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26. November 2016 - Anika Semmer

10 Christmas Experience Gifts – Sweet Temptations and Adventures




Extraordinary, special, unforgettable – these 10 Christmas experience gifts will be remembered forever. 10 ideas how to make someone happy with exciting adventures, animal fun and pure enjoyment!

Christmas is just around the corner and every year we start looking for special gifts all over again. You always want to give your family, partner and closest friends the most beautiful, best and most unusual gift. Something that is a real surprise, from which the person has something for a long time and about which the person is very happy.

In the meantime, we prefer to give extraordinary Christmas experience gifts! Often, these are experiences that one would not afford oneself, e.g. because she often does not even know that such a thing exists or because most people do not even treat themselves to such an extraordinary event.

But all the greater is the joy and surprise when someone receives an experience as a gift that is just perfect for them! Especially if you then experience the adventure together, an unusual action is actually the most personal and beautiful gift you can give. After all, time together and unforgettable moments are the most precious gifts!

The 10 Best Christmas Experience Gifts*

Here are our Top 10 Christmas Experience Gifts from all areas of leisure: whether action, nature, wellness or creative leisure activities.

1. Enjoy the Winter Dream Landscape – Snowshoeing

One of best Christmas experience gifts is a Snowshoe Hike

Snowshoe Hike at Feldberg by Jan Jaja at CC BY 2.0

Christmas and snow belong together! If the white Christmas fails to arrive, a snowshoe tour is a great gift to experience the wonderful winter nature while hiking.

I have a snowshoeing for the first time with my family – who were a bit sceptical at first whether it would be too much action for them at Christmas time. But snowshoeing really is a real family event: first a leisurely ascent and then a fun toboggan run with a stop at the hut. For us, it was the highlight of the winter!

2. Animal Adventure – Dog Sledding or Husky Trekking

Husky Trekking as one of the best Christmas experience gifts

Husky from Steve K at CC BY 2.0

Dogs are not called man’s best friend without reason – in the cold regions of North America, Greenland and Scandinavia, huskies are downright indispensable for the human inhabitants, for example to get from A to B with a dog sled in the deepest snow ever. Anyone who loves dogs or wants to get a taste of Alaska will love a real Love a husky sled ride in the snow! You also come into contact with the dogs themselves and get to help with harnessing and unharnessing them.

Alternatively, you can get a Husky trekking tour get in close contact with one of the four-legged friends. Because jeach is connected to his own husky with a belly belt and looks after and guides his partner during the hike. In return, the husky makes the ascent easier – husky and master merge into a real team in nature.

For all animal lovers and dog fanciers, an encounter with huskies is the ideal experience gift for Christmas.

3. Thrill and Adventure – Escape Room Game


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You are with a small group in an eerie place. The door is blocked and the race against time begins! Now it shows how fit everyone is at cracking puzzles, combining, finding treasures and sometimes running away.

There are very different stories and Escape Room Games – and we plan to try as many as we can! In our first Escape Game, a Prison Break experience in Berlin, we travelled back to the GDR in the time machine and sat in the Stasi prison. Just in time before time ran out, we managed to break out… We won’t tell you any more!
Suspense, fun and an unforgettable experience: Escape Room Games are the perfect experience gifts for Christmas, not only for role-playing game fans and adrenaline junkies!

4. Creative Like Michelangelo – Sculptor Workshop

Christmas experience gifts - Sculpting Workshop

Self titled by Nicki Mannix at CC BY 2.0

There is an artist in all of us. As trite as that may sound, it is nevertheless true. Designing an object according to one’s own ideas and simply letting the creativity flow is damn fun and enormously satisfying. Just about everyone has tried their hand at painting, drawing, handicrafts and design (even if it was only at school) and maybe one or two of us have even done some pottery. But only very few people dare to try sculpture. And wrongly so! Because you don’t have to have muscles of steel or be Michelangelo to create your own great sculptures.

With a Sculpture Workshop you learn all the important techniques and are provided with the instruments and materials by professionals. The first sculpture of one’s own is created in plaster, wood or stone under expert guidance.

Conclusion: a great experience gift for all hobby artists and also for creative do-it-yourselfers who love to create their own furniture, lamps and furnishings.

5. Live Cooking with Sightseeing – Gourmet City Tour

A culinary City Tour is another experience gift

Southend-on-Sea Leyland Titan open-top sightseeing bus, Berlin by Sludge G at CC BY-SA 2.0

An unusual experience gift for epicures who love discovery, is a Gourmet City Tour in a rolling restaurant in a luxury atmosphere. A chef conjures up a 4-course menu live on the moving bus (!), while hostesses ensure that no one is left high and dry.

While you enjoy the good food, a competent city guide moderates and shows you the beauties of Berlin or Dresden.

This gift can be perfectly combined with a short trip to the capital or Saxony’s Florence on the Elbe, turning what is otherwise sometimes a strenuous sightseeing trip into a relaxing and luxurious discovery tour.

6. Adventure in the Space Arena – Laser Tag

Adventure Gifts for Christmas - Laser Tag

lasertag by Vlad at CC BY 2.0

Lasertag is a trendy sport where you score in teams or everyone against everyone. In the black light, the laser guns and sensor waistcoats glow and beam you into a wacky, neon-coloured science-fiction world.

We try out new trend sports and crazy leisure activities every year. Rarely has a trend sport won us over the first time like laser tag! We played in a team and were exhausted afterwards and thrilled by the futuristic atmosphere.

Lasertag combines action and team sports with a fantastic world that you otherwise only know from computer games or films.

7. Murder on the Hut

Adventure Gifts for Christmas - Hut Thriller

Mountain Hut by Martin Abegglen at CC BY-SA 2.0

A different kind of crime dinner! A murderer is on the loose in the mountains and on an exciting hike you become part of the team of investigators. Already on the way to the rustic mountain hut, the detectives collect evidence together and the hunt for the murderer turns into a rousing game.

As with the classic crime dinner is also available at this extraordinary experience gift a multi-course menu. Usually there is delicious home cooking or regional specialities in the rustic mountain hut.
Every die-hard Tatort fan and crime fiction enthusiast secretly dreams of investigating a crime himself. He will certainly not forget this experience.

8. Unwind – Wellness Weekend

Christmas experience gifts: Wellness Weekend

Wellness Area Hotel Birkenhof by Thomas Pompernigg at CC BY-SA 2.0

Hectic, stressful and full of deadlines – this is exactly how Christmas is not supposed to be! Far too often we are caught up in the hamster wheel of everyday life in the run-up to Christmas and the preparations for the festivities then degenerate into stress. This is said to happen in the best families… 😉

But Christmas is a celebration where you should forget about everyday life! Come down, relax and enjoy the peace and quiet… And in our opinion, there’s no better way to completely relax and take a deep breath than with a Wellness Short Trip.

All over Germany there are great wellness offers for adventure spas, saunas, floating pools and massage salons. We also have an article with our recommendations for wellness gifts.

Wellness weekends are the perfect Christmas gift for your partner, your best friend, your family or anyone who would really benefit from some time off 😉

9. Sweet Temptation – Make Your Own Chocolates

A Praline Workshop is a nice gift idea

Godiva. Exclusive Factory Tour & Workshop von Everjean unter CC BY 2.0

Delicate, tart, noble and simply delicious – when love goes through the stomach, chocolate makes you happy all around. Just watching the film Chocolat regularly makes my mouth water and ignites an irrepressible desire for special chocolates. Making your own chocolates, however, is a real art!
For the chocolates to succeed, you need patience, skill, the right equipment and the know-how of a professional. It is not for nothing that pralines are considered the peak of the chocolatier’s art and handmade pralines are very expensive. A Praline course is a great experience gift for those with a sweet tooth, amateur chefs and anyone who has a passion for chocolate.

10. Exciting Treasure Hunt – Geocaching

Take a Geocaching Tour with Friends or Family

Geo-caching from Peter Galvin at CC BY 2.0

Going on a treasure hunt together is probably the most adventurous way to get to know a new city. In this adventure gift, you decipher clues and riddles in a team race with other teams and try to get the treasure first.

With the Geo-Caching, the modern form of scavenger hunt, the team is equipped with iPad or GPS device. In the urban jungle, they experience adventures and playfully explore the city.

By the way, there are more tips for Christmas experience gifts and Christmas gift ideas, Indoor activities and more generally tips for activities with friends, with children and with your partner to discover on our site. Have fun browsing!

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