With these leisure activities in the city, boredom is a thing of the past!

29. May 2016 - Anika Semmer

5 Leisure Activities in the City Against Boredom You Should Try


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It’s the weekend and you just don’t know what to do in the city? We’ve put together our top ten leisure activities in the city on what you (and your friends) can do to avoid boredom!

You live in the city and you know there’s so much to do when you step outside. But how often do you still just sit on the sofa and can’t decide what you feel like doing? Check out our tips for leisure activities in the city and see if there’s something for you!

1. Get To Know Your Neighbourhood Tour

Do you live in a bigger city and actually always go to the same shops and pubs? At least that’s how it was for me. There is hardly anything more fun than simply strolling through the streets and trying out new restaurants, shops and pubs. Of course, it’s most fun in pairs or in a small group. If you’re not travelling alone, you already know what you’ll be doing next week at the weekend: getting to know the neighbourhood where your friend lives.

People are creatures of habit. We have our favourite pubs, our favourite restaurants, our favourite shops and usually do our errands in the same shops. With these tips, you’ll get to know your neighbourhood from a new perspective and have a lot of fun at the same time with really unusual leisure activities in the city.

Chance determines the way

Just let chance decide which way you go. The easiest way is to simply decide to turn left or right at every crossroads or fork in the road. Keep your eyes open for new shops and small businesses, and you’re sure to discover lots of new things in your neighbourhood!

Playful neighbourhood exploration

For my favourite method, you only need one coin. Heads or tails means you go left, tails means you turn right. Right at the front door, the first one tosses the coin and off you go. In my circle of friends, we also combine the coin toss with a playful rule that we decide on together at the beginning. Whenever the coin shows the number, it means, for example, that the person who threw it tells a story from his life or fulfils a task.

2. The Best Places to Relax in the City

Are you looking for leisure activities in the city that give you the chance to relax on the weekend and still do something? In every city there are a few great places where you can chill out and unwind. The best places to come down in nice weather are definitely the green oases in every city.

These are our favourite places for relaxed leisure activities in the city:

  • The botanical garden: Here you can find tips on how to make a trip to the botanical garden extraordinary.
  • Castle Garden
  • Park facilities.
  • Bathing lakes

Tip: Pack the picnic blanket, drinks, snacks and sunscreen, pen, paper, dice or card game.

3. Journey of Discovery for the Senses – City Activities for Connoisseurs

Whoever has been to a country like Turkey, Morocco or Tunisia knows the colourful, noisy, fragrance-filled bazaars. They are magical places, a true treasure chest for connoisseurs, shopping enthusiasts and explorers. In Germany, too, there are markets and bazaars worth discovering at the weekend! They usually smell like bratwurst and freshly baked waffles instead of cinnamon and curry, but that has its charm. Check the newspaper or the internet to see if there’s a flea market or fair this weekend and when the weekly market is on.
Tip: If you fancy a real discovery challenge with your friends, check out our Flea Market Challenge with free quiz questions and tasks!

4. The Best Leisure Activities in the City for Culture Lovers

In every city there is actually something new to discover culturally around the clock. Whether it’s a theatre performance, a visit to the opera, a museum visit, vernissages, performances and exhibitions, concerts or a visit to the art house cinema: for culture lovers there is a wide range of exciting leisure activities in the city. If you just want to relax and soak up culture, you can also join a culinary or historical city tour or sit back in a theatre chair.

With a little imagination and fun in exploring, every cultural trip can become an extraordinary leisure experience. Here are a few tips for you:

Theatre with a difference

You love the theatre and secretly dream of being on stage yourself one day? In many cities there are opportunities to test your own talent. You can take part in performances or turn out to be a murderer at a crime dinner without knowing it beforehand. I myself love good satire and for my most beloved leisure activities in the city I like to go to venues with small stages, because unknown international artists perform there and there is actually always the opportunity to put yourself on stage.

Vernissage and exhibition instead of museum

Real art lovers and culture enthusiasts only go to museums? Wrong. Mostly the works of great artists who have long since made their breakthrough hang in museums. The stars of tomorrow, on the other hand, sell their works on the street or show their paintings at openings and in galleries. Most of the time, the artists are even there themselves. Sometimes you even meet contemporary artists in galleries like Christo – it has happened to me!

Discover works in the museum in a completely new way

Admittedly, a visit to the museum is a classic city leisure activity for those interested in art and culture. Museums are packed to the rafters with great and abstruse objects that you can easily experience in a whole new way. Why not try a playful exploration together with your friends? For the best tips on how to quiz and guess your way through the museum, check out here. This way, families with children won’t get bored in the museum.

5. Discover the Most Famous Places and Best-Kept Secrets

An insider tip for leisure activities in the city is street art. Discover the hottest art on the scene!

Discover street art with city activities

Sightseeing is not just for your first visit to a city or for a holiday! If you have lived in a city for a long time, it often doesn’t even occur to you to do city activities for tourists, such as exploring the monuments and historical sites of your own city. Yet practically every German city offers interesting settings, historical events and monuments. If you browse through a city guide about your city in the bookstore, I guarantee you will make some surprising discoveries.

But you can also discover real insider tips in outlying districts, multi-storey car parks, suburban railway tunnels and outside the city centre: Grafittis and street art. In cosmopolitan cities like Melbourne, New York or Berlin, street art is now recognised art. Works by well-known street artists like Banksy or Victor Ash you can also discover in Germany and that is at least as good as a visit to the museum! There are now offers for guided street art tours in some cities, but going on a treasure hunt yourself and looking for great graffiti is, in my opinion, one of the best city activities! In some neighbourhoods, there are even complete house fronts and entire streets painted with street art.

At Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find many more ventures with friends and general leisure tips for a variety of activities with friends, partner or family.

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