a) O-toro

b) super thun

c) primo tonno

d) Katimi oku

9. Curry in German refers to curry powder for short. But curry is actually the name for South Asian and Southeast Asian dishes with a creamy sauce, spices, vegetables and meat or fish. Which two spices are present in every curry?
a) Cinnamon and cardamom

b) Pepper and chillies

c) Cumin and coriander

d) there are no specified ingredients

10. Chinese restaurants and snack bars can be found in all cities today. For us, dishes like fried rice with chicken and vegetables or spring roll and Peking soup are typically Chinese – but there are many different Chinese regional cuisines and these dishes are Europeanised. But which of these dishes do you not eat even in China?
a) Mapou Doufu / Mapo bean cheese – spicy tofu with minced meat

b) Huntun / Wan Tan – steamed or deep-fried filled dumplings

c) Zhu er duo (Pinyin) – roasted pig’s ear

d) Ceng Teng Pui – fried rice with goat cheese and vegetables

11. What is Sofrito?
a) a seasoning sauce based on olives, onions and garlic

b) a cold soup made of cucumber, tomato and peppers
c) a bean stew from Grenada

d) wafer-thin slices of veal with caper sauce

12. Which spice definitely belongs in the Spanish national dish paella?
a) saffron

b) Parika powder

c) ground coriander

d) Cardamom

13. In Bavaria, a typical hearty meat dish is knuckle. Which part of the pig’s body is the knuckle?
a) the foot

b) the thigh

c) the lower leg

d) the hip

14. In Germany guinea pigs are kept as pets, but elsewhere in the world they end up in the cooking pot. Which of these 4 countries is the only one where guinea pigs are not eaten?
a) Bolivia

b) Colombia

c) Australia

d) Peru

15. Strömming – Baltic herring – is fast food in Sweden with lingonberry sauce and mashed potatoes. Rather unusual for us. Which of these dishes is fictitious?
a) Kyckling med Jölk – Chicken with fermented yoghurt

b) Surströmning – fermented herring that stinks a lot

c) Köttbullar med mos – meatballs with mashed potatoes

d) Kladdkaka – literally smear cake, chocolate cake with icing sugar


You can find the correct answers here in the PDF version of the culinary quiz.

For our complete Culinary Quiz, also check out Part 1 with a blind taste test and all the info you need for it!

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