Instructions for making a birthday candle card

30. May 2020 - Anika Semmer

Birthday Candle Card – How to Make a Easy and Pretty DIY Card | Tutorial


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Washi tape, cardboard, paint – you can make a beautiful birthday candle card in no time at all. It’s a quick and easy way to make a birthday card for everyone!

Washi Tape is available with beautiful motifs – and some Post Its are so beautiful that you don’t even want to use them for their intended purpose. Hand on heart – it’s fun to recombine as the mood takes you and let your creativity run free.

This birthday candle card is very easy for everyone to make. The only thing you need to draw on are the flames of the candles. I used acrylic paints to make the flames really shine – if you’re using light-coloured cardboard for the folded card, you can also use felt-tip pens or wax crayons.

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How to Craft a Birthday Candle Card

Simple DIY birthday candle card for a birthday made from masking tape and Post Its

Finally, write the birthday wish on a label

Time: 20 minutes

How old will the birthday boy or girl be? You can easily fit up to 12 candles on the card.

If you use plain Washi Tape or plain Post Its, you can design them with black fineliners and sprinkles or rhinestones to suit your mood!

You can find the materials I used on this material list.

Material List*

  • 250 g/m² motive cardboard printed on both sides, alternatively DIN A6 Blanco folding card
  • Washi Tape in coordinating shades
  • Post It page markers with nostalgic motifs
  • Wooden decoration, star motif
  • Self-adhensive blank label
  • Acrylic colour: black, yellow, orange
  • Set square
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Black permanent marker
  • Glue stick
  • Hot glue gun
  • Alternatively: rhinestones, fabric ribbons, gift ribbon

1. How to Make a Folding Card

Motif cardboard, masking tape, acrylic paint and a pair of scissors - you don't need any special crafting utensils for this birthday candle card with candles

Double-sided printed motif cardboard as a folding card

Use a ruler and pencil to mark a strip on the motif card that is 10.5 cm high and 29.4 cm wide. Cut it out and fold it in the middle – this is the folding card for the birthday candle card.

Tip: Plain candles without a big pattern can be used with patterned card – if you use heavily patterned washi tape, choose plain or only subtly patterned card for the folded card.

2. Stick on the Candle Stubs

First, stick the candle stubs onto the birthday candle card

Stick the candles together with no space in between

Cut pieces of washi tape of different lengths and stick them on alternately with the Post Its. Make sure you stick the candles exactly next to each other – they should not overlap.

Make the candles lower on the right and leave room for the flames – place the congratulatory text label on top.

3. Paint on the Flames and Finish the Birthday Candle Card

With acrylic paint, the flames on the birthday candle card get strong luminosity

Paint on the flames with yellow, red and black

On white or very light cardboard you can easily paint the flames with felt pens. Acrylic paints have a high luminosity and opacity and work well on dark motif paper. Alternatively, you can use watercolours or wax crayons.

Write your birthday wish on the label with black permanent marker and stick it on the top right of the birthday candle card.

This birthday candle card with candles can be made in no time

My birthday candle card for a friend

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