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17. May 2016 - Alexander Schmidt

5 Glow in the Dark Activities Kids and Adults Will Love


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Bright and unusual – neon colours are always an eye-catcher. These 5 glow in the dark activities let you dive into a neon-coloured world. A truly enlightening experience guaranteed! 😉

Neon colours literally jump out at you. That’s exactly why they were also extremely popular on footwear and clothing in the funky 90s. In the 2010s, retro chic is in – after the revival of the 80s, it’s now the 90s’ turn. Hopefully this also means a come back of the neon, because for special experiences they are the icing on the cake! We have compiled a few of the coolest glow in the dark activities for you that guarantee enormous fun with your friends.

1. Black Light Golf – Feel Like in Tron!

Minigolf is one of those leisure activities that probably everyone knows. For most people, minigolf is more of a game than a real sport and an extremely entertaining activity to have fun with friends. It is also a great opportunity to challenge each other. Here’s the surprise: mini golf can also be the most fun and colourful experience you’ll have in the next few months!

With the so-called black light mini-golf you can safely forget everything you associate with a conventional mini-golf course and dive into an incredible, psychedelic fantasy world. This is how Alice in Wonderland must feel when she goes golfing. In black light golf, a miniature golf course completely in neon optics awaits you. Everything lights up and glows, the walls are painted with works of art in neon colours. If you try your skill with a club in such an environment, you feel as if you had beamed into one of the games in the digital parallel world in TRON*.

Blacklight mini-golf halls can be found in all major cities and most small towns in Germany. In Berlin, you have several options for black light golf, for example in Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg, in the Black Light Island in Steglitz or in Dock X in Tempelhof. At Dock X you can even get 3D glasses to immerse yourself in a magical Berlin overgrown with vibrant colours. Similar offers are also available in Cologne, Hamburg, Munich and many other cities.

2. Laser Tag – Fights Like in Star Wars!

Are you more Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader? Even if you’re just into action and not a huge Star Wars fan, a Lasertag match is a great experience. You fight individually or in teams with laser pistols instead of lightsabers and try to tag the opponent or certain game points with laser pistols.

Depending on the provider, you can usually choose between different game modes such as Capture the Flag, Zombie, King of the Hill, or Highlander. Depending on this, you play alone, in 2 or more teams and pursue tasks in the game such as capturing a flag, protecting a VIP, stopping a zombie virus, defusing a bomb or simply eliminating all other players.
Suspense and action are guaranteed! Of course, the game is most fun with a larger group of friends. Even if you don’t wield laser swords but fight with laser pistols, you can slip into the role of the Jedi Knight in your own Star Wars*.

3. Holi Fest or Paint Party – Let the Colours Fly!

If you’re more in the mood for dancing than fighting, there’s a cool way to get carried away by the rush of neon colours. Namely at a so-called Holi-Fest or a paint party!

At this kind of exuberant festival, people dance and celebrate and throw colourful paint at each other. In India, this has a long tradition: the Hindu spring festival Holi in honour of the god Krishna is also known as the festival of colours. Similar to our carnival season, for the duration of this festival (two to ten days depending on the region), all barriers of caste, gender, age and social status are lifted for Hindus. People celebrate exuberantly and sprinkle each other with coloured water and coloured powder, the gulal.

Meanwhile, this festival has also been adapted by western societies as a special party concept. In Germany, there is the Holi Festival of Colours in several large cities every year. But Holi is now also celebrated in smaller towns. Holi powder can be bought cheaply at amazom.

An alternative to Holi parties, where you mostly throw coloured powder around, are the so-called paint parties, where you also handle liquid paint. The largest provider of this type of event in Europe is Neonsplash.

4. Neon Shows and 3d Mapping – Dive Live Into a Psychedelic Sea of Colours!

§D mapping is another of the glow in the dark activities

3D mapping – a unique neon experience

You’d rather sit back and just enjoy a great neon spectacle? In that case, we recommend you keep your eyes peeled for neon light, laser or LED shows and 3D projection mapping.

For example, such shows feature dancers and acrobats in glowing neon costumes in front of wacky backdrops and offer a psychedelic performance where you no longer have the impression of watching real people on a stage, but already imagine yourself in another dimension.

These events are rare, but those who have the chance to witness them once will certainly never forget them. Mostly, such shows are shown at big opening ceremonies, promotional events or events of big companies, which for example introduce a new product.

In particular, the innovative 3D projection mapping is an enormously impressive experience: special laser projectors are used to create colourful glowing 3D images on the façade of a building, which move and transform before the astonished eyes of the viewers. A beautiful example from a film promotion in Dallas, you can view here.

5. Glow in Dark Activities at Home – Make a Theme Night in Neon Colours!

Of course you can bring the glowing delights of the neon world into your home, for example for a party or even a cosy movie night with your clique of friends. Simply proclaim the motto neon colours and make your own arrangements by decorating your home accordingly. Everyone should wear as many neon-coloured clothes as possible, and you can also use the good old neon sticks*to make bracelets and necklaces, or just use them to stir your drinks!

If you want to have a cosy evening, we have also compiled a small alphabetical list of suitable films in neon look for you.

Have fun with these glow in the dark activities! And may the neon light be with you! 😉

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