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Historical figures Quiz for adults on famous people and stars of history

5. March 2017 - Anika Semmer

Historical Figures Quiz – These Stars of History You Have to Know | Quiz




Surprise your guests at the next game night or party with a quiz. These historical figures quiz with challenging questions will test your knowledge: How well do you know the stars of history?

Christoph Columbus, Steve Jobs, Coco Chanel: without these great men and women, our history would look different. They are the stars of history – trailblazers, conquerors, visionaries and geniuses. We know their names and have heard of their lives and deeds. That’s why the historical figures quiz with 15 quiz questions for adults are perfect to liven up a game night with friends or a party and test your knowledge together.

The questions of the historical figures quiz belong to general knowledge and belong to the difficulty level easy.

You can download the complete quiz with all questions and answers as a PDF at the end of the article!

Historical Figures Quiz – 15 Challenging Questions

1. Faust is considered the most important creation in German literature. Which great poet wrote the work?

a) Friedrich Schiller

b) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

c) Karl Valentin

d) Theodor Fontane

2. He is the king although he was not a ruler. Even today, this American musician, singer and actor is an icon for many. He sold over one billion records!

a) Elvis Presley

b) Michael Jackson

c) Louis Armstrong

d) Johnny Cash

3. The creator of the famous painting Mona Lisa could do more than just paint. He is one of the most famous polymaths of all time. What is his name?

a) Michelangelo Buonarotti

b) Theobaldo da Perucci

c) Albrecht Dürer

d) Leonardo da Vinci

4. She invented the little black dress and launched a perfume …. No 5 which is still considered the best-selling perfume in the world. Who is this famous fashion designer?

a) Gabrielle Coco Chanel

b) Sarah Burton

c) Jeanne Paula Gaultier

d) Donna Karan

5. The Sun King is one of the most famous rulers of all time. He is the author of the famous quote L’état c’est moi! – Translated: The state is me. Which absolutist king is meant?

a) Ludwig XIV.

b) Karl II., the Bold

c) Ludwig II.

d) Napoléon I.

6. The year 1492 was to make a man famous forever. For in that year he discovered a new country. What was this man’s name?

a) Vasco da Gama

b) Marco Polo

c) Ferdinand Magellan

d) Christopher Columbus

7. Books were once very precious – handwritten one-offs and very rare. Almost no one could read them and knowledge was reserved for the monasteries. What man was going to change that with his invention – the printing press?.

a) Galileo Galilei

b) Johannes Gutenberg

c) Johannes Kepler

d) Ferdinand von Sinnen

8. In 1934, a great television star made his first appearance in a cartoon: Donald Duck. His ingenious creator also invented the famous characters Pluto, Goofy, Daisy Duck and the 3 little pigs. Who was it?

a) Dirk Wasney

b) Fred Firestone

c) Mickey M. Mous

d) Walt Disney

9. His grandfather was the personal chef of Lenin and Stalin. But this famous Russian statesman prefers to cook in politics. He is the most powerful man in Russia and runs his country.

a) Miroslav Sutin

b) Wladimir Putin

c) Michail Gorbatschow

d) Iwan Serjewitsch

10. The National Socialist era was a dark time for German history. A girl hiding with her parents in a back house in Amsterdam wrote a diary and moved people all over the world with it. What was the name of the famous young author?

a) Anne Frank

b) Sophie Scholl

c) Helena Starke

d) Marie Bergman

11. In the summer of 2013, a former CIA employee shook the world with his revelations about espionage and surveillance of secret services worldwide. Who was this?

a) Edward Joseph Snowden

b) Claire Danes

c) Frank Jr. Keyman

d) Chris Cornel

12. She coined the word radioactive and was the only woman to win the Nobel Prize for her research in two fields: physics and chemistry. What was the name of this brilliant scientist and inventor?

a) Maxine Planck

b) Selma Lagerlöf

c) Marie Curie

d) Wilhelmine Röntgen

13. Brazil has produced great soccer players: including the world soccer player of the 20th century. Who is the man critics and pundits hail as the best soccer player of all time?

a) Neymar

b) Pelé

c) Ronaldinho

d) Ronaldo

14. A world-famous Austrian founded psychoanalysis. He was a doctor, but also a critic of religion and a psychologist. What was his name?

a) Albert Schweitzer

b) Carl Gustav Jung

c) Immanuel Kant

d) Sigmund Freud

15. Greece was the home of great philosophers in ancient times. One of the most famous and influential philosophers studied under Plato and taught Alexander the Great. The concepts of form, potency, matter, energy, practice, theory and category go back to him. Who was this great philosopher?

a) Aristoteles

b) Epikuros von Samos

c) Heraklit

d) Demokrit

Find the correct answers here in the PDF version of the Stars of History Quiz.

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Image source Cover photo: Donald Trump- Caricature by DonkeyHokey at CC BY 2.0

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