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7. June 2016 - Anika Semmer

Bored in the City? You Have to Try These City Activities!


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The best city activities only cost you a little creativity! Do you fancy an unusual city quiz or are you looking for original tips on how to go shopping in a different way or discover a new side to your city? We say: no more routine and boredom!

Did you already know our first 5 leisure activities in the city? Here in part two, we have 5 more original ideas for city leisure activities that you and your friends should definitely try out!

1. Making Shopping More Fun

You think shopping is great? So do I. My best friend, on the other hand, hates nothing more than when I draghim through clothes shops… And his absolute horror scenario is standing in the thick cloud of fragrance in the LUSH soap shop! So we thought about how to turn shopping trips – one of my favourite city leisure activities – into varied events that bring us both fun. These are our tips:

  • Food scouting tour for foodies and gourmets

    Particularly in larger cities, there are an incredible number of insider culinary tips that are worth discovering. Just go on a culinary tour through your city together! On this tour, we plan from the outset to visit only shops and businesses that sell food and drinks.

There are always new things to discover in small delicatessen shops, Turkish supermarkets, wine shops and weekly markets. Especially if you like to cook or if you want to end the day with a meal together after your gourmet tour, this tour is just right for you.

  • Shopping as a theme tour

    The nightmare of many is to “just have a look” without a plan and squeeze into even more bulging shops in the crowded pedestrian zone. The fun of discovering great new products or running important errands during your city leisure activities usually falls by the wayside. You can easily avoid this by thinking about a theme that determines the route of your shopping tour.

We simply choose a theme that interests us both and adapt our tour to this theme. Our perennial favourites for shopping tours are, for example, the topics of sustainability, records & music, books & antiquarian books, fancy furnishings, clothes for spring or unusual foods from all over the world.

2. Watching Movies Like in America Or 90 Years Ago

For us, the cinema is a magical place where you forget everyday life and sink into another world. In every city there are cinemas showing the latest blockbusters from Hollywood. But almost everywhere you will also find art house cinemas showing lesser-known films from Europe, Asia or American independent productions. If you are going to see a real Hollywood blockbuster, you can easily make your cinema day an extraordinary experience with a matching motto.

  • Cinema visit with a theme

Have you seen blockbusters like Harry Potter* or X-Men* ever watched it like you were in America? Of course, a visit to the cinema in Yank style includes the biggest pack of popcorn you can buy in the cinema, Coke, Pepsi, fries and burgers and conversations about Hollywood stars and starlets.

Are you looking for city leisure activities where you make the outing special with a theme? Motivated theme enthusiasts can make a day out at the cinema an unforgettable experience with matching clothing such as baseball caps, T-shirts with stars and stripes and high school football jackets. Especially blockbusters from the action genre are perfect for mottoes and you can turn your visit to the cinema into a really original trip into another world.

  • A trip with the time machine

How many cinemas in your city have you been to? Even in smaller towns, there is usually more than one cinema – and especially the small cinemas and quaint basement cinemas are real insider tips for friends of cinematic city leisure activities. Many of these cinemas have not been modernised for decades (fortunately!) and the magnificent entrance foyer and the nostalgically beautiful cinema halls alone will transport you back to times long past.

Most of these little jewels are programme cinemas and do not show multi-million productions from Hollywood, but partly award-winning, lesser-known films from all over the world or the timeless masterpieces of film history. As a rule, there is something for every taste.

Real cinema secret tips are the Kinothek in Stuttgart with its old-fashioned 1950s charm, Germany’s oldest surviving cinema Moviemento in Berlin from 1907, the glamorous Delphi-Filmpalast from 1927/28 and the magnificent Filmtheater Sendlinger Tor in Munich from 1913, which even the German Kaiser used to visit!

3. City Activities for Explorers

See your city with different eyes: this is the best way to discover your city anew. Have you ever taken a guided tour of your own city? If not, then you should definitely try these city leisure activities. In the past, city tours were often dry history lessons – today there are city tours for every taste: culinary food tours, crime tours, fashion scene tours, street art tours, tours for teenagers or even extra tours for dog owners..
As you can see, a themed city tour can be super varied, making it a hot tip for an original outing in the city! The good news: you don’t have to go to big cities like Munich, Berlin, Cologne or Hamburg to have the choice between completely different city tours on different topics.

You prefer to go out on your own with your friends? Great! You can also explore your own city ideally with a conventional city guide. In addition, you can find free tours and interesting tips for city leisure activities for many cities on the internet.

4. Playfully Explore Your City

City activities that guarantee fun are city rallies and scavenger hunts.

City rallies and scavenger hunts are great city leisure activities

You want to explore your city with your friends in a playful new way? Then a city rally or a scavenger hunt is just the right method. City leisure activities in which you discover historical cities in a playful way are very trendy. I recently discovered Leipzig together with friends with a city game. We had a lot of fun and it was definitely not my last city rally. All you need to do is order the city tour of your choice on the internet in good time and off you go!

In my case, a beautiful metal box with numbered envelopes arrived in the post and I was able to send the postcards straight away to my family and those who stayed at home. In Berlin you can do classic rallies with a historical focus as well as an agent rally, a city drift & island idyll rally, Marlene Dietrich & the golden 20s and of course a Berlin Wall rally. A quaint Cologne rally or a crime rally in Cologne and a real Bavarian culinary city rally and a city rally with drama are available in Munich. Exciting offers can certainly be found in smaller cities as well.

5. Active and Sporty – City Activities With Adrenaline

Trying out new sports together in your free time keeps you fit and also puts you in a good mood. When the weather is good, there is hardly a better pastime than playing frisbee, badminton or beach volleyball or kicking football in the park.

For a sporty exploration of the city, you can simply hop on a bike or go out on roller skates or a skateboard. However, you should bear in mind that cobblestones and shopping arcades can be a brake on fun for roller skaters and skateboarders.

It’s especially fun to learn new trend sports together – if there are too many spectators in the park, you can simply move your meeting to the backyard, the garden or your home. Do you know the trend sport Bokwa??


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Bokwa involves dancing letters and numbers to music, and it’s a lot more strenuous than it looks. An urban leisure activity that is all the rage requires a lot of skill. Have you ever put your balancing skills to the test while slacklining?

If it’s raining or cold, it’s worth trying out the indoor sports facilities in your city. Almost every sport can be practised indoors. Swimming in indoor or thermal pools, karting, climbing and of course almost all ball sports. We’ve just discovered a new city leisure activity for us: black light mini golf.

For inspiration for more city leisure activities, take a look at our excursion tips. For the capital, we even have specific tips for enterprises in Berlin. Or you can browse our general overview pages for activities with friends, as a couple or with the family.

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